IMUC-Chapter 4: There’s a Monster Among the Recruits

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Early the next day.

After finishing breakfast and completing the morning weight training, the new recruits assembled on the square in neatly dressed uniforms.

However, the training officer was not the usual Commander Brandt but another sturdy and tall middle-aged military officer. His Caucasian skin was tanned, and he exuded a strong and imposing aura with his muscular build.

“Commander Brandt is taking a rest today, so I am taking over today and leading you in combat training. My name is Joseph Kingsley, you can call me Instructor Joseph,” The substitute officer said loudly.

“Understood!” The new recruits responded in unison.

“By the way, the outstanding newcomer soldier from yesterday is among you, right?” Instructor Joseph asked with some curiosity, and all the new recruits turned their gaze toward Kyle from the second row. Steve looked slightly nervous as he kept an eye on his buddy.

“Soldier Kyle, step forward!” Instructor Joseph ordered, and Kyle marched out of the formation.

“You’re quite amazing. Your marksmanship with the pistol yesterday was indeed remarkable,” Instructor Joseph praised halfway before changing his tone. “But being a sharpshooter alone falls far short of being an excellent American soldier! If an enemy gets close to you, they can bring you down in less than a round!”

Seems like he’s here to suppress my arrogance.

Kyle silently mocked himself, but his expression remained humble as he asked, “May Instructor Joseph allow me to personally experience it?”

A blatant provocation!

The new recruits behind Kyle felt a chill down their spines when they heard Kyle’s words.

Instructor Joseph’s verbal education paused for a moment, and he felt a hidden anger in his heart. No wonder Commander Brandt was so frustrated that he needed a break. This new recruit is quite audacious!

Instructor Joseph smiled instead of getting angry and said cheerfully, “Very well, I will let you witness what close-quarters combat is all about.”

“What if I accidentally injure you, Instructor? What should I do then?” Kyle asked with a concerned expression on his face.

“I authorize you to fight back freely. That’s an order!” Instructor Joseph waved his hand, signaling Kyle to make the first move.

“In that case, I won’t hold back, Sir.”

As soon as the words fell, Kyle moved. Within a few steps, he closed the distance between them and entered the range for close-quarters combat. He clenched his fists and took action with precise and efficient military boxing fighting skills!

[Boxing Combat]: Master practical military boxing techniques, focusing on close-quarters combat. Green Ability Card.

A connoisseur can tell whether it’s real or not with a single action. Instructor Joseph didn’t expect that Kyle had perfectly mastered military boxing combat. He could only defend hastily, but he ended up at a disadvantage, being suppressed and struck.

Kyle didn’t care about the officer’s rank or any flashy moves. He smoothly executed the military boxing combat techniques, flawlessly attacking Instructor Joseph as if he were a punching bag during training.

“This is embarrassing!” The expression on Instructor Joseph’s face slightly changed as he sensed that the looks of the new recruits had shifted. 

Since they both possessed the Military Boxing Combat Mastery, Kyle’s punches were mostly parried, but on the surface, it appeared as if Kyle were overpowering him.

“Are you done? Merely mastering military boxing combat won’t be enough to fight against me!” Instructor Joseph changed his tactics, using a combination of strikes and kicks, as he started to overpower Kyle.

“So this guy got some skills.” Kyle panted heavily as he silently thought in his heart, he resisted the opponent’s attacks while also diverting his attention to Instructor Joseph’s Ability Card.

[Military Boxing Combat Mastery], [Endurance Combat Mastery], [Counter-Attack Combat Mastery], [True Physical Fitness]—

There were four Green Cards solely dedicated to physical training and among them, one was a Green Rare Card!

“No wonder you were able to counter my attacks so quickly even when at a disadvantage.” Kyle’s eyes brightened as he thought of this after seeing the cards, and he focused on extracting the cards from the instructor’s body.

Extracting a Green Ability Card required him to be within one meter of the proximity of the target and continuously be there for three minutes.

This was Kyle’s true purpose in challenging the instructor. There was no better reason for close-quarter proximity than sparring.

Kyle was at a disadvantage but continued to fiercely resist. Instructor Joseph couldn’t knock him down, and he intended to stop, but as soon as his body relaxed, Kyle immediately engaged him again, utilizing military boxing combat.

“Soldier, do you really want to force me to injure you?”

Instructor Joseph gritted his teeth, but Kyle seemed to gain more strength with each passing moment. He continued to engage relentlessly. After three minutes, the extraction of [Counter-Attack Combat Mastery] succeeded.

Kyle felt a warm power circulating throughout his body, enhancing his physical abilities. At the same time, he seemed to have mastered the techniques of counter-attacking combat as if he had been practicing them for over a decade.

“Fall the f*ck down!” Instructor Joseph intensified his punches as he silently cursed in his heart. He intended to knock Kyle down, but Kyle suddenly looped his hands and locked his arms, starting to counter-attack!

Counter-Attack Combat! Military Boxing!

Kyle, who obtained the amplified card abilities, was closing the gap between their strength, allowing the originally near-ending battle to continue and extend further.

Joseph, the instructor, and Kyle engaged in a fierce battle, neither of them able to defeat the other amidst the flying dust.

They both looked like Master Fighters at this moment!

The new recruits on the sidelines watched in astonishment as the intense close-quarters combat attracted more troops from the training grounds. Soon, a circle within a circle formed around the two combatants.

“What’s happening over there?” Agent Carter who was passing by saw the scene and curiously asked a nearby officer who rushed over. The officer shrugged helplessly and replied, “A new recruit is sparring in close-quarters combat with Joseph.”

“Joseph?” Carter exclaimed, slightly parting her sensuous lips in surprise.

“Yes, Joseph, the specialized training instructor for close-quarters combat,” The officer sighed, “I don’t know how that new recruit managed it, but he held his ground against Joseph for almost ten minutes.”

“What’s the name of that new recruit?” Carter opened the document in her hand as she spoke.

“Kyle. Soldier Kyle.”

Card Extraction Succeeded.

【True Physical Fitness】: Maintains a robust physique, making the individual healthier than an average person, enhancing endurance and physical strength. Rare Green Ability Card.

“It worked.”

Kyle gasped for breath as his sweat soaked through his uniform. He had obtained the final physical Ability Card. Although the power that clearly enhanced his physical strength surged through his body, the soreness and fatigue were deeply ingrained.

With a push of his legs, Kyle leaped backward like a retreating soldier, while Joseph, the instructor, continued to pursue with a low growl. Kyle suddenly raised his hands and said, “Alright, I surrender. I’m out of juice. I can’t continue”

“Hmm?” Joseph, also panting heavily but he stopped his fist just in front of Kyle’s nose at the last moment. With his bristling beard, he said, “What’s wrong? Can’t go on?”

“I must admit, Sir, you’re stronger in terms of power, speed, and fighting skills. I concede. If it weren’t for you holding back, I would have lost my arms and legs long ago,” Kyle sat down on the ground and began to flatter Joseph without hesitation.

“You brat,” Joseph cursed in his mind before he also tiredly sat down on the ground without caring how many people were watching. “At the beginning, I did go easy on you, but later, I fought you seriously. I have to say, soldier, your talent for combat is the best I’ve seen in my twenty years of military service. You’re an absolute monster.”

During the dozen minutes of their battle, Joseph, the instructor, felt like Kyle was studying him, rapidly improving his close-quarters skills. It was truly astonishing.

“It was a great fight. Let’s spar again when we have the chance,” Joseph, the instructor, said with a smile on his face. He genuinely liked a soldier who could quickly grasp fighting skills.

“No problem,” Kyle nodded confidently. Besides the three physical cards he had extracted earlier, Joseph, the instructor, still had several other green Ability Cards.

“You soldiers—” Joseph raised an eyebrow, scanning the surroundings, and shouted, “What are you all looking at? Don’t you have training to do? Do you also want to spar with me one-on-one?”

‘We’re definitely not on Kyle’s level, much less yours.’ The observing recruits didn’t dare to respond and quickly scattered like a disturbed beehive while cursing this demon-like duo in their heart.

(End of this chapter)

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