IMUC-Chapter 34 The Carbonadium Sword

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“Well, since Kyle said so, let Steve use the shield,” Howard pondered for a moment before saying, “Actually, there’s another piece of equipment here. While it may not be as versatile as the shield, its offensive capabilities are far greater.”

“Don’t keep us in suspense. Show us the equipment,” Kyle urged.

“One moment,” Howard replied before opening another shipping crate and pulling out an item that resembled a longsword. The hilt was sized to fit comfortably in the hand, with the rest covered by a leather scabbard.

“What is this?” Kyle’s gaze locked onto the item as a blue card message quickly appeared.

[Carbonadium Sword]: A high-quality longsword made from Carbonadium alloy.
Blue Item Card.

Carbonadium is a radiological metal that, while not as hard as Adamantium, possesses excellent flexibility, resulting in an incredibly thin blade. This sword is durable and sharp, capable of suppressing the healing factor in a person’s genes, causing permanent wounds.

While it lacked a Rare prefix, its Blue Quality demonstrated its exceptional nature.

“A Carbonadium steel sword,” Kyle reached out and took the sword, gripping the cold handle and drawing the blade from its scabbard and an eerie cold light gleamed in the basement as the blade emerged.

This was a one-handed sword, with an extended crossguard and an exceptionally sharp blade that no one would doubt could cut through iron like butter.

Howard explained, “The Carbonadium alloy used in this sword was obtained from the Russians, and there is only enough to make this small one-handed sword. I designed it in a medieval style, hoping you would like it.”

“I really like it,” Kyle nodded, unable to conceal his satisfaction.

With the Vibranium Bracer serving as his defense, what he needed most now was an offensive weapon. His battles with the German forces armed with new energy weapons had rendered his Nepalese military knife inadequate for the intensity of combat.

And this Carbonadium steel sword was the perfect replacement for his worn and damaged blade.

“Alright, with one of you wielding the shield and the other wielding the sword, as the leaders and top fighters of the team, you’ll have a better chance of attacking and destroying the German factory base,” Howard said. Then he remembered something and said to Kyle, “Later, present your requirements for the Combat Uniform. I can have it made tonight. That way, both of you will be fully equipped by tomorrow.”

Kyle nodded. The modifications to the Combat Uniform would be based on Captain America’s suit, and he could reluctantly accept it as long as the color scheme, pattern design, and helmet configuration were removed.

Steve said, “Our team has also gathered, with about five hundred members. With the new energy weapons of the German forces as the main arsenal and conventional weapons as support, we can form a well-equipped offensive force.”

“It seems that once the intelligence personnel in the base finish their analysis and the orders from above are finalized, we can start our operation tomorrow,” Kyle’s mouth curled slightly and his eyes gleamed with icy determination.

Red Skull, I want to see how long you can hide!

As Fury saw Kyle’s cold expression, he instinctively took a half-step back, feeling sorry for the German forces who had attracted the attention of this killing maniac.

Another day passed.

On this morning, the commanding officer in this training base, a Colonel, finally obtained the official orders after an hour-long discussion with the Commanding General.

The highest-ranking officer responsible for this mission was Second Lieutenant Kyle, along with team leader Captain Steve. They would lead a force of five hundred troops into enemy territory, crossing thirty miles to launch an attack on the first factory base!

The operation was codenamed Operation Whitestar!

In the afternoon, inside the base’s basement

Agent Carter hurriedly walked through the corridor, glancing around as if searching for someone. Finally, she opened the door to the research lab, only to be met with a powerful explosion accompanied by a faint blue light.

Two researchers wearing lab coats were thrown by the shockwave, landing in a disheveled state on the ground.

“Stark, are you alright?” Agent Carter called out, looking at Howard and his assistant sitting on the floor in astonishment.

“It’s nothing, just researching the new energy source of the German forces,” Howard got up from the ground and said, puzzled, “Why are you here? Aren’t Kyle and Steve about to leave?”

“I was just about to ask you the same thing!” Agent Carter looked at the empty research lab and frowned. “I thought they would be here preparing with you.”

“No, Kyle came by last night to take the Combat Uniform, and I haven’t seen them since. They’re probably out on the plaza organizing the team,” Howard shook his head and explained.

“These two really keep us on our toes,” Agent Carter stomped her foot and quickly made her way to the base’s plaza.

When Agent Carter arrived at the main plaza of the training base, she found it packed with soldiers. They were excitedly tiptoeing, eagerly trying to get a better view, their expressions filled with anticipation.

Just then, from the center of the crowd of soldiers, a stern voice rang out, “Listen to my command, everyone sit down!”


Over a thousand American soldiers immediately sat down quietly on the ground, instantly silencing the once-bustling plaza.

On the outermost edge of the crowd stood Agent Carter, who had just arrived, still standing in place with a dumbfounded look on her face.

Following her gaze forward, she saw the five hundred armed troops preparing to depart, encircling the inner area of the central zone, while the rest of the soldiers from other training bases surrounded the outer perimeter.

In the circular area with a radius of five meters, two tall and sturdy young men faced each other.

One was wearing a blue and white-themed Combat Uniform, with a silver star emblem symbolizing American justice on his chest. He wore a dark blue mask that covered his face and carried a colorful metal shield on his back.

The other one was dressed in a black and gold-themed Combat Uniform, with a rotating cross emblem representing death on his chest. Since he wasn’t wearing a mask, his handsome face, sharp like a knife, was revealed. He carried a one-handed sword with a sheath on his back.

“Steve, Kyle, what on earth are you doing?” Agent Carter looked at the two figures surrounded by countless soldiers on the plaza, still completely bewildered.

In the central area, Kyle stared directly at Steve and said coldly, “Steve, are we really going to fight? The planned departure time is approaching.”

“Yes! Let’s consider it an early warm-up exercise,” Steve firmly replied, clenching his fists and assuming a close combat stance.

“I won’t hold back,” Kyle squinted his eyes. Although he didn’t know why Steve suddenly proposed a fight before the departure, he had no reason to back down.

Steve said with determination, “Please use your full strength.”

“Very well,” Kyle smiled faintly, also choosing not to use the weapons on his back. Instead, he clenched his fists, assuming a similar close combat stance.

They say that you have a fifty-fifty chance against anyone.

Today, I’ll prove them and you wrong.

(End of Chapter)


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