IMUC-Chapter 33 Shield

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A day had passed.

Steve gathered the soldiers he had previously rescued and quickly formed a sizable unit. This was largely due to his personal charisma, his strong sense of justice, and his natural ability to embody the role of a captain.

At noon, a helicopter landed at the training base, and Fury, carrying a military package on his back, stepped out of the aircraft. He looked around with a confused expression on his face, he didn’t know why he had been transferred here from the frontline.

The frontline commander had only notified him of an important reassignment and hastily instructed him to pack his belongings before boarding the helicopter.

“Fury, good to see you in one piece,” A familiar voice suddenly came from behind him and Fury turned around and, upon seeing the person, couldn’t help but widen his eyes. “K-Kyle?”

“Call me Sir,” Kyle said, deliberately wearing a serious expression and pointing to his rank insignia on his chest.

“Yes, Second Lieutenant Kyle. I hope you aren’t the one who brought me here this time,” Fury said grudgingly. He had known since the frontline that Kyle had been promoted to the rank of the Seconf Lieutenant, so he wasn’t particularly surprised at the moment.

“Who else, besides me, would specifically use military authority to transfer you?” Kyle shrugged.

“Tell me, why did you bring me here? It’s not to join you on the battlefield, is it?” Fury’s voice trembled as he spoke. Although his previous collaboration with Kyle had earned him a promotion to First Sergeant, recalling that crazy battle was still too much for him.

Kyle wasn’t one to follow conventional tactics step by step. If he could face the enemy head-on, he wouldn’t back down. If he couldn’t, he would find another way to fight. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to call him a war fanatic.

“No, we’re not going to the frontline,” Kyle reassured him.

Fury was about to let out a sigh of relief when Kyle’s next words nearly took his breath away. “We’re going into enemy territory, attacking six different German factory bases.”

“You’re really dragging me into this,” Fury grumbled as a frustrated feeling arose in his heart.

“I’m actually looking out for you, allowing you to showcase your commanding abilities in advance,” Kyle revealed a devilish smile on his face as he spoke.

As the future Director of S.H.I.E.L.D., it would be a waste to leave such talent trapped in the stalemate of the frontline battlefield.

On the underground level of the base.

The corridors were illuminated by dim yellow lights, dividing the area into various research departments and basements. Many communication officers, researchers, and officers were analyzing the situation in the frontline war zone.

Kyle led Fury deeper into the facility. Just as he stepped up to the entrance of the Scientific Strategy Department, someone inside noticed his presence and a figure in a blue jumpsuit quickly approached them.

“Kyle, perfect timing. How do you like my new battle suit?” It was Steve who had stopped in front of the door and asked for Kyle’s opinion.

“Well…” Kyle’s gaze fell on Steve, who was now wearing a more high-quality and fashionable form-fitting suit compared to before. The suit still had the familiar blue base color, with a prominent silver star on the chest and a deep blue mask covering half of Steve’s face.

‘How should I put it? The outfit was eye-catching, but was it really suitable for going into the War?’ Kyle silently mocked, knowing that without thinking twice, the enemy would recognize the team leader in such a flamboyant attire. Who else would they target at that time?

But joking thoughts aside, Kyle’s words of appraisal were completely different. “It’s great! This suits your title as ‘Captain America.’ Just like a captain, leading the team with a dazzling presence, it will give the soldiers a great sense of inspiration and belief!”

“Really? That’s wonderful,” Steve nodded in satisfaction, then noticed Fury standing behind Kyle. “And who is this?”

Kyle introduced, “Allow me to introduce him, this is Nick Fury, the commanding talent I specifically requested Agent Carter transfer from the frontline.”

“Hello, I’m Steve Rogers, one of the team leaders for this mission,” Steve extended his hand with enthusiasm and shook Fury’s hand.

The future Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the symbol of the former S.H.I.E.L.D., the two of them, thanks to Kyle’s intervention, had an early and historic meeting in the underground facility.

“Kyle, I knew you would be satisfied with the Captain America battle suit I made. The material used for the suit is not ordinary leather, but a high-fiber material. It’s durable, resistant to dust and heat, and has some bulletproof capabilities,” Howard said as he emerged from the laboratory and joined the conversation, offering a surprise to Kyle. “I’ve also prepared a set for you. The materials have just arrived by air shipment.”

“Oh, that’s not necessary, not necessary at all” Kyle forced out a smile as he spoke while thinking about wearing the same battle suit as Captain America on the battlefield. The level of embarrassment would be off the charts.

Howard spoke with seriousness, “It’s necessary. I promised to provide scientific strategic equipment support for you two Super Soldiers. It’s part of my job in the military.”

After Kyle’s repeated attempts to resist proved futile, he reluctantly agreed, “You can make the battle suit, but I need some modifications according to my requirements.”

“No problem,” Howard nodded in agreement. He then gestured for them to follow him and said, “Come, let me show you something.”

Howard led them into the research laboratory and picked up an item from a shipping crate, placing it in front of everyone.

Kyle widened his eyes in anticipation. It was a smoothly surfaced, metallic-looking disc-shaped shield. At the same time, a holographic message appeared above the shield.

【Adamantium Shield】: Made from original Adamantium material, consisting of vibranium, iron, and a certain chemical compound.

Nearly indestructible, it can withstand extreme pressure, temperatures, radiation, and electromagnetic waves, and prevent the propagation of kinetic energy. It possesses perfect aerodynamic characteristics and can be thrown with controlled force and angle, which would cause it to return to its original position.

Rare Blue Item Card!

“This shield is made from a unique combination of materials, and due to the unknown synthesis process and proportions, it’s impossible to replicate this metal. It can be considered one-of-a-kind equipment in the world,” Howard explained as he looked at Kyle and Steve.

There was only one shield, but who should it be given to?

Both of them were Super Soldiers, and in the original timeline, Howard would have given it to Steve, the first Super Soldier. However, now, considering both public and private interests, Kyle was obviously the best candidate to use the shield.

“Kyle…” Howard didn’t finish his sentence when Kyle reached out and took the shield. He tapped the shield’s hard surface with his fingers and sighed, “It’s really an excellent piece of equipment.”

“Steve, you should use it,” Kyle casually handed the shield to Steve as he spoke, surprising everyone present.

“Kyle, this…” Steve held the shield in his hands, feeling a bit overwhelmed and wanting to refuse.

“That’s enough,” Kyle slapped Steve’s shoulder heavily, interrupting his words. “What are you hesitating about? Take this shield and don’t hold back on the battlefield.”

“Yes, I understand!” Steve replied, not being sentimental, and tightly gripped the shield, his eyes filled with determination and resilience.

Good, that’s the spirit.

Kyle smiled faintly when he saw this. He had the Vibranium Bracers as his defense equipment, and while the shield was great, it didn’t suit his combat philosophy of “offense is defense.”

Besides, how could Steve face the villains without his iconic shield?

Captain America should be like this, wearing the most eye-catching battle suit, wielding the toughest shield, charging ahead, and taking the hardest hits.

(End of Chapter)

(From Translator- Captain America’s primary weapon is his shield, a concave disk 2.5 feet in diameter, 3 inches thick, weighing 12 pounds. The shield is made of a unique Wakandan Vibranium and Proto-Adamantium alloy that has never been duplicated. So calling it Adamantium Shield is correct and it sound cooler than calling it Vibranium Shield)

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