IMUC-Chapter 24: The Poor Rely on Mutation

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The Super Soldier Ability was an indispensable asset, and despite the significant restrictions, Kyle saw no reason to give up on extracting it. He understood the value of this Rare Blue-Quality Ability Card and the potential it held.

Fortunately, the restrictions only applied to the Rare Blue Xards. Kyle could still extract the lesser-rarity Blue Ability Cards, but finding individuals in the Marvel World who possessed Superior Green Ability Cards or above was a challenge.

The continuous half-hour duration required for card extraction demanded Kyle’s utmost dedication. He invested a substantial amount of time explaining the intricacies of the previous counterattack campaign to Steve and Agent Carter.

Of course, certain details were deliberately omitted, such as the existence of the “Stealth” Ability Card, the enigmatic “Evil Dog” Lifeform Card, and the mysterious “Cube Fragment.”

“…So, I infiltrated the armory of that massive base and unexpectedly came face to face with the enemy Commander in the warehouse basement… After eliminating him, I planted a timed bomb in the warehouse.”

“From there, it was a matter of evading the pursuing German soldiers and detonating the bomb to breach the base’s internal defense mechanisms. Once accomplished, they would be powerless to prevent our hundred-man assault.” Kyle presented the story as if he were recounting an enthralling tale, using it to buy more time for the card extraction process.

His throat felt dry, so he took a sip of water, only to realize that Steve and Agent Carter were still engrossed in the description of the battle.

“You single-handedly infiltrated the base and dismantled the enemy’s defense system, that’s truly remarkable,” Steve praised, his eyes betraying a touch of envy.

This was the kind of experience he had always yearned for.

“Venturing into the heart of the enemy base alone, you certainly have no regard for your own life,” Agent Carter remarked coldly.

“Have you ever heard the saying: ‘If one loses their passion, life will appear dull and colorless’?” Kyle smiled confidently, gazing at the two individuals before him. Continuing with conviction, he declared, “Even if given another chance, I would still stake my life on the path filled with rewards and risks.”

“Rather than being a star that accompanies the moon, it’s better to be a blazing meteor streaking across the sky, shining brightly and challenging the sun.”

He would not be overshadowed by any protagonist or invincible villain. If they stood in his way, he would strike without hesitation.

As long as he was present, there would be no single protagonist in the Marvel Universe!

This was Kyle’s creed in this world, and nothing could sway him from it.

Observing the man exuding a strong sense of belief and aura, Agent Carter couldn’t help but display a hint of unusual emotion in her beautiful eyes.

“Kyle, you’re right. Life should be filled with passion and excitement,” Steve said, clenching his fists quietly as if fueled by a surge of adrenaline. He felt an intense desire to be on the front lines, challenging enemy bases right away.

“Fear not, opportunities always come knocking. Steve, your strength is genuine, and you are undoubtedly qualified to fight side by side with me. I have complete confidence in that,” Kyle affirmed with a smile.

After all, as one of Marvel’s iconic heroes, Steve, with his shield in hand, held nearly a fifty-fifty chance in any given situation.

“Oh, by the way, Agent Carter, you’ve been in such close proximity to Steve. Are you two…” Kyle playfully winked.

Agent Carter shot him a cold glance and retorted, “This is purely work, I am here to gather information on the Super Soldier for further analysis.”

“That’s right, Kyle, don’t jump to conclusions.” Steve quickly waved his hands, attempting to clarify the situation.

“The two of you do make quite a pair. Have you ever considered…” Kyle continued teasing.


Agent Carter forcefully placed her spoon on the metal tray and rose from her seat. “I’m done eating,” she stated, walking toward the cafeteria door.

Steve let out a sigh and complained, “Kyle, you’re so direct.”

“I’m just creating opportunities for you,” Kyle reassured, patting him on the shoulder. He gestured in the direction of the door. “Are you sure you won’t go after her?”

“Got it. We’ll talk later this afternoon.” Steve, his mind sharpened by the Super Soldier Serum transformation, nodded and headed in the direction Agent Carter had departed.

Once the two of them were gone, Kyle finally released a long-awaited sigh of relief. He pressed his hand against his chest, his forehead glistening with beads of sweat.

As soon as the rare Blue Ability Card was stored, it took its position at the top of the stack in the Card Space, asserting its dominance. Simultaneously, a tingling sensation emanated from within Kyle’s body, and he felt as if he was being repeatedly grilled on a barbecue.

Kyle understood that the Super Soldier Ability Card, being a physical attribute, would thoroughly transform his genes and physique. Determined to find a secure and reliable location for the genetic metamorphosis, he quickly thought of the training base’s public shower room.

During this time period, when the performance on the stage was still ongoing, the shower room was devoid of people. Kyle entered a separate cubicle, stripped off his clothes and equipment, and turned on the showerhead and cold water cascaded down on his body, washing away the various scars on his muscular body.

However, the stabbing and burning sensation intensified within him. It felt as if something was being torn apart and forcibly reshaped, even his bones squeaked in response.

“Ugh!” Bloodshot veins filled Kyle’s eyes as he clenched the card-turned-solid Nepal military knife between his teeth, using it as a stress reliever to stifle his screams of pain.

If anyone had been present, they would have witnessed Kyle’s exposed physique gradually expanding and retracting, it was as if his body was adjusting itself to the most optimal form. Veins emerged on his body one by one, forming a distinct pattern, while his muscles became even more solid and well-defined with each expansion and retraction.

The mutation persisted for three minutes.

“Huff!” Kyle opened his mouth, and the military knife fell to the ground, imprinted with a row of teeth marks. His chest muscles continued to pulsate rapidly, gradually calming down. Steam rose from his skin, and the scars that once adorned his body seemed to have been completely washed away, leaving no trace of his past injuries.

The transformation was a success!

Kyle could sense that his body now harbored an immense power that he could not have possessed before.

“Although the Super Soldier represents the epitome of human physicality, can I still be considered fully human?” Kyle pondered.

He no longer belonged to the highest echelons of human-defined categories in terms of age, vitality, cell aging, physique, strength, learning ability, memory, and thinking speed.

One could even argue that he had become a humanoid monster, and such a description wouldn’t be an exaggeration.

“I finally possess a trump card that can firmly establish my position in this world,” Kyle exclaimed with relief, feeling a significant burden lifted off his shoulders.

While he had the Extracting Card Ability before, he still fell within the boundaries of human limitations, making him vulnerable to bullets that could end his life. However, with the Super Soldier Ability, even if he were to be hit by a bullet, it would only result in minor injury without jeopardizing his life.

Thus, the Super Soldier Ability marked a momentous step in Kyle’s growth, and it provided him with an indispensable enhancement.

After taking a refreshing shower, Kyle donned his officer’s uniform and realized that he had grown slightly taller, nearing a height of 185cm. His physique and abdominal muscles had become more resilient and robust, filling out his clothes and exuding a more intimidating presence.

Indeed, the poor relied on mutation.

Kyle sighed inwardly and confidently left the shower room, ready to face the world with his newfound power.

(End of Chapter)


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