IMUC-Chapter 23- Super Soldier Abilities.

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Kyle’s arrival instantly became the center of attention at the training base.

Being the youngest Second Lieutenant officer and an American hero, these titles were enough to ignite excitement among every new recruit, turning him into the hottest topic of discussion.

Finally, the rumored real person had arrived, making him more captivating than any idol dancers or other attractions.

Seizing the opportunity, Steve slipped away and retreated backstage, where a group of dancers in short skirts took the stage to entertain the crowd.

However, the soldiers on the square remained high-spirited, eagerly scanning the area in search of Kyle, who had disappeared from the stage.

Meanwhile, backstage at the lecture stage…



The two handsome young men paid no mind to the curious stares from the backstage staff and embraced each other with laughter, their unique gestures reflecting their deep bond.

While Kyle maintained a warm smile, Steve’s face radiated uncontainable joy, resembling that of a jubilant child.

“Hey, take it easy. My left shoulder wound hasn’t fully healed yet.”

Kyle playfully scolded, laughing as he looked at the tall and robust Steve standing before him. He playfully punched Steve’s solid chest and exclaimed, “I never expected you to grow this much taller. You’re even taller than me now.”

At 180cm tall, Kyle found himself surpassed by Steve, who had grown to an impressive 188cm, towering over him by half a head.

“Thanks to the Super Soldier Serum, I’ve become stronger than my appearance suggests,” Steve honestly admitted with a tinge of sadness and regret evident in his expression. “Unfortunately, Doctor Erskine was shot by a spy from the Hydra organization, and the only sample of the Super Soldier Serum was stolen and destroyed. Otherwise…”

“It’s alright,” Kyle shrugged nonchalantly. “Even without the Super Soldier Serum, I don’t mind.”

‘After all, I still have the trump card of drawing cards,’ Kyle thought to himself, keeping his thoughts to his advantage.

“By the way, Kyle, what happened to your right hand?” Steve’s gaze fell upon Kyle’s tightly wrapped hand, encompassed by a white bandage. Although the officer’s uniform concealed most of it, the wrapping was still noticeable, encompassing Kyle’s entire right hand, including his palm.

Kyle raised his tightly wrapped Vibranium Bracer and casually concocted an excuse, “Oh, this? It’s just a minor scratch from a previous battle.”

“The Surprise Counterattack Battle!” Steve’s eyes gleamed with excitement, unable to hide his enthusiasm. “I’ve heard about your record. You have to tell me all about the situation back then.”

For Steve, a patriotic war enthusiast brimming with passionate ideals who had never set foot on a real battlefield, frustration consumed him.

And that was precisely what Kyle had in mind, prompting him to readily agree, “No problem. Let’s find a place to have lunch, and I’ll tell you everything.”

After uttering those words, Kyle’s gaze shifted toward Agent Carter, who stood behind Steve.

Agent Carter, a mature woman exuding a cold and elegant demeanor, was akin to a thorny rose, emanating an aura that kept people at a distance.

Kyle jested, “Agent Carter is here too. Perfect! Let’s have lunch together. I’ve been meaning to repay you for help at that time.”

Initially, Agent Carter intended to coldly refuse, but for some inexplicable reason, she hesitated and said, “Then… let’s go.”

Huh? She agreed? Is this some kind of a ploy?

Kyle experienced a brief moment of astonishment. He had expected someone as aloof as Agent Carter to outright decline his invitation.

But since she had consented, he could only let things unfold naturally.

Ten minutes later, at the cafeteria of the training base…

Seated at a table in the central area, Kyle occupied one side, while Steve and Agent Carter sat side by side on the other while an awkward atmosphere lingered during the meal.

“Um… Kyle, we’re having lunch here?” Steve hesitated, surveying the medley of food on his plate. It wasn’t that he found it distasteful, but he considered the person beside him.

Inviting Agent Carter to have lunch at the soldiers’ cafeteria was a daring move only Kyle would attempt.

“You see, this training base is situated near the frontlines in Italian territory. If we want to dine at a restaurant, we’d have to fly over and have dinner,” Kyle explained with a smile. “What’s the matter? Weren’t you a frequent visitor here?”

“I’m fine, but…” Steve subtly gestured towards the silent Agent Carter by his side.

“Oh, right. Chef, give our beautiful Agent Carter a big chicken leg!” Kyle shouted directly at the cafeteria chef, breaking the silence.

Steve remained silent, taken aback by Kyle’s boldness, while Agent Carter paused for a moment before using her spoon to savor the mixed lunch on her plate.

After a few bites, Steve couldn’t contain his curiosity any longer. “Kyle, tell me more about the Surprise Counterattack Battle. I heard that due to faulty intelligence, you and a hundred-man unit confronted a large German base.”

“That’s correct. At that time, as a newly promoted Corporal, I led a hundred-man unit with another Sergeant to undertake the assault mission…” Kyle began delving into the details of the battle, all while discreetly focusing his gaze on Steve sitting in front of him.

In an instant, a sight only visible to Kyle unfolded before him. Over a hundred cards, each bearing a different color, materialized from the back of Steve’s head, spinning and hovering by his side.

【Driving Mastery】, 【English Proficiency】, 【Military Boxing Mastery】, 【Pistol Proficiency】, 【Sniper Rifle Mastery】, 【True Shield Mastery】…

White and Green Cards filled Kyle’s field of vision.

Compared to two weeks ago when he only possessed the initial Four White Ability Cards, Steve had undeniably undergone a remarkable transformation!

Of course, it wasn’t merely the number of cards that caught Kyle’s attention. He could obtain as many White and Green Ability Cards as he desired.

Kyle’s gaze swiftly landed on the pinnacle of Steve’s head, where an unrivaled deep Blue Ability Card floated, emanating a radiant light that outshone the other hundred cards.

【Super Soldier】: Attain the pinnacle of human physicality. Rare Blue Ability Card.

Induced mutation from human genetics and elevates physique to the theoretical limits of human perfection, significantly reduces aging, enhances the immune system, enables low-level regeneration, and boosts resistance to attacks.

Possesses a flawlessly proportioned body surpassing the capabilities of ordinary humans, with exceptional speed, reflexes, and intellect.

Current Status: Extractable.

Would you like to extract it?

“This is a Rare Blue Ability Card for physique,” Excitement surged through Kyle as he glimpsed at the card.

In the realm of Ability Cards, it was evident that physique-based cards held greater value than skill-based ones.

Without a moment’s hesitation, Kyle chose to extract it. However, in the next instant, an unprecedented warning abruptly flashed in his mind.

‘Warning! Card extraction takes thirty minutes!’

‘Warning! Rare Blue Rank Ability Cards can only be extracted once!’

‘Warning! Once extracted, the cardholder’s physique will be permanently transformed and cannot be changed!’

Kyle’s expression shifted as the three warning messages about card extraction etched deeply into his mind like a knife.

“Kyle, what’s wrong with you?” Steve couldn’t help but worry and ask when he saw Kyle abruptly stop.

Agent Carter also stared at Kyle, astonishment evident in her eyes.

“It’s nothing. I just suddenly remembered the intense circumstances of that battle,” Kyle shook his head, brushing off the momentary distraction, and continued with the unfinished account of the battle.

He didn’t dwell on it for too long, as his mind swiftly made a decision.

Proceed with the extraction!

(End of this chapter)


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