IMUC-Chapter 183 Battle Against an Extraterrestrial Lifeform

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As the dust and debris settled slowly, the underground passage, now filled with the acrid smell of gunpowder, revealed the aftermath of the explosion. The outer wall bore a scorched and damaged hole, surrounded by cracks that extended to the adjacent walls.

“It seems to have worked,” Kyle remarked, stepping forward again, his shoulders lifting in a shrug.

“Yes, with three blasts of such power, we can break through the outer wall of this passage corridor,” Vis agreed.

“That makes things easier,” Kyle said and he was about to draw more cards when suddenly, a sharp, slicing sound echoed from behind. A feeling of extreme danger surged, even sending a chill down his neck.

Almost instinctively, Kyle quickly lowered his head. Just as he made this reflexive move, a silvery blade of light narrowly missed slicing through his head, cutting only a few strands of hair.

Kyle managed to dodge the fatal strike and his expression turned cold. He countered by thrusting his elbow backward towards the assailant, but it met only empty air.

The opponent had descended with lightning speed and showed no hesitation. He effortlessly avoided Kyle’s skilled counterattack, even at close range.

All of this had happened in the blink of an eye. To an ordinary person, it would appear as if time had slowed down by threefold to perceive the moment when the two engaged in a lightning-fast confrontation.

“So fast!” Kyle’s inner shock was evident. His muscles tensed as if facing a formidable foe. He turned, and his eyes glittered with a chilling resolve as he surveyed the man behind him.

This was one of the top four challengers, the one in the form of a scythe-wielding man. He gazed at Kyle with great interest, his narrow eyes revealing a cruel and ruthless glint. He raised his scythe and said lightly, “To dodge my rapid strike, not bad. You are indeed quite formidable.”

“Why are you attacking me?” Kyle asked coldly. If someone had randomly attacked him, he would have lost his temper by now. However, the immediate priority was to get away and not be entangled with an unknown challenger.

“Why? Survival of the fittest, might makes right; these are the eternal laws of the universe. Why do you need more reasons?” the scythe-wielding alien grinned slyly, his elongated eyes flashing with a ruthless and inhumane light.

He continued, “I am part of the Blade Organization from the Z-Planet. We were born to fight and decapitate. The moment I arrived on Planet Sakaar, I beheaded every lifeform I saw!”

He licked his lips and went on, “That ruler called ‘Grandmaster’ said he would forgive my sins if I could win in the Champion’s Challenge. But who needs his forgiveness? As long as I can engage in combat with powerful lifeforms and sever the heads of the strong, tasting their blood, that’s enough for me!”

“Master, there’s no doubt about it; this is a deranged lifeform inclined towards madness. It attacks life indiscriminately, only for its own pleasure,” Vis whispered to Kyle.

“I don’t need you to tell me that; I can see that,” Kyle responded coldly, maintaining a high level of vigilance against the scythe-wielding alien.

Things had gotten complicated.

“If I can take your head, it will be a memorable event,” The scythe-wielding alien suddenly stepped forward with a graceful lunge, his scythe slicing through the air.

Kyle was well-prepared and agilely sidestepped, narrowly avoiding the scythe’s strike. It struck the wall behind him, leaving a smooth groove where it sliced through like tofu.

If an ordinary person were hit by such an attack, they would be severely injured, and even someone with a superhuman physique would suffer damage, potentially losing a piece of flesh.

Kyle was not a mild-mannered individual and he was provoked and attacked by an extraterrestrial lifeform not once but twice, so his suppressed anger surged once more.

“If you want a fight, then let’s fight!”

Kyle’s eyes glinted coldly, and he suddenly stomped on the alien’s hand that was holding the scythe. The scythe-wielding alien tried to pull it back, but he underestimated Kyle’s strength. His hand trembled slightly but didn’t retract in time.

Seizing the opportunity, Kyle twisted his body and executed a powerful flying kick. He sent the scythe-wielding alien flying, crashing into the walls and floor of the passage, creating a whirlwind of dust.

However, in no time, and under Kyle’s cold gaze, the scythe-wielding alien propped himself up with his hand, a few drops of bright red blood oozing from his lips. He grinned wickedly, “I knew I didn’t make a mistake about you. That’s right; let’s battle!”

Kyle didn’t respond to him. Instead, he reached back and quickly summoned two black, spherical items through card activation. With a swift motion, he hurled them toward the scythe-wielding alien and swiftly retreated a few steps.

“What are these?” The scythe-wielding alien raised his head, subconsciously slashing the items Kyle had thrown at him. In the next moment, two bursts of flames and explosions erupted right in front of him.

The anguished cry of the scythe-wielding alien resonated eerily in the underground passage.

“You bastard! Come and fight me!” He yelled.

“Who said I’d engage in close combat with a freak like you, who comes with dual blades? Your speed is impressive, isn’t it? Come and chase me,” Kyle taunted.

Without the protection of the Venom suit and Vibranium Bracer, without the Venom Battlesuit form, and without the Carbonadium Sword’s offensive capabilities, only a madman would engage in hand-to-hand combat with a creature like the scythe-wielding alien, who was born for combat.

Recognizing the vast gap in their strengths, Kyle relied on his tools to compensate.

With a rapid thought, he drew cards in quick succession— high-explosive grenades, shrapnel grenades, and more— and threw them forward as if they cost nothing, sealing off the space in the passage.

For a moment, explosions of varying sizes resounded continuously in the underground passage, intermingled with the scythe-wielding alien’s angry and agonized cries.

The narrow underground passage severely limited his speed. The grenades unleashed their extraordinary effects inside, making it nearly impossible to evade.

Under the relentless bombardment of grenades and explosives, the scythe-wielding alien, despite dodging the center of the most dangerous blast zones each time, ended up with singed hair and a battered body, reeking of blood and gunpowder.

“I don’t believe it… How can you carry so much ammunition on you?” The scythe-wielding alien gritted his teeth as he spoke. He once again raised his now battered scythe, accelerated his pace with desperation, and almost broke through the sound barrier, creating a gust of wind that dispersed the heavy smoke in the area.

Emerging from the explosion zone in the passage, the scythe-wielding alien saw Kyle standing ahead. At first, a gleam of joy crossed his face as he raised his dual-bladed weapon to strike. However, when he saw the weapons in Kyle’s hands, his expression changed instantly.

“Don’t provoke me!” Kyle snorted coldly. He held the laser blaster in one hand and pulled the trigger. Dazzling blue-white beams shot out from the gun’s muzzle.

The scythe-wielding alien accelerated, his body becoming a blurry shadow. He bounced up and down within the passage, zigzagging with precise predictions, narrowly avoiding every laser that came close.

When his speed reached subsonic levels, it began to seem like he could counter any attack.

“Try this on for size.” Kyle remained expressionless as he continued to fire with one hand, forcing his opponent to keep his distance.

With his other hand, he reached into his pocket and drew another black disc-shaped item.

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