IMUC-Chapter 182 Carrying an Armory Everywhere

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The neural control device, once attached to a human body, was difficult to remove as it firmly bonded to the flesh. Trying to forcibly remove it would trigger its passive defense, releasing a surge of electric shock capable of incapacitating any life form.

This was the last-resort control mechanism used by the guards of Planet Sakaar to manage their incarcerated criminals.

However, this one-size-fits-all trick was entirely inadequate when dealing with Kyle, who had a mechanical life form integrated into his being.

For Vis, the energy stored within the Shock Device had a rather appealing taste…

Kyle adjusted his collar, and the Shock Device at his neck subtly transformed, extending into something resembling an earpiece. He reported, “Master, the sensors have detected nearly ten Spaceships converging in our direction. It won’t be long before they completely seal off this area.”

“Is that so? Then let’s leave for now. After all, Venom wouldn’t dare to stay in the underground prison. Scan the architectural layout here and find a safe passage leading outside,” Kyle ordered, suppressing the anger welling up within him.

“Yes,” Vis acknowledged and began transmitting wireless signals to scan the surroundings, penetrating through the walls and swiftly conducting calculations.

In just three seconds, Kyle received a guided message from Vis. Without hesitation, he set off, forcefully and recklessly breaking through the alien guards one after another, and entered an underground passage leading out of the prison.

The Deputy Guard Captain, unable to stop Kyle, let him enter the passage. He then urgently spoke into his communicator, “Quickly open the spatial corridor and make sure he doesn’t leave the underground prison!”

As he spoke, the Deputy Guard Captain suddenly widened his eyes in horror. In the area of the cells, a scythe-wielding man with a rush of wind pressure completely ignored the guards and, in an instant, flew into the hall, rushing into the same passage Kyle had entered.

“Increase the manpower and get the ‘Blade’s’ Shock Device…”

Before he could finish speaking, the Deputy Guard Captain paused again, this time in sheer disbelief. A massive two-headed serpent, a ferocious beast, devoured a snake from the guard’s despairing exclamations. With both of its bloodshot mouths, it swallowed the snake whole and slithered towards the scythe-wielding man.

“Get the ‘Two-Headed Monster’s’ Shock Device…”

The Deputy Guard Captain was halfway through his sentence when he shivered in horror, then hysterically said, “No, go and fetch Grandmaster! There are three escaped monsters, and we stand no chance against them!”

In the three-meter-wide underground passage, Kyle ran in circles.

Yes, he was running in circles.

Kyle suddenly stopped, looking up at the glowing ceiling and walls, as well as the bloody footprints he had left on the ground. He was puzzled and said, “Vis, haven’t I already gone through this section twice?”

“Yes, you’ve circled back,” Vis replied.

“It’s a straight corridor, how did I end up back at the starting point?” Kyle found it even more peculiar.

Vis fell silent for a few seconds before providing a reasonable explanation. “Sakaar employs advanced protection technology called a Spatial Corridor. Once it’s activated externally, the internal space falls into a looping connection, trapping any life form inside.”

“So, it’s like a trapped beast,” Kyle pondered for a moment and came up with an idea. He entered stealth mode, activating his Nightcrawler status and initiating the Forced Escape skill.

Kyle silently recited in his mind as he ‘Blinked’, quickly disappearing from the tunnel.

Half a second later, Kyle appeared back in the same spot, facing the same tunnel as before. He furrowed his brow slightly. “Even Forced Escape doesn’t work?”

This time, he truly felt helpless.

“If only I had the Sling Ring on me,” Kyle grumbled in frustration. The Mirror Dimension and teleportation spell were ideal for countering these fancy high-tech security measures.

When tracing things back, it all led to Venom.

“Venom,” Kyle snorted, his anger blazing like a wildfire in his heart.


In a toughened glass bottle, a black, stagnant liquid suddenly shivered and bubbled, knocking against the inner walls of the glass, causing cracks to form. The glass bottle shook incessantly.

Drip by drip, the largest crack on the inner wall of the glass grew deeper and was on the verge of splitting open.

Right at that moment, the door suddenly swung open, and the black liquid inside the cup quickly settled down, recovering its calm.

Slaughter, his face dark and unreadable, strode into the room. He reached out and picked up the glass bottle from the table, placing it back in his trench coat pocket.

“This incident has alerted Grandmaster. The death of a top-four challenger will surely enrage him,” Slaughter said as he walked to the edge of the platform near the floor-to-ceiling window. From there, he looked out over the expansive arena, as if he could see Kyle running in circles through the floor below.

“As long as you exist, I will forever be your shadow. So, I’m sorry, but please put an end to your struggle here. I will bring your body back to Earth,” Slaughter muttered to himself hoarsely.

“Damn it!”

As if in response to its words, Kyle in the underground passage was currently pounding the walls with his fists.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Since he didn’t have the Vibranium Bracer, Kyle was relying solely on his bare fists. One punch after another struck the smooth, mirror-like wall, causing cracks to continually extend, just like the predicament that liquid life form had been in within the glass bottle earlier.

“Master, based on the thickness of this wall and your current punching rate and force, it would take approximately 26,405 minutes to completely break through,” Vis indirectly reminded Kyle with scientific data that his fists alone wouldn’t break through here.

Kyle sighed in frustration and retracted his fists. He had only tried it out of desperation. As for giving up? That wasn’t a term in his life dictionary!

“Oh, by the way, the military explosives stored in the Card Space are equivalent to an arsenal. I can give them a try,” Kyle thought and acted accordingly. With a slight mental command, a stack of Item Cards emerged, falling into his hand like a deck of playing cards.

【Hydra Laser Tank】

Kyle looked at this card and quickly sighed before retracting it. This thing was undoubtedly powerful, but it was just too large. There wasn’t enough physical space in the underground passage to summon it.

【B Grade Explosives】 x10

Kyle waved his hand, summoning ten cards that materialized into bundles of physical explosives, stacked against the outer wall of the passage.

Before leaving Earth, he hadn’t brought much of anything else, except for these World War II-era military surplus items, most of which were white quality, and at best, green quality.

“Use them all,” Kyle didn’t hesitate in the slightest. He continued to draw more cards, summoning piles of explosives and stacking them along the outer wall of the underground passage.

He wasn’t concerned about wasting them; he was more afraid of not using them when necessary!

A moment later, a muffled and terrifying explosion reverberated through the underground passage, causing the entire underground prison to tremble as if an earthquake had struck.

“What’s happening now? Will it ever end?”

Inside the underground prison, the inmates in their cells and the guards outside in the hall all wore faces of resignation.

(End of this chapter)

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