IMUC-Chapter 150 Three Days

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Another month passed.

Members of the Carl Family, including agents and higher-ranked members, secretly relocated to the Dragon Turtle Island’s Fortress base through the teleportation gates.

The old estate was kept as a secret training point for training new talents within the family, indirectly safeguarding the Winter Soldier, who was in cryogenic sleep beneath the estate.

During this time, Kyle once again bestowed the training of the Super Agent card to ten agents. Utilizing special materials, he constructed a third fixed teleportation gate, connecting the island base, Stark Industry, and the Wakanda nation, three distant places.

Meanwhile, he could no longer hide the genetic mutation illness from other Carl Family members. After all, even though his physique hadn’t exhibited significant abnormalities yet, his once bright golden hair had completely turned into the silver-white hue indicative of illness.

In around six months, Kyle would face his death due to a forced genetic mutation driven by irreversible nuclear radiation. His body would undergo self-deterioration, leading to functional death.

Logan, Raina, and even Natasha, when they learned of this grave news, were left in disbelief. It took them a long time to gradually accept this truth.

Kyle was their leader, and they followed him loyally.

He was the world’s acknowledged strongest man, always conquering battlefields as a Super Soldier. From being a rookie to retiring as a General, he had a flawless record in battles of all scales!

With his individual strength, he influenced and reversed the course of conflicts, dismantled the Hydra organization, and forced the nation of warriors to surrender.

This legendary figure, standing at the pinnacle of the pyramid and known as the Symbol of Peace, the Godlike Hero, even when everyone was aspiring for peace and pursuing happiness after the end of World War II, his body still carried the ancient ailment of war…

It was like transforming into an elderly person, with the approach of his final deadline and the rapid mutation of his genes, his physique became unstable, sometimes losing his superpowers for short periods.

Logan and Raina, after Lucy personally informed them of this news, were the first to find Kyle and confirm it. On the spot, they unanimously expressed their willingness to leave Earth and head to the stars with him.

Kyle rejected their proposal.

For him, the cosmos was full of unknown dangers. Whether he traveled alone or with three people, the difference was not substantial.

Moreover, Logan and Raina were the high-end combat strength of the Carl Family. If they left Earth with him, the Carl Family would truly be left in a vulnerable state.

“You don’t have to worry. Look after the family, and I promise you that I’ll come back alive,” Kyle said earnestly to them.

Though Logan and Raina were helpless, they couldn’t persuade Kyle, who had already made up his mind.

So, on the island base, as days passed with the collective melancholy of family members, time went by. Only three days remained until Kyle’s estimated departure from Earth.

In these final three days, Kyle set aside all family matters. He entered the gravity chamber to stay warmed up, practiced over a hundred fighting skills he possessed, and sorted out his weapons, equipment, and card inventory.

Items stored in the Card Space, such as Golden Gems, heavy artillery, and collectibles, were all placed in the base’s inventory as physical objects, managed by the family’s chief financial officer, Lucy.

Kyle left himself with only emergency food, a laser pistol, and useful items.

He was about to embark on an extremely adventurous journey – which will either lead to a transformation to return or disintegration into a small heap of debris in some distant corner of the universe, buried beyond Earth.

This time, even Kyle had doubts in his heart.

In Marvel Earth, he could tap into the advantages of a crossed-over individual, knowing various known and unknown dangers, the mainline of history. But once he left Earth, all intelligence would be reset to zero, and everything would rely on his own exploration.

On the Dragon Turtle Base, the second basement’s gravity chamber.

Under the glaring focus lights, Kyle stood on his hands, continuously doing push-ups with one hand while upside down. His silver-white hair was dampened by sweat, flowing down his strands and forming a puddle on the polished floor.

“1023, 1024, 1025…”

He panted heavily, his chest rising and falling. He was only dressed in sports pants, his perfectly proportioned physique standing straight with the golden ratio, his muscles and abs as solid as if they were forged by Iron itself.

“The pinnacle physique of a Super Soldier, ten times that of a human, Healing Factor— these abilities exist within me, deep in my blood, marrow, and even etched into my genes! Even if my genes mutate, don’t think it’s so simple to take away what belongs to me!” Kyle’s determination was unwavering as he maintained his spirit and strength, refusing to succumb to becoming an ordinary person under the influence of mutant genes.

*Ding Ding!*

As the mechanical doors of the gravity chamber opened, Natasha, dressed in a tight black leather suit, appeared. Upon seeing Kyle inside, she quickly walked in as though she had something to report.

“Sir, there’s a message from the New York estate. Fury… Fury has…” Natasha’s words were cut short when she entered the gravity field of the chamber. She let out a cry and fell hard on the ground, her chest flattened beneath the zipper of her leather suit.

“Is this gravity set to the maximum of twelve times?” Natasha’s face turned red. She used her hands to prop herself up from the ground, gazing at Kyle, who was still doing one-handed push-ups, her eyes filled with amazed astonishment.

Did this Superhuman-like monstrous physique look like it was about to deteriorate and die?

“Has Fury arrived at the estate?” Kyle asked, exerting force on his wrist. His body swiftly performed a half flip in the air and landed back on the ground with stability.

“Yes, and I’m prepared to take any role at SHIELD.” Natasha took a deep breath and spoke with some effort. Even with her exceptional Super Agent Physique, her movements were sluggish and slow under the influence of twelve times the gravity.

Kyle nodded. He turned to the voice-activated receiver in the room and said, “J.A.R.V.I.S, turn off the gravity and switch to cleaning mode.”

“Understood, Sir.”

J.A.R.V.I.S’s voice sounded, and following the system’s program settings, the force field of gravity inside the room was quickly deactivated.

Natasha relaxed her breath and stood up from the room’s floor. However, just as she did, cold water from overhead showerheads drenched her completely. The ceiling of the gravity chamber had opened, creating a momentary indoor downpour.

Ten seconds later, the water stopped, and warm dry air flowed from all sides of the walls.

Kyle had briefly cleaned himself from the grime of the training. He summoned the Venom card and transformed symbiotically into a set of casual clothing with a hood.

He put on the Sling Ring on his left-hand finger and cast a spell, opening the portal to the estate’s second-floor conference room. He urged, “Let’s go. I’ve arranged a bright path for you. From now on, it’s up to you to carve out your own destiny.”

“Understood.” Natasha quickly responded, using her hands to wring out her damp hair. She hurriedly followed Kyle’s steps and entered the shimmering rotating portal.

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