IMUC-Chapter 149 Technological Truth

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Inside the Fortress, through specially designed floor-to-ceiling windows, one could overlook the entire island below along with the scenic expanse of the surrounding ocean.

“The total security system of this Fortress is monitored in real-time by the J.A.R.V.I.S intelligent steward 24 hours a day. The island is equipped with numerous sky-net probes, working in conjunction with external satellites. As soon as any external intrusion is detected, an alert will be issued before they even enter the island.”

“And of course, with the fully-disguising projection technology provided by Wakanda, this island can be disguised as anything: a deserted island amidst a volcanic eruption, a colossal floating iceberg on the ocean, or even a formed black tornado. Coupled with the mobile Dragon Turtle in the ocean, this island’s presence has essentially been erased from the world since its completion.”

Howard confidently explained, taking a step inside the Fortress and leading Kyle and Lucy.

Within the Fortress, the floor was smooth and clean, daylight illumination lights sequentially lit up overhead, and projection screens shimmered mysteriously in the hall.

Walking through the spacious corridor with its metallic textures, Kyle had a feeling akin to strolling through the spaceship interior of a science fiction movie. The interior style exuded a sense of advanced technology, making it clear that it was meticulously designed by none other than the tech enthusiast Howard.

“The first floor of the Fortress has a total of fifty individual rooms, all fitted out according to the highest hotel standards. These rooms can be used by the general family members, provided they’ve input their personal information into J.A.R.V.I.S to gain access. The second floor has five core member rooms and three VIP rooms, housing the control room for the supercomputer, as well as the round-table conference room for family meetings.”

“The top floor is the sole master bedroom, currently only accessible by you,” Howard said this, paused and looked toward Lucy standing beside Kyle.

“In that case, let’s upgrade Lucy’s access level,” Kyle calmly said, while Lucy blushed and couldn’t say a word.

“Every floor of the Fortress, including the rooms, requires an appropriate access level for entry. The top three floors are for daily living and nothing too special. Let me take you down to see what’s below.”

With a mysterious smile, Howard led the two into the elevator on the first floor.

The elevator was situated at the center of the Fortress, cylindrical in shape, seemingly crafted from pure glass material. It was transparent, allowing a view of the outside with only slightly discernible metal frames and cables.

“J.A.R.V.I.S, slow down the elevator’s speed a bit so that we can carefully observe the underground construction of Fortress.”

Howard issued the command, and the semi-artificial intelligence steward system, while analyzing the user’s permissions, analyzed the content of his speech through a system program.

‘Understood, sir.’

The elevator closed, and after a slight vibration, it started its descent, carrying the three individuals downward.

“This is…” Kyle widened his eyes.

Before him lay a hollow darkness. The bottom of the three-tiered Fortress building was unexpectedly hollowed out! Or rather, it was the island’s mountain where Fortress was situated that had been hollowed out. Beneath it, an underground facility even more expansive than the upper levels had been constructed.

In the middle of the pitch-black void, the elevator continued its descent. The lights on the first basement level suddenly illuminated, forming a halo-like encircling pattern around the elevator.

“The first basement level is the training room, which can accommodate hundreds of people training simultaneously. Inside, there are rooms for physical exercise, firearms training, combat training…”

Howard hadn’t finished explaining when Kyle, in his excitement, rapidly inquired, “Is there a gravity chamber?”

A gravity chamber was a superior venue for physical training, especially for Superhuman-type training!

“Of course, the gravity chamber you want is naturally present.” Howard shrugged and proudly stroked his small beard. “After my improvements, that gravity chamber can accommodate up to ten people for training, with gravity reaching as high as twelve times!”

“Twelve times?” Kyle was greatly astonished. This was a level of gravity he himself couldn’t easily adapt to. Not to mention those newly empowered Super Agents, even individuals like Logan and Natasha would have to crawl in there.

Howard nodded and said, “In fact, it can be increased to fifteen times, but twelve times is already quite significant. For the average person, three times is already at the limit of what’s trainable.”

“Fifteen times… that would be deadly!” Lucy placed her hand over her chest, her heart racing.

Kyle nodded. Fifteen times would be a life-threatening level for most ordinary people.

The horrifying pressure of gravity would crush a person to the ground. Even if one didn’t die instantly, the circulation of blood in the body would be severely impeded. Standing upright, even the brain would receive insufficient blood supply and a lack of oxygen.

The elevator continued its descent, arriving at and passing through the second basement level.

“This should be the Strategic Scientific Research Room,” Kyle said with a smile. Through the transparent elevator, he could faintly see several rooms lit up, each containing numerous scientific research equipment.

“That’s right. The second basement level is dedicated to cutting-edge scientific research. For now, it’s my personal office area. After the collaboration with Wakanda, we will work on perfecting and manufacturing new element energy sources, artificial intelligence, and more here.”

Howard’s words bound his future tightly to this family estate on the island.

He understood that although Dragon Turtle Island was located far out at sea, with fixed teleportation gates to Stark Industries and Wakanda established, traveling to and from those places would be incredibly convenient.

Safety, secrecy, well-equipped facilities, and convenient access – for Howard, this was an ideal research environment.

“Here, I can peacefully explore the truths of science,” Howard rubbed his hands together, suppressing his excitement. He almost wished he could go in right now and continue the unfinished experiments on accelerated new element production.

Kyle was his guide, continually opening doors to the realm of scientific truth for him.

With Wakanda’s abundant advanced scientific resources, Kyle’s provision of future technological products and theories, the stable and comfortable research environment on Dragon Turtle Island, plus the prolongation of his lifespan through the Infinite Formula…

Howard realized that he had officially embarked on a path that surpassed the unknown of countless scientists before him.

In such a favorable environment and conditions, even a pig, given enough time, could peer into the gate of scientific truth.

Not to mention someone like Howard, a genius engineer who considered his qualifications no less than any top scientist in history.

“Kyle, if your journey into space results in the worst outcome – never returning – I will strive to explore scientific truths and use the power of scientific technology to save you.”

Howard looked at Kyle solemnly, his tone earnest and resolute.

Having experienced metaphysical spells that transcended space, Howard hadn’t abandoned science. On the contrary, he had become even more obsessed and passionate about it.

He didn’t believe that the technological prowess that reached the end of the universe wouldn’t be able to traverse space, or even reverse time itself.

“Alright, buddy, that’s settled then.” Kyle held Lucy, whose face was filled with sadness, with one arm. He patted Howard’s shoulder and said sincerely, “The fate of the Carl Family is in your hands.”

The path for the Carl Family had been mostly paved –

It was time to cast aside all concerns and embark on the journey he was meant to take.

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