IMUC-Chapter 14: The Girl and the Slaughter

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At a sprawling military base situated in Germany, security was of paramount importance, evident in the formidable three-meter-high iron mesh encircling the compound. The base was akin to a well-guarded fortress, except for its main entrance, which lacked the reinforced protection and instead was manned by nearly thirty well-equipped German soldiers.

As the night wore on, fatigue began to take its toll on some of the guards. In this momentary lapse, the distinct sound of an engine reverberated through the air as a German military vehicle gradually approached the main gate from a distance.

“Halt! Stop!”

Despite recognizing the vehicle as their own, the guards dutifully halted the military transport at the main gate and detained it for inspection.

“What’s the situation?” Accompanied by a group of armed soldiers, a German Captain strode forward and knocked on the car window of the military vehicle.

The window was swiftly rolled down, and the driver, donning a flat cap, presented his soldier’s identification through the opening. In a weary and hoarse tone, he responded in German, “Um, Military Supplies.”

“Standard procedure.” The German Captain waved his hand, prompting three or four soldiers to approach and inspect the contents of the vehicle’s rear compartment.

Within a matter of seconds, the soldiers returned with a hint of fluster and whispered a few words into the German Captain’s ear as they drew nearer.

Sensing the German Captain’s gaze fixating on him, Kyle, skillfully disguised as the driver, raised an eyebrow and instinctively lowered the brim of his hat, casting a shadow over his youthful face.

Have I been exposed?

Maintaining an impassive expression, Kyle’s body tensed as he prepared to utilize his covert ability of instantaneous movement should the German guard discern his true identity.

The German Captain motioned for the inspecting soldiers to step back and approached the vehicle window alone.

Remaining alert, Kyle watched intently as the German Captain’s serious countenance suddenly transformed into a smile. Cheerfully, he retrieved a rolled-up cigarette from his pocket and extended it towards Kyle, remarking, “My friend, it’s tough for you to be running errands for the Officer at such a late hour.”

Kyle naturally accepted the cigarette, his demeanor composed as he replied, “No problem, it’s what I’m here for.”

“Very well, let him through!” The German Captain bellowed, and the barrier at the main gate swiftly opened. Kyle wasted no time in revving the engine, and the military vehicle surged forward into the base.

The interior of the expansive base surpassed the atmosphere of a temporary combat zone, especially considering the stringent military discipline characteristic of the renowned German establishment. Wide lanes capable of accommodating two vehicles side by side were flanked by various wooden or tented camp structures on both sides.

Even within the base, there were regular intervals of illuminating lights, and patrols consisting of six German soldiers crisscrossed the area.

With his peripheral vision, Kyle quickly surveyed the distribution of the patrol teams as he maneuvered the vehicle deeper into the base, eventually arriving at the designated area where numerous vehicles were parked, serving as a storage hub for supplies.

The supply garage appeared deserted and shrouded in silence, devoid of any human presence. Capitalizing on this opportunity, Kyle switched off the engine and brought the vehicle to a halt.

Rather than immediately activating his stealth mode, he proceeded directly toward the rear compartment of the vehicle.

“I was careless earlier. I forgot to ascertain the nature of the stolen military vehicle’s cargo. And the fact that the base’s guard, the German Captain, commended a mere driver like me by offering a cigarette…” Kyle muttered to himself, deep in thought. Discreetly concealed in his right hand, he held the military knife, transformed into a card, while his other hand disengaged the latch securing the iron door of the rear compartment.


As the rear compartment’s iron door swung open, a faint sobbing sound echoed from within.

“What is this?” Kyle frowned, and with a graceful leap, he entered the rear compartment. The darkness gradually gave way to clarity, revealing a young girl— the supposed military supplies.

She was a young Caucasian girl, appearing to be approximately sixteen years old. Her lustrous golden curls were damp with sweat, and even in the dim light, her delicate doll-like face exuded a breathtaking beauty.

Clad in a thin white dress, her tender figure exuded an innate elegance. However, she was tightly bound with military-grade ropes, her mouth sealed shut with adhesive tape, and she lay curled up within a spacious wooden crate.

Attached to the wooden crate was a white paper tag bearing a German inscription: “European Materials Collected. Received by Commander Leo.”

“These savages…”

Witnessing this heart-wrenching sight, Kyle clenched his teeth, an unquenchable flame of anger surging within him.

Kyle had never despised war, but the despicable act of invading lands, plundering homes, and snatching young girls as commodities always repulsed him. It was an evil that he couldn’t stand.

Inside the cramped box, the golden-haired girl trembled with fear, her tear-filled blue eyes scanning the figure that entered. With her mouth sealed shut by tape, all she could manage were muffled sounds of struggle, “Uh Uh Uh.”

“Don’t be afraid,” Kyle approached gently, trying to reassure her, but the girl’s panic only intensified, her fear reaching new heights.

“Uh.” Suddenly, realization dawned on Kyle, and a bitter smile crossed his face. Switching back to fluent English, he spoke, “Don’t worry. I’m an American Soldier, and I won’t harm you.”

Realizing that his words alone weren’t enough to ease her worries, Kyle decided to reveal more of himself. He removed his hat, unveiling his young and handsome European face. Finally, the girl began to find solace in his presence.

Indeed, appearances still held power regardless of the era.

“Stay silent. I will set you free,” Kyle declared as he picked up the Military knife and swiftly cut the ropes that bound the girl. With a gentle hand, he removed the adhesive tape, freeing her mouth. Overwhelmed with relief, the golden-haired girl couldn’t help but cling to his waist, weakly sobbing.

“You’re safe now,” Kyle whispered, a warm smile gracing his face as he affectionately stroked her beautiful golden locks.

Suddenly, a voice in German broke the silence from outside the vehicle, asking, “Who’s in there?”

The girl in Kyle’s arms froze, her trembling intensifying.

“Stay quiet. I’ll handle them,” Kyle whispered back, his expression quickly shifting from warmth to indifference as cold determination gleamed in his eyes.

In a hoarse voice, he responded in German, “I’m Bern. There are supplies in the vehicle to be delivered to Commander Leo. Can you come and help carry them?”

“Understood,” The German Captain of the patrol team outside the vehicle replied without suspicion. Accompanied by five soldiers, he approached the rear compartment of the military vehicle.

The German Captain and two soldiers from the patrol team entered the rear compartment first. As their flashlights pierced the darkness, they were met with the sight of the golden-haired girl curled up in fear inside the box.

“Hey?” Confusion laced the German Captain’s voice, but before he could finish his sentence, a figure suddenly dropped down from the compartment ceiling.


In the darkness, the Military Knife sliced through the air with deadly precision. Swift and sharp, it swiftly dispatched the three soldiers on top of the compartment, painting the space with warm, crimson blood.

Kyle’s actions were swift and precise, taking the lives of the three soldiers on the vehicle without hesitation. Like a ferocious cheetah, he lunged toward the remaining three soldiers outside the vehicle.

Within a span of four to five meters, propelled by his superior physical abilities, it took him less than half a second to reach such distance.

Kyle’s hand rose, and the knife fell. The fourth German soldier’s head flew high as the sharp military blade, coupled with his formidable strength, severed the soldier’s neck and spine in a single strike.

The two remaining German soldiers reacted sluggishly as their bodies were paralyzed by extreme fear.

They yearned to retaliate, to shout, to flee, but it remained within the realm of unattainable wishes. In the next moment, their desires were shattered.

Kyle plunged his military knife into the heart of one soldier, while his other hand clamped down on the last soldier’s neck, pressing him forcefully to the ground.


The two soldiers struggled briefly, their vitality slipping away as their bodies turned into lifeless corpses, becoming mere remnants in Kyle’s hands.


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