IMUC-Chapter 13 Confidence

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“I now have a better understanding of the situation,” Kyle remarked, his gaze fixed on the enemy base nestled below the mountain. “The intelligence we acquired from the parchment map, which reveals the location of the German camp, is accurate. However, these guys must have played a deceptive game with the coded messages.”

Fury pondered the conversation, deep in thought as he spoke. “So, they switched the messages regarding the camp sizes?”

“Yes, that’s correct,” Kyle nodded.

Among the five enemy German camps, one was a large base, three were medium-sized camps, and the remaining one served as a transit station.

The Germans displayed their intelligence by exchanging the coded messages between the large base and the transit station.

“In other words, the enemy base we’re currently facing was meant to be raided by Colonel Marcos with five or more units, according to the plan. And the small camp that we were assigned to infiltrate is the target Colonel Marcos is heading towards,” Fury stated with a bitter smile on his face.

“There’s no use complaining now,” Kyle responded coldly. “Fury, you have more experience in on-the-spot operations than I do. In this situation, what do you think we should do?”

Fury furrowed his brow, his lone eye fixed on the distant enemy base. After a moment of contemplation, he reluctantly said, “It’s evident that we have to abandon the surprise attack plan. Even if we have the advantage of initiating the attack, it would be nothing short of suicide for a mere hundred troops.”

Kyle probed further, “Can’t we contact Colonel Marcos using the communication device we brought?”

“No,” Fury shook his head without hesitation, explaining, “We are too close to the enemy base. At this distance, the signal can easily be intercepted by the enemy. Moreover, there isn’t much time left before our forces attack the other four enemy camps. Once that happens, the large base here will be alerted.”

Kyle then remarked with a blank expression on his face, “So, based on conventional judgment, we have no choice but to give up on the surprise attack plan, right?”

“Fury, have you forgotten? We made a promise to Colonel Marcos that we would ensure the success of the surprise attack plan!”

“But…” Fury hesitated.

“No ‘buts’!” Kyle interrupted him and continued to guide, “If we relinquish the opportunity to surprise attack the large base now, it will be difficult to find such a favorable chance again once the enemy becomes vigilant!”

Realizing something, Fury looked at Kyle with astonishment, his face turning serious. “Don’t beat around the bush. Are you thinking what I think you’re thinking?”

“You can’t hide anything from you. But this isn’t just an idea; it’s a battle plan.” Kyle smiled faintly and leaned closer to Fury, whispering a few words in his ear.

After hearing Kyle out, Fury stared at him as if he were looking at a madman, tremblingly saying, “Infiltrating the base alone? Are you crazy? Or do you want to get yourself killed?”

Kyle shrugged and said resolutely, “I’m not crazy. Given the current situation, the only way to accomplish the surprise attack plan is to take this risky attempt. If I can infiltrate the enemy base, disrupt their defense mechanisms from within, and then have the hundred-person unit launch an attack from the outside, there is still a certain probability of success.”

“It’s not that simple to infiltrate such a large base,” Fury stated, shaking his head.

“That’s my concern. I just need your approval and support,” Kyle responded firmly.

Fury fell silent, his lone eye fixed on Kyle for a while, before speaking slowly but forcefully, “To be honest, I have no reason to dissuade you from doing this. After all, no one wants to give up on the plan before it even starts. So, you can go ahead and give it a try. But let me make it clear beforehand: If you fail, I will immediately withdraw with the troops and leave you here.”

“Don’t worry, I would never risk someone else’s life for my own.”

With these words, Kyle threw caution to the wind and swiftly dashed forward, gaining momentum as he descended the slope until he vanished into the darkness below the mountain.

“This guy is crazy,” Fury sighed.

Heading directly to the large base as a lone soldier was undoubtedly suicidal behavior. However, for some reason, Kyle emanated an unwavering confidence that intrigued Fury.

Perhaps it was precisely because of that enigmatic aura that Fury chose to agree to this highly perilous and almost suicidal method of operation.

After leaving the team, Kyle retreated into the jungle at the foot of the mountain, where he removed his American battle suit. From the Card Space, he selected a suitable German soldier’s combat uniform and swiftly put it on.

Proposing to infiltrate the enemy base alone, Kyle wasn’t intending to throw his life away. Instead, he possessed enough confidence to ensure his own safety.

This confidence comes from the Blue Card he obtained during the Tribute Extraction today!”


[You become one with the shadows, you became a Nightwalker, you eliminate your own presence and reduce your visibility.

While in the Nightwalker state, enemies cannot see you outside a certain visual range (10 Meters). Within 10 Meters, they can only see a translucent figure, and within five meters, they have a normal line of sight.

During the night, the Nightwalker provides night vision within a hundred meters, doubling the stealth effect and increasing movement speed.

Note: After initiating an attack, the stealth state will be lifted and cannot be entered for ten seconds.

Nightwalker can perform a forced instant teleportation for a range of One Kilometer. The ability has a cooldown of 24 hours.

Blue Ability Card.]

This is a blue-quality Ability Card. As expected, it belongs to the category of superpowers, surpassing the level of expertise or mastery that only some rare people can achieve!

With the 【Stealth】 card, Kyle’s individual combat capabilities are no longer bound by human abilities.

“Stealth Mode Engaged!”

Kyle silently recited in his mind as his eyes transformed into a dark crimson color, allowing him to see clearly within a hundred meters in the darkness. Simultaneously, his body seemed enveloped in a mist, appearing elusive in the night.

In Nightwalker state.

Carrying a Military knife, Kyle jogged towards the enemy base about half a mile away, entering stealth mode, with even the sound of his boots landing on the ground barely audible.

Safely approaching the vicinity of the enemy base, Kyle suddenly stopped his pace and observed from a distance of fifty meters.

Rows of bright lights hung on the iron wire fence, and once a figure was exposed under the lights, the amplification of the stealth invisibility would be greatly weakened.

Kyle was contemplating how to infiltrate the base when suddenly, from a hundred meters behind him, two beams of light slightly illuminated the night sky, and a German military vehicle slowly approached the main gate of the base.

“A supply truck?” Kyle’s mind stirred, and he continued to move stealthily toward the direction of the military vehicle.

‘Tap, tap, tap—’

Faint and frequent footsteps quietly resonated in the deserted plain.

Kyle stealthily approached the front side of the military vehicle, watching as the front of the vehicle was about to collide with him. He made a direct sprint, exposing himself a step ahead.


The German soldier, who was the driver, was dozing off, and his entire body jolted with fear as he saw a figure rushing out of nowhere. He instinctively slammed on the brakes.

With his mouth agape, he couldn’t utter a word before a flash of the knife from outside the window struck, instantly silencing his words and ending his life.

Stealth, assassination, and disposing of the body— the whole process flowed seamlessly, and it looked as if Kyle had done it thousands of times.

The military vehicle came to a stop, its engine turned off. Kyle coldly tossed the German soldier’s body, with a cut-throat, out of the driver’s seat. It was somewhat reminiscent of looting equipment in an online game. The body on the ground revealed several Item Cards in the Extractable state.

【German Soldier ID Card】, 【German Soldier Combat Suit】, 【German Pistol】…

After a while.

The military vehicle restarted and continued its journey toward the front gate of the German base.

Kyle’s heart raced with anticipation as he approached the enemy base, his Nightwalker abilities granting him an unprecedented advantage in stealth and infiltration. With each step, he focused on the task at hand, determined to disrupt the enemy’s defenses from within.


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