IMUC-Chapter 130 I’m Also a Sorcerer

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There’s a saying: When God closes a door, he opens a window.

Kyle wasn’t sure if this was a compensation from the goddess of fate. Just as he learned about his limited time left, a foolish sorcerer came knocking on his door, practically offering warm greetings and benefits.

Running over, showing off his sorcerer profession and magical superiority, would have been fine. However, this idiot decided to choose precisely this moment to do so— which resulted in Bru the sorcerer lying unconscious in the Mirror Dimension, looking utterly miserable.

“Let me see what Mastery of magical abilities you possess…” Kyle rubbed his hands together as he gazed fixedly at Bru the sorcerer, his eyes blinking with a faint green light.

His gaze and intent converged urgently on Bru the sorcerer, and in an instant, hundreds of uneven White and Green cards appeared in his field of vision.

And there were also Four Blue Ability Cards, prominently displayed among them, radiating a dazzling blue light.

“Four of them?!” Kyle was taken aback when he saw this. It was the first time he had seen someone, other than himself, holding so many Blue Ability Cards.

But then, his eyes widened further. A Purple Ability Card emerged from within Bru the sorcerer, bursting with purple radiance. It floated above the Four Blue Cards—

【Intermediate·Mirror Dimension】: Enter another-dimensional mirror space. Purple Ability Card.

Using the Sling Ring, one can enter another-dimensional space that coexists with the real universe. Although the Mirror Dimension itself exists, it goes unnoticed by others.

The scenes within the Mirror Dimension are similar to those in the real world, but anything that happens here is unrelated to reality. Inside, one can secretly observe real events, avoid danger, and create a battlefield (to some extent, control certain forms of the Mirror Dimension).

Activate the skill to easily pull oneself and any life form within ten meters (up to ten people, assuming humans as the standard) into the Mirror Dimension.

The cooldown time for this skill is three hours.

Note: The Mirror Dimension becomes difficult to maintain after a certain level of damage. Life forms trapped inside can escape back to the real world.

Current Status: Extractable, requires holding the Sling Ring.

“Unfortunately, they’re just skill-based Ability Cards.” Kyle couldn’t help but furrow his brows, but he soon relaxed.

There was nothing unfortunate about it. Sorcerers themselves couldn’t possess physical Ability Cards of Superior Green grade. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be called “Sorcerers.”

The other four Blue Ability Cards were all the same— magic skill Ability Cards.

【Spatial Teleportation】: Open a circular Spatial Teleportation gate. Blue Ability Card.

Using the Seal Ring, visualize a destination in your mind (with a realism of at least eighty percent). Stand still for three to five seconds, manually drawing a circle in the air. This will open a small teleportation gate that spans two locations, maintained for ten seconds.

The teleportation distance is limited to one planetary distance (using Earth as a reference), with other restrictions in outer space.

Current Status: Extractable, requires using the Sling Ring.

“This spell…” Kyle’s eyes gleamed as he looked at this. Mastering the Spatial Teleportation spell made ordinary transportation like cars and planes seem quite inadequate.

Hold on, there’s more!

Kyle’s breathing grew rapid. His eyes darted to the second Blue Ability Card.

【Mastering Fixed Teleportation Gates】: Mastery of constructing fixed teleportation gates. Blue Ability Card.

Master the technology of building a fixed teleportation gate, creating a permanent link between two different locations.

Each fixed teleportation gate is eternally bound to a single location (limited to Earth).

The destination will only open another spatial gate when the fixed teleportation gate is activated. The spatial gate will disconnect and disappear when the fixed teleportation gate is closed.

Current Status: Extractable.

“Mirror Dimension, Spatial Teleportation, Fixed Teleportation Gates— this is a complete set of benefits for shrinking Earth’s distances and spatial planning, isn’t it?” Kyle couldn’t help but marvel as he looked at these skills.

Kyle clicked his tongue in amazement. Now, when he looked at Bru the sorcerer, that once arrogant and overconfident dark face seemed much more pleasing.

What a good person!

Recognizing that he needed to accelerate his planning and preparation, this individual had hastily provided a series of spatial-related magical skills.

The other two Blue Ability Cards were the basic 【Magic Power Shield】 and 【Artifact Mastery】 for sorcerers.

“All your spells belong to me now!” Suppressing the joy in his heart, Kyle sat down beside Bru the sorcerer and began to replicate and extract the one Purple and Four Blue Ability Cards one by one.

For Blue Ability Cards, the extraction distance was limited to one meter, and the reading time was half an hour.

For the Purple Ability Card, which Kyle had never extracted before, he now knew that the extraction distance remained the same— just one meter. However, the reading time for card extraction was extended to a full three hours!

However, spending three hours to obtain the extraordinary spells that allowed entry into the Mirror Dimension was something Kyle was more than willing to do.

During these long hours of card extraction, with remarkable willpower, Bru the sorcerer had awakened a few times, only to fall back into unconsciousness from a punch to the back of his head.

By the time Kyle had extracted all five spell cards, Bru the sorcerer’s head looked like it had been through a boxing match, and his forehead was swollen as if he had a large bump on it.

“Oh, almost forgot about the Sling Ring.”

Kyle lightly tapped his forehead, then reached out and removed the strange ring from Bru the sorcerer’s left hand. The ring was dark in color, requiring three fingers to wear, and is five times larger than a regular ring.

This thing was like an initiation switch for magic. It connected people with nature, guiding the latent magic power within the body. Without it, even if someone mastered spells, they couldn’t use them.

“It’s time to go back.” Kyle pondered for a moment, thinking of something. He squatted down and began to strip Bru the sorcerer of his artifact equipment.

Private items couldn’t be extracted, so he had to take them off manually.

【Staff of the Court of Life】, 【Wand】, 【Vaulting Boots of Valtorr】…

For Kyle, these artifacts had extremely minimal effects. Fortunately, they could serve as sacrificial material cards of Blue grade.

Five minutes later.

Bru the sorcerer moaned in pain, sensing a chilling and unfamiliar sensation of recovery in his body. He woke up, propping himself up from his fall on the high building, his gaze dazed. He looked down and saw that his artifacts and even his clothes had been stripped away, leaving only his boxer shorts.

“You’re awake?” Kyle glanced at Bru the sorcerer, who had just happened to extract the final loot, the sorcerer’s robe, and was now contentedly rubbing his chin. “Let me think for a moment about how to deal with you.”

Personally, he leaned towards killing Bru the sorcerer. However, if Ancient One found out, their relationship would inevitably become strained.

“Got it.” Kyle’s lips curled up, his left hand waving, and ten servings of canned food materialized in physical form on the ground. He opened his mouth to speak, “This is for you. Hopefully, Ancient One notices you’re in the Mirror Dimension and comes to get you out before you finish eating all of this.”

“What are you talking about?” Bru the sorcerer climbed up in panic, quickly persuading, “Without me, you can’t leave here at all!”

“Who says so?” Kyle slipped on the Seal Ring on his right hand. Under the bewildered gaze of Bru the sorcerer, he raised both hands, and sparks of fire started to appear, forming a rotating circle in the air in front of him. It opened into a portal leading to the real world.

“How is that possible? You can actually use magic?” Bru the sorcerer was bewildered, doubting his own eyes and beliefs.

“I’m sorry, but I’m also a sorcerer.” Kyle smiled and took a step into the radiant portal.

Bru the sorcerer’s mind was dazed. By the time he reacted, Kyle had already left the Mirror Dimension completely.

(End of this chapter)

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