IMUC-Chapter 129 Unfortunate Encounter

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That night, Kyle rested in the room provided by the Stark Industries building.

The next morning.

Kyle emerged from the building, donning a leather jacket with a built-in hood. He walked along the sidewalk, allowing the early sunlight to bathe his body.

In a symbiotic state, Venom could alleviate the radiation-induced genetic mutation, serving as the only means to extend his life span of less than a year.

Watching a passing family of three with smiles on their faces, Kyle recalled his conversation with Howard from the previous night: “Regarding my condition, don’t tell anyone other than me, including members of the Carl Family.”

“Are you afraid they’ll worry? I think everyone should know. You’re an indispensable pillar for us. If you suddenly leave, everything might collapse.”

“I’ll naturally inform them before I leave Earth for outer space. Saying it now would only add to their troubles and worries.”

“Three months, I’ll keep it a secret for only three months.”

Kyle sighed, feeling extremely uncomfortable. He now felt like an old man making post-life arrangements, concealing his health issues from his family.

He had too much to consider— racing against death to secure time while laying the foundation for his family’s influence.

“Six months, I can stay on Earth for six months at most. After that, I’ll use the Space Stone to go into outer space, seeking Ability Cards beyond the Blue Grade!”

Kyle was determined to follow his plans. While walking on the modern streets, he suddenly looked up and saw that the surrounding urban landscape twisted and changed in a regulated distortion.

The voices and figures of pedestrians quickly faded away. In the blink of an eye, he found himself in an elongated, deserted city.

“Here we go again, the Mirror Dimension?” Kyle raised an annoyed eyebrow as he looked at the surrounding. He looked around and indeed spotted a black man, a sorcerer named Bru, standing not far behind him.

“I am Bru, a sorcerer.”

Bru spoke with a hint of arrogance. He wore a simple black Sorcerer’s uniform, had a peculiar square ring on his hand, and held a delicate magic staff shaped like a small rounded rod.

“Are you Kyle, the person mentioned by the Sorcerer Supreme? I’ve wanted to meet you for a while, but you rarely come to my jurisdiction in the New York district.”

“By the way, you must be curious about how I did this. Unfortunately, for you, a mere mortal, this is truly supernatural magic…” Bru’s voice was proud, but he suddenly saw Kyle’s appearance change into a black combat attire and a cold smile appeared on Kyle’s face, and he flexed his fists, pacing forward.

Bru suddenly had a bad feeling in his heart as he asked. “What do you want?”

“I am so glad that someone is here at this time. Coincidentally, I’m in a very bad mood. I never thought someone would come knocking on my door.” Kyle’s smirk resembled that of a demon. He flexed his muscles slightly, preparing to strike.

With a powerful push-off, he launched himself at Bru like a missile.

“So fast!” Bru’s face changed dramatically. He quickly raised his hands, and as his magic staff spun, dots of golden magic power bloomed into a radiant circular pattern to shield him.

Almost as soon as his defensive shield formed, Kyle’s fist landed on it, bombarding it with blinding flashes of golden light.

“Not bad.” Kyle licked his dry lips, his eyes revealing his desire for battle. His fists transformed into dark blades, and he thrust them forward with intense and furious force, attempting to pierce through the patterned shield.

Just because he temporarily lost his healing ability didn’t mean he had lost his dominance in this era!

Under Bru’s incredulous gaze, the suspended shield started to shatter and collapse as Kyle’s blade-like fists pressed forward. The tips of the blades nearly broke through to his palm.

Shattering the shield with sheer strength and claws? Is this a monster?

Bru didn’t have time to think too much. His hands twirled the circular magic staff, which extended golden threads of magic power that solidified into resilient threads of gold.

“Eldritch Whip!” He uttered a soft command and the magic staff transformed into a long whip-like entity and lashed forward, cutting through the air.

Kyle sidestepped, and the solidified magical threads of the whip struck the pavement, igniting a burst of golden sparks.

“I can do this too.” Kyle mused to himself. He saw Bru, the sorcerer, continue to manipulate the whip, so he retracted his raised claw and instead let Venom mimic his own body, forming a whip-like extension made of black symbiotic threads.

Venom Battlesuit, Whip form!

Kyle flicked his left hand’s whip and accompanied by a howling gust of wind, it entangled with the whip wielded by Bru, the sorcerer.

As Bru was about to exert force and pull, he felt a terrifying strength in the whip that far exceeded his imagination. Just as his magic staff was about to slip from his hand, he hurriedly released the incantation holding the whip.

“Is that all?” Kyle mocked, twitching his left hand’s whip. The whip whistled through the air and struck Bru, the sorcerer.

No matter how much one comprehended natural laws and wielded the extraordinary power known as magic power, the physical body of the Sorcerer was still that of an ordinary human.

Who would dare to directly face a whip from Kyle, whose strength was ten times more powerful than a regular human?

As a result, Bru, the sorcerer, turned around and fled without any sense of dignity.

His boots were Artifacts known as Vaulting Boots of Valtorr. As he bounced, a golden circular rune appeared under his feet. This allowed him to seemingly tread on thin air, leaping into the air as if it were solid ground.

When Kyle looked up, Bru, the sorcerer, had already leaped several meters high into the air.

“Since you’ve come, how could I let you escape?” Kyle smiled and canceled the whip form on his left hand. He accelerated and rushed towards a nearby tall building.

He stepped on the wall and glass windows at a 90-degree angle to the ground, sprinting effortlessly. The distance between him and Bru, the sorcerer, was rapidly closing.

“How can this be happening? He didn’t use magic…” Bru, the sorcerer, who was airborne, was dumbfounded when he saw this scene. He watched as Kyle walked on the sides of tall buildings, ignoring the laws of physics, and realized with a shiver that he was being chased by a man-shaped demon.

“Don’t blame me— but I won’t hold back anymore!” Bru, the sorcerer, gritted his teeth and muttered an incantation before he swung both hands backward.

The Mirror Dimension wasn’t just about isolating someone in a separate dimension. Sorcerers could manipulate its forms using the rules and regulations of that space.

As Kyle ran on the wall, he suddenly felt a spatial shift. The building he was on began to twist and turn, pressing him and the ground together.

In no time, the building’s facade merged with the floor, causing Kyle’s figure to disappear from within.

Bru, the sorcerer, lightly landed on the back of the building. He gazed down at the silent city streets below, muttering to himself, “Did I kill him?”

“You are overthinking!” A chilling voice abruptly resounded from inside the tall building as a humanoid monster covered in black leather-like material burst through the shattered glass and jumped out of the building.

Bru, the sorcerer, was just about to raise his magic staff to cast a spell when a whip-like black tendril extended and tightly coiled around the circular magic staff in his hand.

“You—” Before he could finish his horrified words, Kyle, in his fully covered state, lunged forward. With controlled force, his fist struck.

Bru, the sorcerer, took a heavy blow to the head. His eyes rolled back slightly, and he fell flat to the ground.

“Heh, what a foolish gift that walked right into my hands— a moving card dispenser.”

Kyle shrugged as the hood on his head dissolved into liquid black threads as it slid away from his face. He felt in high spirits as he began to process the humanoid spoils of war that was Bru, the sorcerer.

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