HOM-Chapter 85 Dracula

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Everyone quietly followed the Nightwalkers to their secret residence, It was different from what Lin Rui had expected. Their residence is actually a luxurious villa building, which is not too tall and visible compared with Lin Rui’s underground bunker! 

“How do you bankroll this operation?” Walking on the solid wooden stairs of the villa, Blade asked a question that Lin Rui was also concerned about. Although Lin Rui is satisfied with their own base, the living environment here is obviously much better.

“I date a lot of older men!” Hannibal King, who walks beside Lin Rui, answered. The Nightwalker Team on the road has introduced itself. He’s not really Wade Wilson, but a real Vampire hunter: Hannibal King. Although he and Wade have the same handsome face and the same personality.

Lin Rui, Matt, Jack: “…”

Blade: “…”

Although Hannibal King’s answer should be a joke, with his face and body, he could get very rich by doing that if he wants to.


Soon, Hannibal King took Lin Rui and others with him to the interior of their base and there they met with the rest of their team. It turned out that they were not the only Vampire hunters in charge of the battle, but they also have weapons experts and ultimate solution scientists as their backup technical forces.

Introducing the rest of the Nightwalker team, Abigail picked up an oddly-shaped metal product from the table. In front of Lin Rui’s doubtful eyes, that ordinary metal piece suddenly began to change into something. The original short ends were rapidly extended, forming two curved angles, and the middle was also contracted and concave. Soon, a metal bow without strings appeared in Abigail’s hands.

“…” Lin Rui looked at the metal bow with a little confusion marrying on his face.

Abigail held the metal bow, and Hannibal waited for Blade and Lin Rui to ask about its origin. However, what disappoints them is that neither Blade nor Lin Rui has any intentions to ask them anything, which is very embarrassing.


Apparently unable to stand the silence, Abigail moved her hand slightly with the metal bow in it. Then, a purple beam was instantly emitted from the two corners of the metal bow and finally converged into a bowstring in the middle.


“The light beam in the middle is high-intensity polymerized ultraviolet light, which has a direct killing effect on Vampires.” In order not to continue the cold field, Abigail had to explain.

“Oh! Its really is quite powerful! So these kinds of weapons are required to kill them. It’s no wonder that the Vampire that I fought against before was cut by my sword and bombed by a missile and he shrugged it off.” With the Vampire killing equipment in front of him, Lin Rui finally understood something.

In fact, the last time Lin Rui met Housley on Frankenstein Family’s estate, he belonged to the Vampire elders. Ultraviolet weapons were not so lethal to him unless he was exposed to high-intensity ultraviolet radiation for a long time.

“Aren’t you Vampire hunters? Don’t you even know these kinds of stuff?” Recovering the metal bow, Abigail asked curiously.

“Vampire hunter? Of course, we are not. We only know that there are creatures like Vampires.” After hearing Abigail, Lin Rui shook his head and replied. Of course, he is referring to him and Matt, Jack has known about Vampire before.

“But since we are already involved in this matter, we are certainly going to solve the problem named Vampire. Otherwise, they will bring great danger to the lives of ordinary people.” Lin Rui continued.

“Then we have the same goal. However, since you have decided to eliminate Vampire, you must always know what methods can be used to kill them completely. Abigail nodded when she heard Lin Rui’s words. Their battle with Vampires was at its most critical moment. It would certainly be best for them to have someone as strong as Lin Rui.

“Of course, I think we will learn very quickly.” Glancing at the equipment library of the Nightwalker squad, Lin Rui promised.

“Well, I’ll talk about the common sense of popular science Vampire later. You said in the police station that the most powerful of Vampire was resurrected. What’s that about?” As soon as Lin Rui and Abigail finished, Blade began to ask.

“Ok, we’re going to talk about that.” With a wave, Hannibal King took Blade to another room.

“We received news a few days ago that the Vampire family has awakened Dracula, a Vampire who has been sleeping for thousands of years. He is a very powerful Vampire and the weapon against those that Vampires can’t deal with at all. I think his awakening should be related to the recent great movements of the Vampires. Under the leadership of their Master Vampire, they will begin to occupy the world.” As he walked, Hannibal King shared with Lin Rui the information his team had received.

“Since this Vampire master is so powerful, how can we kill him?” This time it was Jack beside Lin Rui who asked the question.

“Although the general weapons are useless against him but everything has a solution, we have developed a solution that can kill Dracula. And, as long as this solution is injected into Dracula, the dissolved powder will destroy all the Vampire in the world.” Bringing Lin Rui to a room next door, Hannibal King said very proudly.

“So this Dracula is still the lifeblood of the entire Vampire race?!” Lin Rui was amused to hear Hannibal King’s words.

What ancestral Vampire has such a fatal weakness, If you die alone then you will take the entire race with you. Lin Rui did not ask Hannibal King how they knew that Dracula had been resurrected, nor how they could make such a solvent that would destroy the entire Vampire race. Anyway, this thing itself should be set inside, and Lin Rui is too lazy to ask.


“This is the ultimate weapon that can kill Dracula and then destroy the entire Vampire race.” Picking up a small glass bottle with a green solution from the table, Abigail introduced it to them.

“Ok, That is all good and well. But, do you have any plans? About dealing with this Dracula, do you know where he is?” Already knowing the situation of Vampires, Blade then asked. He has no other goals and he is currently thinking about completely destroying Vampire in this world.

“We have been tracking a familiar, they have been doing things for Vampire, and it should lead us to a breakthrough from here.” Putting the ultimate weapon down, Abigail continued.

“What are we waiting for?” Now that there’s a clue and hope to wipe out the vampires, Blade won’t waste any more time.

Turning around, Blade was heading for the former arsenal room. His weapons were gone by the time he was captured, and now he is going to take them from the Nightwalker Team.

“Of course we won’t waste our time. Isn’t that an analysis of the situation for you?” Following Blade back to the arsenal, Hannibal King said lightly.

Ignoring Hannibal King’s whispers, Blade quickly armed himself. The chance to wipe out Vampire is at hand, and he won’t wait another second. Even if that ultimate solution would destroy all Vampire including himself, he would not hesitate to kill Dracula. As a semi-Vampire Blade, he may also be affected by the ultimate solution.

“Well, we also need some equipment. Would you mind recommending it for us?” Seeing Blade skillfully arming himself, Lin Rui, who was hanging aside, suddenly spoke. Now that he knows his weapons can’t deal with Vampire, Lin Rui, of course, wants the Nightwalker Team to give him some help.

“Well, come on. Let me tell you which weapons are suitable for you, and what are you good at using?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Abigail took them to a row of arms racks and asked.

“The three of us are close combat fighters…”

In this way, Lin Rui’s team and Blade’s Nightwalker squad are rapidly arming themselves, and y will be dealing with the strongest Vampire.


They will be able to solve the problem named Vampires forever.


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