HOM-Chapter 84 Rescue

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At a police station in Buffalo, a disarmed Blade sat silently in the interrogation room. As a half-life struggler with Vampire, or a half-human and half-vampire hybrid, Blade’s mission in life is to eradicate Vampires from the world. And this time he was framed by Vampire’s design, Blade paid the price for his mistake as well as his resentment. Of course, he won’t feel guilty about that ghost race.

So, faced with several FBI units surrounding him. Blade, who had a chance to escape, chose to surrender. He didn’t want to fight against the ordinary police and didn’t want them to get involved in his matter. Moreover, Even if he spoke the truth, no one would believe him. But he hasn’t thought of a way out yet, and Blade, who has always liked to fight alone, has no backup. Especially after Whistler, his mentor died in a shootout with the FBI, Blade was really alone.


Just after Blade sat in the interrogation room for most of the day, the closed door was pushed open and a uniformed beauty came in. Needless to say, the uniformed beauty was Vampire disguised as a policeman, who came to solve the big threat named Blade.

“Your plan was good.” Looking at Vampire coming in, Blade said with a flat look.

“Blade, we could only deal with you in this way. You threaten us too much, but you won’t be able to threaten us anymore.” Moving silently to Blade, the woman Vampire leaned over the table and whispered.

“What? Did you not feel threatened until today? The corners of his mouth pulled out a smile and Blade mocked.

After years of fighting against Vampires, Blade, with his great strength and knowledge of Vampires, has put considerable pressure on the entire Vampire community. Especially now the Vampires are facing a huge turning point. They can’t let Blade mess it.

One of them lifted Blade from the chair as the woman Vampire didn’t want to talk any more nonsense. Her sharp teeth came out of her mouth, and the woman Vampire would bite Blade’s neck the next moment.



At this time, the police station gate that had been occupied by Vampire was suddenly blown up, and several figures quickly rushed in. boom! The next second, the interrogation room with Blade and the female Vampire in it was blasted open.


“Ah ~” an arrow shot directly from the outside onto the woman Vampire who was shocked by the explosion and screamed. She turned into a cloud of ash directly in front of Blade’s eyes.

Blade, who was still preparing to fight at the last minute, didn’t seem to think that there would be such a change. He looked outside of the broken interrogation room silently, but he didn’t have many worries in his eyes. Judging from the death of the female Vampire, the one who did it wouldn’t be here to kill him and should be a Vampire Hunter like him, although he does not know any other vampire hunter.

Just as Blade was standing quietly in the corner, a figure appeared instantly beside him, a guy covered in a dark gray suit and mask. The next moment, the gray man’s hand flashed over the chain on the Blade’s hand and foot and they were broken.

Moving his hands and feet, Blade looked quietly at the fellow in front of him. He had never met a Vampire Hunter except him. Just as Blade was ready to ask who the man who had saved him was, several people rushed in from outside, headed by a somewhat handsome man.

“Who are you?” This is the question of the handsome man who rushed in.

“Who are you?” This is Blade.

“Wade?! What are you doing here?!” This is a confused Lin Rui.


There was no perfect room in the nearly destroyed police station. Vampires, who had infiltrated the police station, was completely killed. Innocent police officers have fainted. The protagonists who caused the incident gathered in the interrogation room where the door was blown open. After the initial infatuated silence, everyone began to look at each other. The people in the interrogation room were clearly divided into three forces: Blade was apparently on one side; the unseen man who freed Blade was on the other, and then the heavily armed men who rushed in behind him were on the other.

“Wade? Who is that?”

“You are not together?”

“You are not Wade?”

After looking at each other, Blade, Lin Rui, and the fellow with the strange weapon in his hand asked again at the same time.


“Well, let’s sort it out. First of all, I’m Mirage Knight. I’m here to save Blade. I’ve heard that Vampires has recently made a big move, and Blade is in danger again. So I’m here to save you, and I want to deal with Vampire with you.” Seeing how confused the scene was, Lin Rui quickly waved his hand and said. He had to make it clear why he was here and put aside the guy who looked like Wade. The first sentence is directed at “Wade” and the last one is directed at Blade.

“We are the Nightwalker team, specializing in hunting Vampires. We also came to save Blade. We got the news that Vampire’s ancestor Dracula has been resurrected. We need the strongest Vampire hunter to join us in fighting him.” After listening to Lin Rui, a woman who came with Wade Wilson lookalike explained why they were here.

Originally, they were a Vampire Hunter team that came to rescue Blade. However, they brought bad news with them. Dracula, the most powerful Vampire is resurrected, which was a great threat to the Vampire hunters, and good news for the Vampires. It seems that under the threat of Congress, Blade and some other forces, the Vampires have really been pushed to a certain level.

“Since you are all here to save me, I don’t need to introduce myself even if I want to. Well, I think we can find a place to have a good chat now.” Standing in the middle of Lin Rui and the Vampire Hunter Team, Blade calmly said.

“I think so too.” With a nod, Lin Rui agreed with Blade. After all, this is a police station. Maybe it’ll be surrounded by a lot of guys with weapons in a few minutes.

“Well, we’re not far from here. Let’s go to our place.” “Wade,” the handsome man who led the Vampire hunter, agreed with Blade and suggested that they go to the site of their team for discussion.

“I don’t really care about the location.” Blade said it indifferently. The only mentor he cared about in the world was dead, and his own base was exposed. It was just right to go to the Vampire Hunter Team base.

“I can, too, but I have two companions. Daredevil, Jack, come out.” Lin Rui also agreed with Hannibal’s suggestion, then shouted outside the door.

Then, in front of the amazed eyes of Blade and the Vampire Hunter team, Daredevil and Jack suddenly appeared beside Lin Rui. They’ve been following Lin Rui all the time, but they didn’t show up. It’s hard to find Daredevil, who is good at controlling his own breath when he hides, and Jack, a professional killer, of course, has his own set of concealment techniques.

“Let’s go now.” Noticing the surprise on Blade and “Wade” faces, Lin Rui reminded them faintly.

“Ohh, let’s go!” Suppressing his doubts, “Wade” led his team out the police station.

Then, the group of people who had made a big scene in the police station went out of the police station, leaving ash and the policemen who were innocently stunned on the ground.


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