HOM-Chapter 80 Needle… Broken

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Hu~ Lin Rui, who has already donned the Phantom Suit, quickly walks up to Peter and faces the big lizard in front of him.

“You came just at the right time!” Peter said glancing at Mirage Knight.

“Well, Did you use the antidote?” Lin Rui nodded and saw the antidote hidden behind Peter and asked in a low voice.

“This big lizard is too powerful and I can’t control him even for a second to inject the antidote,” Peter explained his dilemma while he quietly handed the antidote to Lin Rui from behind.

“Ok, two-on-one, we can do it!” After patting Peter on the shoulder, Lin Rui rushed out.

Dr. Connors had pulled out his flying knife from his back and threw them on the ground. Then, the wounds on his body started to recover at a speed visible to the naked eye. Then the bizarre lizard, who had been transformed by mutation, looked at the man who suddenly appears in front of him. He should have recognized that Lin Rui was the one who attacked him in the underground passage yesterday.

Tear them! Tear apart everyone in front of you!” Just as Peter and Lin Rui were discussing quickly, the voice in Dr. Connors’s mind reappeared.

“Howl!” With a loud roar, Dr. Connors rushed towards Lin Rui.


In the next moment, two figures, one big and one small, have already collided together in this teaching laboratory. A loud noise came out in an instant. It was like a small explosion had occurred in the laboratory. The violent shock wave swept away the desks and bottles around the laboratory directly. The broken glass and destroyed desks were scattered on the ground.

The giant lizard claws and the seemingly tiny human fists were tied together, and Lin Rui did not retreat at all! In terms of power contest, Lin Rui completely blocked Dr. Connors’ mutant power with the power of internal energy.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Unlike Spiderman, who fights the lizard with his flexibility, Lin Rui uses solid power. Luin Rui, who had lost his Flowing Flame Blade, had not yet figured out what weapon he would use next, so he fought directly with his own fists and feet, which were very powerful because of the internal energy flowing in them and strengthening them.

Dr. Connors’s lizard claws were waving fast and each blow smashed a desk. But it didn’t work so well for Lin Rui. Every time a huge claw was about to hit Lin Rui, Spiderman would shoot his spider silk in time to block Dr. Connors. Although spider silk can only stop the lizard for a while, it’s enough for Lin Rui to counterattack.

Bang bang!

While Peter pulled Dr. Connors’ claws with his spider silk, Lin Rui punched the lizard on the chest several times in succession and the lizard kept retreating. But Dr. Connors’s mutant body has weird scales and a strong muscular defense, combined that with his super regeneration ability, He soon recovered from the damage that Lin Rui had done to him.

“Huh! How on earth did Marvel World’s technology tree come into being?!” Lin Rui had to sigh at the lizard, who had been punched so many times by him and still look as if he had not taken any damage at all.

Ordinary people in Marvel World live exactly like Lin Rui’s original world, but when it comes to these protagonists or villains, all kinds of weird high-tech products come out. It may have been a hundred years since the top technology surpasses the world’s universal standards, especially when there are so many unreasonable things. Of course, this is originally a world where all kinds of demons and monsters have their own secrets. If the tree of science and technology is crooked, it can be tolerated.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

No matter how fast the lizard regeneration is, Spiderman and Lin Rui will not give up. Peter kept firing cobwebs to restrict Dr. Connors’ movements, and Lin Rui hit him with one punch after another. After seeing Dr. Connors’ defense and regeneration powers, Lin Rui’s every punch is stronger than his last, and the internal energy is becoming more violent.


Eventually, the lizard, whose claws were tied up by Peter, was hit directly on the head by Lin Rui and flew out in an instant.


The huge body fell to the ground and Dr. Connors was injured in many places. This is the first time that he had been beaten and his mind was somewhat muddled.

“Spiderman! Do it now!”  Lin Rui shouted when he saw the lizard fall on the ground and did not get up again.

Peter, who had been looking for opportunities, rushed toward Dr. Connors fallen form in an instant and shot countless cobwebs on him. In the face of Lin Rui and Spiderman’s combined attack, Dr. Connors, who fought entirely by instinct, was no longer as fierce as he was at the beginning.

Puff puff!

The next moment, the big lizard lying on the ground was bundled with cobwebs one after another. Even if he wanted to struggle out, it would take some time and that time should be enough for Peter to give him the antidote.

“Dr. Connors, I hope you can recognize your mistakes!” Squatting directly on the bundled lizard, Peter has taken out the antidote again.

In the next second, Peter had put the antidote on Dr. Connors skin.



There was a crisp noise. It seemed that something had broken.

“Er!…” Feeling that the syringe needle on the antidote in his hand had broken, Peter looked at it with a frown on his face.

“What’s wrong? Spiderman!” Seeing Peter suddenly pick up his hand and the antidote is still in the small bottle, Lin Rui asked doubtfully.

“The needle is broken. His scales are too thick to inject the antidote!” Faced with Lin Rui’s doubts, Peter answered. Although the syringe in Peter’s hand is not the kind that requires long needles to be inserted into the body but it does need to break the epidermis before injecting the serum in the body. If the needle is broken, the serum in it will not come out.

Lin Rui: “…”

Lin Rui did not expect such a situation. In the original plot, it seems that the antidote was finally blown into a misty shape. Is it not possible to rely on injection?

Karst! Karst!

While Peter and Lin Rui were somewhat distracted by the accident, Dr. Connors, who had been tied to the ground, had begun to struggle violently and had grown a little bigger again. The cobweb trapping him in quickly disintegrated and Spiderman was overturned by him.


“Howl!” With a roar, the cobwebs trapping the lizard were all stretched out in an instant, and Dr. Connors was free.

“What The Fuck! Is he upgrading?!” Lin Rui and Peter stared when they saw the large lizard getting enlarged again.

Bang! Bang!

A black shadow flashed, and Lin Rui and Peter were pulled and thrown out by Dr. Connors’ huge tail.

Then, instead of chasing after Lin Rui and Peter, the lizard quickly ran away in the opposite direction. Dr. Connors apparently knew Peter and Lin Rui’s intentions, and he could not risk being injected with the antidote. Moreover, his mutation time is almost over.

“He’s running away!” Peter and Lin Rui rushed back and saw Dr. Connors fleeing. They both shouted at the same time.

“We can’t let him hide again!”

The next second Peter and Lin Rui rushed out after the giant lizard in front of them.


Completely ignoring the obstacles in front of him, the big lizard is running straight across the school and fleeing quickly like a tank. Behind him, Spiderman and Mirage Knight are chasing after him.

Finally, Dr. Connors rushed towards the toilet from where he had appeared before and disappeared from the school.

Less than three seconds after Dr. Connors rushed into the toilet, Lin Rui and Peter had chased in.

“It seems that he has entered the underground passage again. We can’t let him hide anymore!”

“I think so too!”

Hoo! Hoo!

Seeing the big pit in the toilet leading to the underground drainage system, Lin Rui and Peter looked at each other and jumped in one after another.

After Lin Rui and Peter chased Dr. Connors and disappeared into the underground pit, the police who received the alarm surrounded the school, sending people into the school to check and appease the frightened students.


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