HOM-Chapter 79 Lin Rui’s plan

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Peter rested at the secret base for the whole night and he almost recovered from his injuries. With Lin Rui’s Beginner Treatment spray and Peter’s own strong physique and recovery ability, He recovered in less than half a day.

“Spiderman, you said you knew that lizard, and what gene serum mutated it, didn’t you?” Sitting on the sofa, Lin Rui asked Peter. Although Lin Rui has his plans, he can only lead Peter step by step without revealing his identity and knowledge.

“Well, I should be familiar with Dr. Connors. His gene serum was completed with my help, but I didn’t know what will happen in the end. There must be something wrong with the experiment! ” Nodding, Peter answered earnestly. The perfect gene serum should help sick people in recovering their health, not turn them into monsters.

“So, is there any way to eliminate the effect of this gene serum? Since he got mutated by injecting this serum, is there anything like a vaccine that can eliminate this mutation?” Lin Rui, who knows the plot well, began to lead Peter step by step, he wanted to turn Dr. Connor back before he causes a big problem.

“You mean like an antidote?! The antidote to gene serum!” Peter’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard Lin Rui’s question.

“Yes, Antidote. Is there such a thing?” Seeing that Peter is on the right road, Lin Rui then asked. Although he did not know exactly how the antidote came out, it existed in the original plot, which was also a necessary condition for the success of Lin Rui’s plan.

“Antidote! Gene serum neutralizer! Of course! ” Sure enough, Peter nodded sharply and answered. If Dr. Connors was injected with the antidote, the lizard would naturally disappear and the threat would disappear.

“Can you get the antidote now?” Now that the situation regarding the antidote has been identified, Lin Rui wants to get it as soon as possible.

“There is no ready-made, I would need Oscorp equipment to make it!” Peter has jumped up from the sofa. He needs to make an antidote as quickly as possible.

Mirage Knight, I’m going to Oscorp right now. I have a friend over there. I can make the antidotes tonight. If Dr. Connors went to school to find me tomorrow, we would be able to deal with him!” Peter was apparently very excited after finding a way to deal with Dr. Connors.

“Well, go quickly! Tomorrow I’ll go to your school and watch it. I won’t give that lizard a second chance to hurt other people.” Nodding to Peter, Lin Rui assured him. Anyway, he’s going to school tomorrow too. It would be good if Dr. Connors doesn’t come, but if he does come then he will beat him up.

“OK! Then I’ll go first!” With a promise, Peter has rushed out of the secret base. It’s very late now. He hopes that Harry hasn’t slept yet. He’ll wake him up even if he’s asleep.

“I hope everything goes well tomorrow…” Lin Rui whispered as he watched Peter leave. This is the biggest time he had ever intervened in Marvel World’s original plot, and he didn’t know what the consequences would be.


The next day, Peter with the antidote came to school early. Last night Peter woke Harry up and asked him to give him permission to go into Oscorp’s biological laboratory to produce several antidotes.

Speaking of Harry, after a series of actions taken by the company during this period, he is now in control of the real power within the company, even without Norman Osborn, Harry can hold himself up in the company. Harry did not even ask Peter the reason for his request. He was willing to help his friends anyway.

“Hey! Mirage Knight, where are you?” Looking at the bustling classmates in the school, Peter asked Lin Rui over the phone. Peter wanted to evacuate the school, but he could not come up with any reason to do so.

“Don’t worry. I’m already in school. I’ll help you if that big lizard appears.” On the other end of the phone, Lin Rui’s reply came very quickly. In fact, he was standing just in front of Peter and waving to him. Of course, he was not in his Phantom Suit and he is still the average student, Jackson.

“Okay, I’ve got the antidote. I can’t let Dr. Connors run today.”

“Don’t worry, he won’t be able to run.”

“Well, I’ll go to class first. My friend is waiting for me.” Peter was relieved to hear from Mirage Knight. With antidotes in hand and a strong teammate like Mirage Knight, Dr. Connors would not pose any danger if he did show up.

“Ok.” Seeing Peter approaching him, Lin Rui hung up quickly.

“Hey! Jackson, who were you talking to on the phone just now?” Peter walks up to Lin Rui and greets him.

“Spiderman!” Raising the phone, Lin Rui answered with a smile.

“Ha! If you were on the phone with Spiderman, I was talking to Mirage Knight just now! ” Hearing Lin Rui’s answer, Peter said incredulously.

“Hey hey! Believe me! I’m a good friend of Spiderman!” Seeing Peter’s reaction, Lin Rui went on telling the truth.

“Er! ~ Jackson, when did you became interested in these Vigilantes?” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Peter asked with an odd look.

Although Peter thought Lin Rui must be joking, What he said is true. Spiderman is himself, and he and Lin Rui are good friends. Aren’t Spiderman and Lin Rui good friends? That’s True.

“Well, after all, I’m a journalist now, and these Vigilantes are always the focus of attention. Let me tell you, our editor-in-chief also said that whoever can take a picture of Mirage Knight or Spiderman will get a big bonus. I was just discussing with Spiderman to see if he could take some pictures for me.” At Peter’s inquiry, Lin Rui’s told him with a straight face.

“And I’m still a member of Mirage Knight fan base, aren’t you?” Finally, Lin Rui added another sentence.

“Right, maybe Spiderman also needs a fan website of his own.” At Lin Rui’s reminder, Peter suddenly found out that he also had fans, so a fans website is very necessary.

“Well, Spiderman has a lot of fans right now.” With a nod, Lin Rui agreed with Peter. Of course, he was already laughing in his heart. Wouldn’t it be funny if Peter started to create his own fan website?

So Peter and Lin Rui chatted and went to class. However, Both of them were secretly watching the situation in the school. Once Dr. Connors appears, they will be ready.


Soon, the first class was over and Dr. Connors did not show up. Peter’s tense nerves relaxed slightly. In order to pay attention to Dr. Connors, Peter didn’t hear what the teacher was saying during the whole class just now. Compared with Peter’s mental fatigue, it’s much easier for Lin Rui, who has upgraded Insight Technique.

“Jackson, what’s your next lesson?” As Lin Rui and Peter walked down the school corridor toward the next class, Peter asked more questions. In fact, Peter was thinking about how to make his friend safer in school.

“History.” Answering Peter’s question, Lin Rui knew Peter was worried about his safety.

“That, Jackson, wait till…” Looking at his friend, Peter didn’t know what to say to him. Say that there will be a big lizard in school today and he should leave quickly? He feared that Lin Rui, like Police Captain George, would think that he’s gone nuts.




“Ah! Help!”

While Peter and Lin Rui were still talking in the corridor, there was a sudden scream from the toilet at the end of the corridor. When they heard the scream, Peter and Lin Rui both had a glimmer in their eyes and they had sensed Dr. Connors.


The next moment, the door of the toilet at the end of the corridor was directly blown open by something. Then a huge lizard monster rushed out.


“Help! Ah!!~”

Suddenly the big lizard appeared in the school and frightened all the students around. Everyone screamed and rushed outside. Behind the flurried fleeing students, the lizard saw Peter at the other end of the corridor at a glance and rushed directly to him the next moment.

“Peter Parker!”

“Jackson! Get out of school! Go!” Seeing that Dr. Connors was coming towards him, Peter shouted to Lin Rui, who was still around. Now there are too many students here. He can’t fight Dr. Connors here. He has to lead him someplace else.

“Peter, what about you?” Lin Rui showed a little fear and shouted at Peter.

“It’s coming for me, I’ll take it away! You go! Don’t worry, I will be all right!” Peter had no time to explain to Lin Rui and pushed him away and run in the opposite direction.

“Peter Parker!” Sure enough, Dr. Connors did not care about anyone else at all. He ran after Peter.


The giant lizard turned a corner in front of Lin Rui’s eyes and left. Lin Rui quickly rushed behind him. He couldn’t let Spiderman wait!

Bang! Bang! In a school laboratory, Peter is avoiding the big lizard’s pursuit.

“Peter! I can save these lost souls! You shouldn’t stop me!” Dr. Connors has completely lost himself and he raised his claw and smashed Peter into the wall.


However, only one shoe responded to Dr. Connors.

The next moment, Peter, who had changed into a spider suit, rushed out of the big hole he had been smashed into.


With several cobwebs shooting out in succession, Peter wanted to tie up Dr. Connors, who was already mad. However, the powerful lizard just tore the cobwebs that clung to him.

“Doctor! You’re confused!” While the lizard was cleaning the cobweb off of his body, Peter jumped on its back. With an antidote in his hand, Peter shouted loudly and he tried to inject it into Dr. Connors the next moment.

“Oh! ~~” But just as Peter was about to insert the antidote into Dr. Connors’back, a claw had grabbed him and thrown him out in an instant.


Flying in mid-air, Peter quickly shot out two spider threads and pulled himself.

“Damn it! There’s no way to give him the antidote!” Unless Dr. Connors is tied up, the antidote is really not good enough for him to be injected.

Boom! Boom!

It was not known to Dr. Connors that there was an antidote in Peter’s hand, He rushed angrily at him again, since Spiderman was going to stand in his way, he had to tear him apart.

Just then, a few black rays flashed behind Peter, and instantly they hit Dr. Connors’ giant lizard form.

“Spiderman, I am here!”

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