HOM-Chapter 73 Trump Card

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Puff! Puff puff!

Da da da!

“One, two, three… Eleven, twelve… Humm!? That’s It!” Spiderman, who was guarding the covert exit of the villa, wandered around quickly to defeat the guys who ran out of it and counted the numbers carelessly until no one else ran out of the exit.

After glancing at the guy who was knocked over by himself and was unconscious, Peter disappeared from the exit in the next moment. Guarding the exit without letting anyone go, his mission has been completed. It would be impractical for Peter to stay here anymore.

A few minutes ago, On the first-floor lobby of the luxury villa. Sensing someone walking up the stairs, Matt silently lowered the wine glass in his hand.

“Excuse me, Jessie, I need to go to the bathroom.” Smiling at the beautiful woman in front of him, Matt turned and left the hall.

“Hey! I’ll wait for you here!” The beautiful woman named Jesse was apparently fascinated by Matt and shouted at his departure. But she was obviously disappointed.

Shortly after Matt left the hall, the two security guards who had fallen into the corner of the stairs were found, and the situation was quickly reported to Ross.

“Not good! This is a planned operation! Go and inform my father!” Hearing his men’s words, Ross suddenly shouted at his bodyguard to inform his father.


Da da da!

However, just as Ross had just reacted, there was a loud noise from the upstairs, followed by a violent gunshots sound. It seems that a fierce exchange of bullets is taking place up there.

“Quick! Quick! Call everyone back!” Ross shouted nervously at the sound of gunfire upstairs. There are people who dare to attack the Frankenstein Family, which is beyond everyone’s expectation.

However, the newly settled guests were shocked by the gunfire upstairs and rushed out of the gate with loud shouts, which obstructed Ross and his bodyguards. These newly stabilized guests didn’t want to stay anymore, They originally thought it was only a simple fun party and they did not expect it to evolve into a gang fight! They will die if they stay here.

“Make way!” Although the bodyguards were not pushed, They and Ross were stopped in the center of the hall.

The situation was out of control. Ross pulled out his gun directly from his waist and fired three shots in the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“If you don’t want to die then get out of my way!” Seeing that scene, all the bodyguards around him took out their guns and fired in the air and opened the way, Ross brutally squeezed a path through the chaotic hall.

Under the threat of various guns, the chaotic crowd became silent and quickly made a way for Ross. However, just then, several dark shadows suddenly shot out from the corner of the hall, targeting the expensive chandelier above the hall.

Puff puff!

In the next second, the luxury chandelier that illuminated the whole hall was broken directly and turned into countless broken colored glass. And the bright hall also enveloped in darkness, although it was not complete darkness but it is enough so that people wouldn’t be able to see clearly.

“What’s the matter?!” Ross had been guarded in the middle by his bodyguards when the dark shadows came out from the corner and now darkness covered his eyes and Ross’s bad feelings were getting worse and worse.


As soon as Ross’s voice fell, a figure came rushing from the darkness, instantly knocking down a bodyguard beside Ross.

“Be careful! Protect the young master!” The attack from the darkness made the bodyguards who protected Ross nervous, and they tightened closer to each other.


More than a dozen loaded guns were pointed out ignoring the frenzied guests who began to flee again. Now, as long as someone dares to rush to their side, shooting is their only choice. However, in the dark, they did not realize that their original team now has one more member to it.

“Er!…” Ross, who was heavily protected in the middle covered his throat, which was constantly bleeding, but he could not speak anymore.


Ross, who was directly killed by Daredevil, fell to the ground and his bodyguards discovered that their master had died. However, they have no time to counterattack, and Daredevil’s next attack has already come to them.

Puff puff!


“This side!”

Da da da! !!

The master under their protection is dead and there is a demon-like guy who is constantly harvesting the life of their teammates. The well-trained bodyguards of the Frankenstein Family have also fallen into madness and the guns in their hands are constantly fired bullets. Fortunately, the guests in the hall have already run out by this time, otherwise, this action would have created some unnecessary casualties, although Matt is not particularly concerned about the casualties of those who were here.

Under the cover of darkness, Daredevil is like a grim reaper, shuttling through the random bullets and quickly killing one after another Frankenstein Family fighters.

Bang! Bang!

Da da da!

Gradually, the gunfire slowed down and the shouts in the darkness disappeared. Within two minutes, Daredevil had killed or disabled dozens of people in the hall alone. As for another Frankenstein Family’s son, he seems to have slipped away from the secret passage in chaos. But there’s Spiderman out there, so Paul wouldn’t be able to run.



There was no one standing around Matt. After defeating these people, Matt looked up at the corner of the hall. There, Spiderman is hanging on the wall.


“Man! That’s terrific!” As the spider silk fell in front of Matt, Peter said excitedly.

“You know you were supposed to safeguard the exit. Are you sure nobody’s escaping from there?” Ignoring Peter’s remark, Matt shook his head and asked.

“Don’t worry, I didn’t let anyone go” Peter put his fist on his chest to ensure that he had completely sealed the exit there with powerful spider silk.

“Ok then, let’s go up and support Mirage Knight.  The gunfire upstairs has stopped for a while. I don’t know what’s going on now?” There has been no news from Lin Rui, and Matt is worried about the situation.

“OK! I also wanted to meet the Berserk Squad you mentioned before! ” Peter nodded excitedly and had taken the lead in rushing upstairs.


Daredevil was also behind him and he was not left behind by Spiderman as his strength increased.


Bang bang!


The dark figure and the fiery red figure collided with each other again in the shattered secret room, and the violent storm swept the whole room again.


The Flowing Flame Blade, which is covered with a red fire splitted towards Ray and there is a constant explosion of the blade and fist. Lin Rui, who strives for strength and practices Advanced cultivation technique has no idea how much his highest strength can achieve. As for Ray, his power is infinite before his energy is exhausted.

His whole body is surging with turbulent internal energy and Lin Rui’s momentum is rising. Holding on to the Flowing Flame Blade, Lin Rui is slowly pressing forward. After blocking the bursting energy on Ray’s fist, he was not so unstoppable anymore to Lin Rui.

“Hum!” Ray’s fist was suppressed a little, he snorted and the energy in his body burst out again.


The energy that was instantly enhanced on Ray’s fist did not surprise Lin Rui because he had already figured out Ray’s fighting methods. Therefore, when the power rushed out, Lin Rui’s momentum increased again and the internal energy on the Flowing Flame Blade became even more turbulent.


However, just as Lin Rui and Ray once again increased their power, a slight noise came from Lin Rui’s Flowing Flame Blade. Then, in front of Lin Rui’s surprised eyes, the location where the Flowing Flame Blade touched Ray’s fist, a subtle crack appeared and it quickly spread towards the blade.

“No! Can’t the Flowing Flame Blade hold up?!” Lin Rui felt helpless when he felt that his internal energy on the Flowing Flame Blade had begun to become unstable.


The light on the Flowing Flame Blade against Ray’s fist suddenly faded a little and the downward momentum was pushed up.


As the radiance of the blade weakened, the crack spread more quickly, and soon it was already spread over half of the blade.

“Haha! Looks like your weird blade can’t stand my powers! Without this blade, how can you fight with me?!” Ray apparently observed the change and laughed as he strengthens the power on his fist.




This time, the cracked Flowing Flame Blade could no longer block the sudden burst of energy. After a crisp noise, the whole body of the blade crumbled directly under Ray’s fist and turned into numerous pieces of debris, flying at high-speed and shooting around the room.

Puff Puff!

The high-speed broken blade pierced the walls of the room in an instant, showing the end of its life.

“Haha! You can die now!” The weapon that hindered Ray has finally collapsed. He slammed his fist directly into Lin Rui, who had no defense.

Lin Rui is still holding the last remaining handle of the Flowing Flame Blade in his hand, and his heart is full of feelings of sadness. Although Lin Rui has long known that the Flowing Flame Blade has failed to keep up with his increased strength, it is sad to see it destroyed.


There was a loud noise and Lin Rui, who had just fought with Ray, was bombarded with a blow! He turned over quickly in mid-air and landed somewhat awkwardly on the floor.

Without giving Lin Rui time to breathe, Ray pushed the ground under his feet and rushed towards him like a human shell.

“Spiderman!” Instead of dodging, Lin Rui, half-squatting on the ground, suddenly cried out.

As soon as Lin Rui’s voice fell, several spider threads were coming from the side and heading straight for Ray’s face.


However, Peter’s tried-and-tested cobweb had no effect on Ray. Synthetic spider silk is indeed hard, but it also has its own weakness and that is fire. Ray’s energy is more explosive than fire. So Peter’s spider silk had little effect on Ray.

But at the same time as those spider threads were directed at Ray, another spider threads were directed at Lin Rui, pulling him up from the corner. And Lin Rui needs this kind of help because he’s stuck.


When Ray ignored the spider silk and continued to rush forward, Lin Rui had flown to the top of his head with Peter’s help. When Ray looked up, he could only see a black hole in Lin Rui’s hand.


A soft sound that was almost inaudible and a white light flashed from the muzzle and in the next moment, it disappeared. Ray who was below Lin Rui stopped and in that moment the look in his eyes began to fade and the tremendous energy surging from his body began to emit unsteadily.

“Avoid it! He’s going to blow up!” With a low shout, Lin Rui gestured to Spiderman to take him away!

The next moment Peter pulled Lin Rui away, Ray, standing in place, swelled up violently and exploded instantaneously.



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