HOM-Chapter 72 Level 4 Mutant

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“Jack, Didn’t you say that the important members of the Frankenstein Family would be here?” Lin Rui, who came to the secret room all the way through the long corridor, glanced around and asked Jack next to him. There was only a bodyguard-like fellow in front of them, and there was no important person at all.

“This room must have a secret room, we will find it.” Although somewhat surprised, Jack quickly figured out the situation.

“Then don’t waste time! Hey! Buddy! Did your masters leave you here as cannon fodder?”  Hearing Jack’s words, Lin Rui had moved inside the room with his blade and asked the man in black who was standing in front of him.

“Humph! I alone am enough!” In the face of Lin Rui’s provocation, Ray snorted coldly and rushed towards Lin Rui in the next moment.

“So eager to die!” Lin Rui, who has killed many on the way was already alert and he was feeling tired of all the killing, but he will not be merciful to the guy in front of him. He has already slashed his sword towards him.

As for Jack, when Lin Rui and the man in black started, he had gone around and rushed into the room. He wanted to find the secret passage that might exist in it. However, just before Jack entered the room and started looking for it, a dark shadow had crashed behind him.


Sensing the movement behind him, Jack jumped away from the shadow. The black shadow that flew over a wooden frame was actually a person.

“Hey! Mirage Knight, can you be careful here?” Instead of looking at the figure that had been smashed into the corner, Jack continued to walk forward and shouted. Jack takes it for granted that the figure who was smashed was the man in black just now. He should have been kicked by Lin Rui.


“Hey!~ This is not something I can control!” But just as Jack took a step, Lin Rui’s voice came from that corner. It turned out that the man who had just flown in was not the man in black who looked like an ordinary bodyguard, but Lin Rui, He did not know what had happened behind him just now.

“What?!” Seeing Lin Rui climbing out of the corner, Jack was stunned as he quickly turned around.


Just as Jack turned around, a fiery red fist instantly magnified in front of him, and the punch hit on the cross-knife in front of his chest.



A burst of metal cracking followed by a burst of an explosion. Jack’s two knives were shattered directly under this punch! The knife broke and the fist was still pounding fiercely. Jack had to raise his arms to block it.


“Avoid it! You can’t block it!” Just as the fiery red fist was about to hit Jack’s arms, Lin Rui suddenly rushed over from one side and kicked him on the shoulder with a shout.

Jack had rolled out with a bone crackling sound. And the man in black fist was still not stopped. Lin Rui kicked Jack out at the last minute and didn’t let him block the fist with his arms. Because Lin Rui knows that with Jack’s strength, he can’t resist the attack at all. Ask him how he knows. Think about how he flew out just now.


Jack’s arms hung weakly on his side as he tumbled to the ground in midair. Although he had just touched a little bit, the power of Ray’s fist had already hit Jack’s arms and directly cracked the bones of his arms. Jack might have suffered more than that if his mutant abilities hadn’t been muscular reinforcement.

Feeling the severity of his arm injury, Jack stood still and did not move, just staring closely at the guy who almost killed him with one blow. As for Lin Rui, he was also nervous and stopped in front of the man in black and the Flowing Flame Blade in his hand had burst out with a red flame.

“You’re not dead, Berserk Squad’s main assassin. What’s your name? Viper, right? But today your two poisonous teeth will be knocked out by me.” Neither Jack nor Lin Rui moved, but the man standing in the middle of the room suddenly spoke, looking at Jack in the corner and saying faintly.

Jack’s eyes turned cold when he heard the black man’s words. Frankenstein Family members did not know much about Berserk Squad’s real identity, and even fewer people knew their codes and weapons that way.

“Who are you?!” Controlling the internal energy in his body to quickly repair his injured arm, Jack asked coldly.

“Who am I?” That’s funny! How do you think Berserk Squad’s name came from?” Hearing Jack’s words, the man in black suddenly laughed and then asked back.

“Berserk Squad’s name?… Are you the Level Four Mutant?! It’s no wonder that I never heard of another group of Berserk Squad. There’s no other Berserk Squad at all. You are the only one!”

From the black man’s question, Jack finally understood what he meant. There are no two teams at all. Jack’s Berserk Squad is named after this Level Four Mutant ability. He’s Frankenstein Family’s last and most powerful force.

“You’re not too dumb. I always said that the Berserk Squad is full of bad guys. It seems that you were hiding them.” Seeing Jack guessed his identity instantly, Ray nodded and said lightly.

He does have the strength to back up his words. As a Level 4 Mutant, no matter what level his abilities are in Level 4, he can at least crush Level 3 Mutants and other people with his special abilities.

“Although somewhat unexpected, it is still acceptable. After all, at first we were going to deal with a whole Berserk Squad. Mirage Knight, he is all yours!” Jack shook his head gently and his face showed no more surprise as he shouted and began to retreat. Speaking of it, the situation is better than they had expected. Although there is a real Level 4 Mutant here, since Lin Rui said that he would deal with him, then he must have a way.

“Of course! I already said to leave him to me!” In a loud reply, Lin Rui lifted his Flowing Flame Blade and split it in an instant.


The next moment, three fiery red knives appear directly in front of Ray as if they had crossed the space. Jack and Ray have been talking on for so long that Lin Rui can fully mobilize the internal energy in his body. The energy in his knife has already become overwhelmed.

“Humm?!” Ray’s eyebrows frowned as he felt a powerful force coming towards him. In the short battle just now, He didn’t found this Mirage Knight to be this strong. Nevertheless, he can’t do anything about it now.



His eyes flashed red as he sent out three punches in a row! Three burst fists! Every punch hits directly in the middle of Lin Rui’s knife. Even Lin Rui himself dares not do so. Ray, however, is totally unafraid of his Mutants abilities.



There was almost no time lag. A violent explosion occurred in this sturdy secret room in an instant. The shock wave carrying the heatwave had shattered everything in the room in the next second.


The aftermath of the explosion continues and Lin Rui has come close to Ray, whose sight is blocked by the heat and shock waves. In the secret room, several dark devices have been shot at Ray quickly. They are mutant gene suppressor! Regardless of Ray’s level-4 Mutant ability, if he was hit by the mutant gene suppressor, he would only become an ordinary person.


Puff puff!

However, Lin Rui’s calculations were but the result is not as good as he expected. The mutant gene suppressor disguised as darkeners exploded at the very moment Ray met them and the potion in them evaporated in the air before they had worked.

Ray’s mutant ability is energy explosion, He can store huge bursts of energy in his body and release it in various ways in battle. This mutant ability is very effective in combat, especially in the case of controllable situations.

At this point, Ray has already spread the burst energy all over his body, no matter what attack he receives, it will be directly blown back by the burst energy on his body. Like a bomb that has already started to explode, any attack will only be swallowed up by the explosion, but Ray is a controllable bomb.


“This is going to be difficult!” Seeing that the genetic suppressors were not effective, Lin Rui cursed. He has no experience in dealing with this kind of explosive ability.


No matter how tangled Lin Rui’s is, Ray, located at the center of the explosion, has stepped out. Ray, who is trying his best to use his abilities, is fearless. He’s going to tear the fellow in front of him to pieces!

“No matter! I don’t believe that this guy’s ability can really be used without limit!” Since the original plan was useless, Lin Rui had to adapt to the situation.

Even the top-level Mutants like Professor Charles or Magneto can’t use their abilities constantly without any limit. Lin Rui doesn’t really believe that this guy will be able to use his explode ability all the time. His Internal Energy will win in the end.

The Flowing Flame Blade in his hand was directly waved and several arcs of energy shot out, Lin Rui’s internal energy was surging out. The quality and quantity of the internal energy stored in Lin Rui’s body have changed from before because of the practice of the Advanced Internal Energy Technique. For Lin Rui today, the Flowing Flame Blade seems to have lost some of its strength.


With a snap, Lin Rui’s Flowing Flame Blade cut directly on Ray’s shoulder. Nevertheless, Flowing Flame Blade, which has always been so sharp and oppressive, can’t break Ray’s skin for even a millimeter.

Lin Rui’s hand trembled as he held the blade because the blade was cutting Ray’s body at a time when a small, uninterrupted and continuous explosion was taking place so that all the internal energy on Lin Rui’s blade was shaken away.

However, although Lin Rui can’t hurt Ray, Ray can’t bring much life threat to Lin Rui either. After all, Lin Rui is much more flexible than he is and it’s not easy to hurt him. While Lin Rui and Ray were fighting each other, Jack had found the location of the back secret entrance. Without looking at the battle behind him, Jack opened the secret passage and chased in.



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