HOM-Chapter 51 Helping

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“Hey! Mirage Knight! Can you give me your autograph?!” As Lin Rui safely placed the driver on the ground, the motorcycle driver shouted excitedly while pointing at his helmet. Unexpectedly, the man Lin Rui rescued was his fans and he wanted to get an autograph of Lin Rui on the chaotic road.

“Hey! ~ buddy, I know that you are my fan, but now is not the time!” With several black lines hanging over his head, Lin Rui quickly rejected the enthusiastic fans’request.


Just as Lin Rui was talking to his fan, a coquettish red figure flew over his head and crashed into a parked bus in the back and this was the result of Obadiah large Iron man armor blowing away Tony.



“You’d better get out of here, that big fellow is not so easy to deal with!” Glancing at Obadiah, Lin Rui pushed the Motorcycle driver and quickly left towards the central battlefield of the road.

“Hey! Where am I going to find you? When will we get off and meet? Being dragged out of the middle of the road by Lin Rui, The driver asked aloud.

Lin Rui: “…”


“…No one can stop me, especially you!” Arriving in front of the bus, Obadiah’s Iron Man Armor popped up behind him and quickly aimed at the car in front of him.

“Not good!” Lin Rui, who had been hiding aside, saw a middle-aged uncle hiding on the roadside beside the bus. His location was sure to be affected by the explosion.

“Mirage Knight! Be careful!” Without too much thought, Lin Rui rushed out, leaving behind the driver crying out in fear.

Almost as Lin Rui rushed out, Obadiah’s missile had been launched and hit the bus in front of him the next moment.



The bus that had already been ruined exploded into pieces, and Tony, who had just been thrown in, was also bombed into the air. However, because of Iron Man Armor’s own injection system, Tony was not hit by an explosion shock wave but suspended in front of Obadiah.

“It seems that you improved your armor, but I have also made some improvements!”  Through Iron Man Armor’s thick mask, Obadiah stared at Tony who was suspended in front of him and shouted.



Then Obadiah’s giant Iron Man Armor began to change rapidly under his feet, and it also started to shoot hot flames, which soon propelled him to flight.


“Sir, it seems that he can also fly,” J.A.R.V.I.S. reported this situation very conscientiously.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! I can see that! Increase propeller power!” Turning his eyes, Tony shouted at once.

“Yes, sir.”


Seeing that Obadiah could fly, Tony quickly decided to take Obadiah out of the area. Tony has rushed high into the air with a fierce flame under his feet. In the back, Obadiah rushed up.


In New York City, one big and one small figure rushed into the sky with white flames under their feet. In the dark, it was so dazzling that even people a few blocks away could see it.

It wasn’t until Tony took Obadiah up into the air that Lin Rui raised his head from behind an abandoned car, while the middle-aged uncle, who had just been rescued by him stayed behind him.

“Are you okay?!” Looking up and down at the middle-aged Uncle, Lin Rui asked.

“Er! I am okay! Thank you! Although he was still in shock, the uncle thanked the masked man who saved him.

“Okay, you need to leave now.” Clapping the Uncle on the shoulder, Lin Rui’s flashed as his body disappeared from their view. Of course, Lin Rui is hiding from that little motorcycle driver this time. He is still standing in the same place and stretching his neck to find Lin Rui.

Tony and Obadiah fought on the road for a short time, but the damage was not small. Dozens of cars were rear-ended, and it was not known how many casualties would occur. Lin Rui needed to help the wounded in the battle just now.

Daredevil, Where are you? I could use some help over here.” While rescuing people on the battlefield, Lin Rui contacted Daredevil who has not arrived yet.

“There’s a traffic jam on the road, I have already got out of the car and I am coming on foot.” At the other end of the line, Matt’s voice quickly passed over. He was obviously delayed by the traffic jam there. He was coming over and was blocked on the road.

“Well, If you can’t come now then that’s okay, it’s better if you arrived at the crucial moment.” Almost all the people on the scene were rescued, and Lin Rui was in no hurry to let Daredevil show up now.

“All right.” With a promise, Matt on the other end of the phone was silent, apparently in a serious rush.

And Lin Rui left after rescuing a woman trapped in the car. The fire brigade and police in front of him have arrived here and he is no longer needed here. Looking up at the growing black dot falling from the sky, Lin Rui knew he had something important to do.


Obadiah, who did not solve the problem of high-altitude icing got frozen in the higher altitude and fell on the Stark Industries experimental building. But Lin Rui knows that he won’t simply fall to death. Tony followed Obadiah down from high altitude and with his full powered Arc Reactor, he looked in good condition.


Flying smartly to Pepper, Tony opened his steel mask directly. Although Obadiah stole his Iron Man Armor’s blueprint and robbed his tiny Arc Reactor to build a big guy which was obviously a bit more powerful than his. But he is a once in millennia genius, that is, there is an irreparable gap between him and ordinary people.

“Pepper! Are you all right? While releasing Iron Man Armor, Tony walks toward Pepper.

“Oh! Tony! Are you okay?!” Seeing some scratches on Tony’s face as a result of the battle just now, Pepper cried out in worry. She ran towards Tony and was about to fall into his arms the next moment.

What a hero’s game of saving beauty! Lin Rui, hiding in the darkness, looked ahead and muttered. In his perception, the big guy behind Tony has rushed over!


Bang bang!

“Tony!” Sure enough, just as Pepper rushed toward Tony, Obadiah burst out behind Tony and roared his name.



“Be careful!” In Pepper’s alarm, Tony flew into the air to avoid a bullet coming from behind.


“Pepper, hide!” Taking advantage of his Iron Man Armor’s small size, Tony circled around Obadiah quickly to attract his attention and let Pepper who was close to him leave.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! How many weapons are left, fire them all at him! ” Avoiding Obadiah’s steel giant again, Tony shouted at J.A.R.V.I.S.

“Yes, sir.”


After J.A.R.V.I.S. answered calmly, two miniature rapid-fire machine guns popped out of Tony’s Iron Man Armor’s arm and fired directly after aiming at the big guy in front of him.

Da Da Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da

“Tony! You can’t beat me!” Hurricane of bullets hit Obadiah and sparked countless sparks, but failed to break through his heavy steel defense.



Ignoring the already crazy Obadiah, Tony’s Iron Man Armor’s back bulges rapidly and two mini-missiles shot towards Obadiah the next moment.

Bang! Bang!

Boom! ~

This time, even though Obadiah Iron Man Armor was bigger and more defensive, it fell in the attack of the two missiles. The blazing flame covered Obadiah’s armor and there was no movement in it.

Buzz ~

Tony suspended in the air and did not relax, holding his hands against the position of the flame in front, the energy of the steel palms continued to gather. Once there is a change in the flame, Tony will unleash another Thunderstrike.

Sure enough, Tony’s defense was justified. Suddenly there was a slight noise from the position covered by the flame and then a missile rushed out. However, its direction was not towards Tony who is suspended in the air, but it flew towards Pepper, who has already been hiding in the building.

“Well? Will it strike East and west? Lin Rui, who was hiding aside, kept an eye on Obadiah’s movements and knew what he was going to do when he saw the direction of the missile.



Sure enough, Tony saw the missile heading toward Pepper and fired his repulsor cannon to destroy it. But he also exposed his position to Obadiah, who had burst out of the flames.


The two giant steel hands grabbed Tony in the middle before he could respond. Tony did not let go of any struggle but constantly increased his strength. Small size has a small advantage, but others are destined to have an advantage when they are bigger than you.


“J.A.R.V.I.S, report the condition!” Feeling that his armor was constantly being pinched, Tony yelled.

“Weapon systems are damaged 90 percent, power systems are damaged 80 percent, and the armor is close to the limit of endurance.” The tone of J.A.R.V.I.S. remains as flat as ever, but Tony’s situation is clearly not optimistic.

“Use the Incendiary Bomb!”

“Yes, sir.”



“Tony! Well done!” Obadiah, who was blown into the control system by the incendiary bomb, threw Tony out, swearing.


After rolling twice on the ground, Tony had no choice but to face Obadiah. Fortunately, the bomb attack just now damaged the targeting system of Obadiah’s armor, so he had to take off his helmet and use his eyes to target Tony.

“However, you still can’t escape me!” With a shout, Obadiah manually controlled the machine gun on the right arm of the armor and aimed it at Tony in front of him.

And just before Obadiah opened fire, a dark shadow burst out of the darkness next to him and headed straight for Obadiah’s steel right arm aimed at Tony.

There seems to be a flash of fire. The machine gun that should have ejected countless bullets remained still and there is no movement. The figure that rushed out of the darkness was, of course, Lin Rui, who had been looking for the opportunity. When Obadiah aimed at Tony, he burst into his fastest speed and rushed under the Iron Man Armor. He pulled out his blade and swing it down in an instant. The Flowing Flame Blade chopped off where the machine gun was turning. Obadiah’s machine gun was so stuck by Lin Rui’s Flowing Flame Blade that it could not shoot even one bullet.


The machine gun was jammed with a ridiculous blade by the inexplicable fellow and Obadiah controlled the armor to get rid of the fellow that was below him. However, even with the tremendous power of his armor, he could not throw out Lin Rui who was under him.


“Daredevil! Now!” Lin Rui, who has exhausted all his internal energy, roared. It is not easy to block the power of such a large Iron Man Armor. Lin Rui can no longer stand it.

Just after Lin Rui shouted that another shadow rushed out of Obadiah’s back and jumped into his armor the next second, reaching the upper body where he had been exposed.


Without giving Obadiah much time to react, several sticks had already been drawn. Because Obadiah was Tony’s uncle, Daredevil kept his hand.

The crisp sound sounded inside Iron Man Armor, and Obadiah, who had lost his protection from Iron Man Armor, was knocked unconscious by Matt’s sticks.


Afterward, Lin Rui, who had been fighting against the steel giant, finally felt the disappearance of that great force and sat on the ground with some relief.

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