HOM-Chapter 50 Fight

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Lifting Tony on the sofa, Lin Rui looked at him and smiled. “Mr. Stark, maybe you should add some more security to your house.” If Obadiah can knock them down then Tony’s high-tech villa is really worthless.

“… Haha, I will add more security measures later. But now Pepper is in danger. I need to save her right away! ” Tony, who was supported by Lin Rui, seemed to recover quickly and he stared at Lin Rui. In fact, it was Lin Rui who quietly helped Tony recover with his internal energy.

“Ok, what do you need me to do?” Nodding, Lin Rui asked seriously. Although Lin Rui is a person who knows the entire story, he can only play silly at this time.

“Help me go into the basement! I need to install a new Arc Reactor first.” Tony pointed at his empty chest with some difficulty.

“Ok! I’ll help you!” With a sigh of relief, Lin Rui once again lifted Tony from the sofa and almost dragging him toward the basement.

Huh ~

A few minutes later, with Lin Rui help, Tony’s chest was fitted with a new miniature Arc Reactor. If Lin Rui hadn’t reminded Tony before, he could have only used the energy-deprived Arc Reactor which Pepper had made into a gift.

“Thank you! You don’t need to do anything else.” Tony’s eyes glistened dangerously as he moved his recovered hands and feet.

There are few people in the world that Tony cares about. Pepper and Obadiah are two of them. But now that Obadiah has betrayed him and he is threatening Pepper, Tony will certainly not tolerate it.

“So, how are you going to save Miss Pepper?” Lin Rui stood aside and asked, pretending not to know anything so he could use this opportunity to finally see Tony’s Iron Man Armor.

“Since you want to know, let me show you.” Without wasting any more time, Tony led Lin Rui towards the basement studio.

The next moment, Lin Rui saw a silver Iron Man Armor, which he supposed was the improved Mark 2 Tony created when he came back.

“Wow! What is this?! Tony, You are a Star Wars fan?!” Running to the Iron Man Armor, Lin Rui shouted in surprise.

Lin Rui was really surprised. Although he had been prepared for it, he was still in an unconscious mood when he saw the famous Iron Man Armor, a sci-fi item. Among all Superheroes in Marvel, Iron Man is the only superhero who doesn’t have any special powers in his body but he was able to stand together with gods and supersoldiers by building his armors based entirely on technological equipment. Through the continuous improvement of Iron Man Armor, Iron Man’s strength has been improved greatly and he also created Veronica the Anti Hulk armor which has the power to somewhat stop Hulk. It can be said that he used technology and money to crush others.

“Star Wars? I haven’t seen it. However, this thing is not a toy. J.A.R.V.I.S!” Returning to Lin Rui, Tony has stood in an idle position with several sensitive robotic arms around him.

“Yes, sir.” As soon as Tony’s voice fell, the ever-present J.A.R.V.I.S. responded.


“Start arming!”

“Yes, sir.”

After J.A.R.V.I.S. responded to Tony, the ground burst open from around the position of Tony. Constant mechanical constructions emerged from the ground and were quickly armed along Tony’s feet. Tony’s upper body was quickly covered with armor by several robotic arms and only his face, which had not been completely covered, was exposed.

“Cool!”  Standing in front of Tony and looking at the heavily armed Iron Man, Lin Rui could not help calling.

Seeing Tony pulling out something like this, Lin Rui is wondering whether he wants to change his growth route. This kind of technological route is obviously cooler than his cultivation technique now.

“Well, I’m going to save Pepper now and you will wait here. I think New York may not be so calm tonight.” Armed, Tony, transformed into Iron Man and said to Lin Rui.

“Yes.” Lin Rui kept staring at Tony’s armor and said yes.

Bang bang!

Da Da!

Just as Iron Man put down his helmet and was about to leave, there was a sudden rush of footsteps from upstairs. Then Colonel Rhodes’s voice came down from above.

“Tony! Tony! Where are you?!” It seems that Pepper contacted Colonel Rhodes after she couldn’t contact Tony, but Lin Rui was a little faster.

“There’s no time for me to explain the situation to Rhodes. Help me explain everything to him. I’ll go first!” Although Rhodes’s voice was heard, Tony did not intend to wait for him to come down. He gave Lin Rui a command and started Iron Man Armor’s boosters.

Bang! Boom!

The next moment, Tony had rushed out along the last exit he had drilled in the underground garage, leaving only a smart shadow for Lin Rui.

“Good…fast!” Tony, who started Iron Man Armor, instantly disappeared in front of Lin Rui, shocking him again. It may take a long time to know when Lin Rui’s practice will achieve the effect of Tony’s Iron Man Armor.


After Tony left, Colonel Rhodes quickly rushed downstairs. However, he only saw a strange young man standing in Tony’s underground equipment studio.

“Hey! Colonel Rhodes, you’re late. Mr. Stark has left. He asked me to wait for you here.” Hearing the movement behind him, Lin Rui turned around and said with a smile.


A few steps before Lin Rui, Colonel Rhodes took a quick glance at Tony’s basement, looking at the half-finished Iron Man Mark II armor.

“Are you Jackson? I didn’t expect you to be here. Did Tony wear his high-tech armor to save Pepper? Pepper is now with five agents. Looking at Lin Rui, Colonel Rhodes suddenly asked, apparently remembering Jackson from Tony’s talks.

“Yes, Colonel Rhodes. But five agents may not be enough. Obadiah should have a similar Iron Man Armor. So let’s hurry over.” With a nod, Lin Rui points to the exit of Tony’s underground garage. In that direction, several luxury sports cars were quietly parked there.

“Yes! We have to get there!” With a promise, Colonel Rhodes headed for Tony’s luxury sports car.

The next moment, however, Lin Rui suddenly jumped in front of him. “That, can I drive?” He won’t be able to operate the Iron Man Armor but he has a great chance to drive a luxury sports car right now.

Rhodes: “…”

Boom! Boom!

Ten seconds later, a silver luxury sports car galloped out of Tony’s seaside villa and headed downtown for New York. It’s not Lin Rui in the driver’s seat. Colonel Rhodes is afraid to hand over the steering wheel to someone who is not an adult, especially if they’re going to support Tony right now.

Lin Rui, who didn’t get to drive was a little unhappy sitting in the co-driver’s seat. It’s not an everyday occurrence where he can drive such a luxurious sports car.

“Tony! Where are you now? What support do you need? Rodey, who is driving fast, also keeps in touch with Tony.

“All you have to do is keep the U.S. Air Force from taking off. As for Obadiah, leave him to me!” At the other end of the phone, Tony, who had not yet reached New York, responded faintly.

“Got it!” After hanging up, Rhodes began contacting the U.S. Air Force. Now that Tony says he can take care of the situation, Rhodes naturally wants to trust him.

Seeing Rhodes’s action, Lin Rui also pulled out his mobile phone and started to contact Daredevil Matt. Although Lin Rui knew that Tony wouldn’t have any problems, especially as his tiny Arc Reactor is in good condition. But this is a reality and not a movie. If something goes wrong, it will not be good. So Lin Rui is still prepared to reduce some accidental casualties at least when Tony and Obadiah fight.

Boom! Boom!

Rhodes almost floored the throttle and the high-performance luxury sports car almost flew up. In the distance, the lights of New York City were in front of them, feeling the speed of the sports car. Lin Rui thought they should be able to get to the battlefield when Tony and Obadiah fought.


“Tony! Tony! Are you all right? Obadiah! He’s crazy! He built a super armor!” Running out of the sixteenth district where Obadiah built Iron Man Armor privately, Pepper nervously talked to Tony on the phone. Just now, Obadiah in the armor killed a few agents who protected Pepper. As for Agent Coulson, She doesn’t know where he is at this time.

“Pepper, listen, you have to get out of there right away! Right now!” Tony, who knew what Obadiah planned, shouted on the phone.


Boom! Boom! Boom!

But Pepper was too late to leave. The ground in front of her cracked and fractured quickly. Then Obadiah rushed out in a larger version of Iron Man Armor.


The huge Iron Man Armor stopped in front of Pepper and the high-speed machine gun next to the right hand of the armor turned several times, finally aiming at the frightened Pepper.

“You are useless.” Obadiah’s muffled voice came from the huge Iron Man Armor.

“Ah!~” In the face of the threat of her life, Pepper shouted in fear.




Just as Obadiah was about to shoot Pepper, Tony finally arrived. After yelling in the sky, he hit Obadiah and flew out with him.


Bang bang!

One large and one small steel Colossus tumbling out of the Stark Industries’ lab and headed straight towards the busy streets of New York. Two Iron Man Armors ran through a large truck along the way, crashing into several cars and fell in the middle of the road.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sudden appearance of big guys in the middle of the road has caused traffic congestion and dozens of cars have caught up with each other before they can break. A car full of children stopped directly in front of Obadiah because it was too close, looking at the horrible steel giant in front of her, the female driver was frightened and screamed.


In the next moment, Obadiah, who had climbed up from the ground, lifted the car parked in front of him.

“Ah!!~” The mother and childrens in the car shouted in fear.

“Put them down!” Stopping in front of Obadiah, Tony shouted.

“Tony! They asked for it!” Obadiah, who cared for nothing, roared and threw the car out.

However, Tony seized the opportunity to give Obadiah a shot.



In the next moment, Obadiah was bombarded by the repulser energy and the falling car was firmly held by Tony. Then he steadily put it aside, because this time his Arc Reactor was full of energy, he was no longer run over by the female driver like in the movie.


Behind Tony, the rescued car left in a hurry, and Obadiah rushed back again. Afterward, Obadiah grabbed a motorcycle coming from the side and pulled it up and smashed it towards Tony.

“Ah ah!” On the other side, the motorcycle driver who had been thrown out screamed and rolled in the air, and was about to fall to the ground, half paralyzed.


Just then, a figure suddenly rushed out from the side and caught the motorcycle driver who was about to land on the ground face first.

“Hey! Dude, this is not the place you should stay. Get out of here. The figure reminded the motorcycle driver.

“Ah! Mirage Knight!!”!

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