EPHS-Chapter 9 Never Forget

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“9997…… 9998…… 9999……”

In an abandoned temple, Tenraku is sweating in the yard while practicing his Swordsmanship. Not far away, Himejima Akeno was preparing food for the two of them, while a few Ghost imps flew in the air around Akeno.

High School D×D is a magical world of Higher Plane, with a variety of legendary races and various magical powers.

Devil uses Magic Power to gather wind and rain, Thunder and Lightning, Angel uses Power of Light to purify all evils, and there are even divine powers that only the original protagonist Hyoudou can use.

As a hybrid of Devil and human, Tenraku is able to practice both Magic Power and Spirit Qi.

Magic Power comes from spirit and imagination. The stronger the spirit is, the easier Devil gets Magic Power, and the spirit is the expression of the soul. Perhaps because his soul does not belong to this world, Tenraku did not have the ability to practice Magic, and the Magic Power that he can gather is also pitiful, so he gave up on the practice of Magic Power a long time ago and chose Spirit Qi.

Spirit Qi, also known as Spirit Power, Internal Qi, Chakra, is an ancient fundamental force that flows between heaven and earth. If Magic Power comes from the spirit, Spirit Qi comes from the whole body. It is a mysterious and unknown power hidden in all animals, plants, and human bodies.

Since the death of his mother, Tenraku has been practicing for almost 5 years now, but the amount of Spirit Qi he had gathered in his body is unsatisfactory.

This is not to say that Tenraku has no ability to practice Spirit Qi. On the contrary, his ability in this area is quite good. However, Spirit Qi is different from Magic Power. Magic Power can quickly accumulate as long as one has a strong spirit, but Spirit Qi can only be dug up from the body step by step and drawn from the world.

At first, it may be a bit slow, and it is not as good as Magic Power users. However, this speed will gradually increase with the increase of Spirit Qi and the strength of the users. When it really grows, he will not be worse than any Magic Power users. And he would even have some special abilities…

“Tenraku, dinner is ready.”

Akeno came to Tenraku’s side at some point and looked at Tenraku’s with a smile on her face.

It has been nearly half a year since the two met. Compared with the original girl, her body has developed a lot, and her face is not as empty as it was before and there is also a smile on her face.

“Okay, wait for me,” Tenraku replied after stopping his practice.

Putting his Longsword away, Tenraku wiped his forehead and mobilized a trace of Spirit Qi to evaporate the sweat from his body, and saved the trouble of washing himself.


Looking at a table full of dishes, Tenraku and Akeno clapped their palms, and a few Ghost Imps cheered and enjoyed it.

“Akeno, your cooking skills have improved again.” Tenraku couldn’t help but praise after tasting the girl’s cooking.

“That is, of course, and this is also because of my mother, and as a girl, I don’t want to lose to Tenraku’s in these respects.”

With a little pride, the girl looked faintly looked at Tenraku’s eyes.

Although Tenraku is also very good at cooking, since the two have been together, these things have been done by Akeno.

Watching Tenraku eating the food made by her and showing a happy expression, the girl’s heart was also happy.

Once she was wandering alone, hungry because she had no food, and hunted because she has the Bloodline of a Fallen Angel in her. Although they were all very painful moments, she could bear them all. The only thing that made her afraid was the loneliness of being alone as if she had been abandoned by the whole world and she woke up alone in the middle of the night many times because of that.

But since Tenraku appeared, a radiance finally lit up in her dark and desperate world.

The two wandered together, explored together, and fought against their enemies together. It was obviously not different from their previous lives, but they were full, warm, and at ease, it was as if the whole world had become different…

Looking at the involuntary smile on the girl’s face, Tenraku ’s said:

“Akeno, you have changed.”

After recovering, Akeno’s face became red but the smile on her face became more radiant and she spoke from the heart: “It’s because I met Tenraku…”

At night, Tenraku and Akeno lie tightly together in a temporary small nest.

After traveling together, the two initially went to sleep separately, but one-day, Akeno got into Tenraku’s arms with a blushing face, and the two kept on tacit understanding.

“The scars have long disappeared, don’t worry about it.”

Tenraku spoke helplessly as the girl leaning in his arms habitually caressed his neck.

“In my heart, it will always exist. It is the proof that Tenraku saved me, and the proof that I met Tenraku.”

With gentle movements, Akeno spoke with an innocent voice.

Although the girl’s eyes were gentle and sincere, Tenraku smiled bitterly.

He saved her, but he didn’t fall from the sky like prince charming in the legend and then he wielded Holy Sword in his hand to kill everywhere, protecting the beautiful princess from the enemy. Instead, he put the Sword on his neck and used that stupid and extreme way to stop the enemy’s pace…

“Well, Tenraku’s, why don’t we stay here afterward? Aunt Haruno in the town said she could take us in, and if we didn’t want to live in her house, she could ask the villagers to build a house for us.”

As if she had thought of something, Akeno suddenly suggested, and her already somewhat charming face turned a shade of red.

Slightly stunned, Tenraku shook his head and said: “Sorry, Akeno, I’m too weak now, I can’t stop my pace.”

“Why is Tenraku so obsessed with power? I already think that Tenraku is very powerful…”

Rejected by Tenraku, the girl’s face instantly turned white, but she was still puzzled.

She didn’t understand why Tenraku is so persistent, even if he has strong power, that kind of thing would not only hurt others but it would also hurt himself, she doesn’t understand it at all…

Looking at Akeno’s excited and puzzled look, Tenraku gently stroked the girl’s forehead, and then said: “Because without power, there is nothing to gain, nothing to protect.”

“I want to protect the people I cherish, and I want to protect Akeno, so ah, I need great strength!”

Upon hearing Tenraku’s answer, Akeno remained in a daze for some time, and then she covered her lips with her hand, and tears rolled down her face.

“Sorry, Tenraku ’s, I … I …”

Feeling self-reproach and guilt, the young girl was choking with sobs.

There are many similarities between the two of them, they are both half-humans and half Devil and Angel, and their respective mothers died early in their lives.

But there is one thing that is different. Tenraku did not inherit his father’s ability, nor can he awaken the power of a Devil, but she has inherited the abilities of her father and mother perfectly. As long as she wants, she will soon be able to master this ability and become strong.

However, because she hated this power, she was unable to accept it for a long time!

“Akeno, I want to pursue great power, it’s my choice, but you are different.”

“Don’t feel guilty and there is no need to blame yourself. You just have to live your life the way you want to live it.” Tenraku ’s comforted while gently rubbing the girl’s forehead.

As the silence subsided, the girl wiped the tears from her face and looked up.

“Tenraku is too cunning to say such things to others.”

Looking at the smile on the girl’s face again, Tenraku could not help but scratch his head. At this time, when he said this kind of words, maybe he was really cunning.

“We’ve been here for a long time. Let’s continue our journey tomorrow.”

“Well, no matter where you go, I will follow Tenraku.”

“However, before leaving, we have to thank Aunt Haruno for taking care of us a lot these days.”

“We will.”

To be continued …