EPHS-Chapter 8 Legend

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Himejima Akeno is the girl’s name.

he Inherited Bloodline that came from a Fallen Angel and human, the future Priestess of Thunder and Light, Crimson-Haired Ruin Princess, and Rias Gremory’s Queen!

However, right now, she is just a wandering girl who has been taken away from her mother by people who hate Fallen Angels, thus resisting her father to run away from home and become a lonely and wandering girl.

He did not expect that he would run into this situation on his way. Tenraku couldn’t help but sigh, maybe this is not necessarily destiny…

“I am a Martialist and I am traveling the world to hone my Swordsmanship.”

“What do you want to do? Where do you want to go?”

Although he had already guessed the girl’s current situation, Tenraku still asked.

“I don’t know, I don’t know …” Picking up the injured ghost-like imps, Akeno kept shaking her head.

The death of her mother caused a huge trauma to her young heart. She did not know what her purpose was or where she wanted to go. She just wandered around aimlessly and lived an empty life.

“If you don’t know, then join me, we can travel the world together.”

After thinking a little, Tenraku said.

“You, don’t you hate me?” Akeno raised her head in disbelief.

“Hate … why would I hate you?” Tenraku asked with a chuckle.

“Because, because I am a child of a Fallen Angel and human, I have a dirty Bloodline …”

She lowered her head again, and there was a trace of inferiority and hatred in the girl’s voice.

She hated her wings and her Bloodline because all her misfortunes were brought by them.

“You are a child of a Fallen Angel and human, and I am a child of a Devil and human.”

“Now, Akeno, don’t you think this is destiny?” 

After hearing Tenraku’s words, Akeno’s face again showed an incredible look.

Because of the relationship between her mother and that man, she naturally knows what a Devil is, and they are also called Evil existence similar to Fallen Angels!

Unexpectedly, this boy who saved her named Tenraku turned out to be a child of Devil and human, he is just like her…

“Evil, Devil, you are Devil …”

“I am a hybrid of Devil and Human.”

Gently tapping the girl’s forehead, Tenraku continued: “I am neither Devil nor a human, even if they all hate my existence, but I never feel that I have a dirty Bloodline on me because I am me!”

“How is it, Akeno, do you want to go with me and become my companion?”

Looking at Tenraku’s pure and sincere eyes, Akeno suddenly found that the cold darkness didn’t seem so desperate, because it shone with a radiance …

“Sir Exalted, why did you let go of that Fallen Angel’s spawn?”

“Yeah, Master Exalted, the young man wanted to protect that Evil child. He must have been infected by darkness and he is also evil!”

“Sir Exalted, we can’t just let them go!”

In the jungle, the mages chased the pace of the Middle-Aged Mage leader but all of them were filled with indignation. They didn’t understand why their Exalted, who had always hated evil, would let the child of a Fallen Angel and the teenager infected by darkness go.

“Shut up, hurry up and leave!”

With a cold voice, the Middle-Aged Mage looked at the mages following him and hurried away, but he only got a few steps away and suddenly stopped.

The mages following him were dazed as the situation was completely unclear to them, and they can only stop as the Middle-Aged Mage did, but soon, they also found an anomaly.

Feathers, dark feathers, fell down from the sky–

A Fallen Angel fell!

“Let me tell you the reason why your Exalted Lord let go of that boy and girl. Because he found the aura I released.”

“Good evening, my lords.”

A voice came from above them and all the mages looked up and saw a man with twelve black wings floating in the air, smiling and waving a greeting to them.

“Fallen Angel!

“Ten, no, Twelve wings!

The middle-aged mage’s eyes began to sink like water, while the other mage’s face changes wildly.

They have seen a lot of Fallen Angels, and they have even wiped out a lot, but this is the first time that they have seen a Fallen Angel with Twelve Wings!

That is already the top-level fighting power in Fallen Angels, and they are absolutely unmatchable…

“Hai Hai … I am a Fallen Angel, moreover, I am the Fallen Angel’s Governor-General Azazel.”

“Don’t you know me? I was the one in the Holy Bible who fell from the sky because I grabbed a woman’s breasts.”

It was obviously a frivolous sound, but it was as loud as a blast in the ear of the Mages.

Governor-General of the Fallen Angels, the legendary Angel, Azazel!

The young mages faces were filled with fear and only the Middle-Aged Mage could barely keep himself calm and said:

“Azazel, why is the Governor-General of Fallen Angels is here, do you want to start another war?!”

Faced with the question of the Middle-Aged Mage, Azazel did not care much and replied:

“Don’t say such scary things, Master Mage, even I actually hate war. The reason why I appear here is–“

“It’s because you guys bullied my friend’s daughter, so I can’t help but come out and plan to bully you!”

Speaking of which, Azazel, who originally had a frivolous appearance also became sharper, and the corner of his mouth raised in a cold arc.

“Is that so …”

Laughing helplessly, the heart of the Middle-Aged Mage was relieved, as long as it did not cause war.

But the Mage couldn’t help but regret it. If he knew that the girl had something to do with the legendary Fallen Angel Azazel, he would have eliminated her as soon as possible without hesitation!

The opportunity has been missed, and the Middle-Aged Mage no longer thinks too much. Looking at Azazel above the sky, his eyes grew sharper.

Although they have no chance of winning, they will never succumb to evil!

“Thunder and Lightning!”

His Spirit Power surged and the tin rod in his hand was held high, the Middle-Aged Mage instantly cast a huge Thunder and Lightning ball to attack Azazel.

Facing this attack, Azazel in the sky also condensed a long sphere of light and then threw it towards the Thunder and Lightning ball.

Lài Lài…… Hōng Lóng!!!!!

The thunder was splattering and the loud noise soared…

“What, what happened, Tenraku?”

Akeno, who wore a flushed face on Tenraku’s back, saw Tenraku stop suddenly and could not help asking.

Frowning slightly, he looked back into the distance, and Tenraku finally shook his head:

“Nothing, let’s go quickly.”

Looking at the human mages lying in the ruins of his own making, Azazel smiled mischievously and then flew into the air with his wings.

“The girl born of a Fallen Angel and human being, the boy born of a Devil combined with a human being, fate is really interesting …”

To be continued …