EPHS-Chapter 330 The Lost Dragon God

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“Yubelluna, what are you doing here?”

“Lord Tenraku, I… I…”

Approaching her with curiosity over his face, Tenraku inquired, and Yubelluna had a red face, appearing quite embarrassed.

“Miss here has a size that’s too large for our store. We don’t have any styles that fit her.”

“If necessary, we can make custom orders.”

Glancing admiringly at Yubelluna’s chest, the store clerk explained.

Tenraku understood what was going on and couldn’t help but chuckle. Indeed, even among all the members of Tenraku’s harem, Yubelluna’s chest was unparalleled. Even the voluptuous Rias, Akeno, and Katerea couldn’t compete.

Describing it with standard bra sizes like A, B, C, or D wouldn’t do it justice. If he had to use a single letter, it would be ‘K’! K, as in the king of all chests! Yubelluna’s chest was undoubtedly the king among chests!

“Go ahead with the custom order. We can’t neglect them.”

Tenraku nodded, and Yubelluna’s chest was one of his cherished treasures. She often used it to provide special services for her master. They needed to be well taken care of and protected at all costs.

“Yes, Lord Tenraku.”

Blushing profusely, Yubelluna’s cheeks flushed even brighter.

Yubelluna explained the requirements for the custom lingerie to the store clerk, while Tenraku continued to explore other parts of the store.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying picking out their favorite clothes, but a few of the younger girls appeared a bit disheartened.

Ile and Nel were clearly not ready for such garments, as their chests were, in comparison, quite flat. These specialized lingerie items were a bit premature for them.

Koneko-chan and Mira had slightly more development than Ile and Nel, but their chests were still modest compared to their elder sisters. As they watched their older sisters proudly selecting their items, the younger girls huddled together, a hint of melancholy in their expressions.

“Tenraku, something’s wrong!” Rias and Akeno suddenly approached Tenraku, their faces filled with urgency.

“What happened, Rias, Akeno?” Frowning, Tenraku asked.

“Ophis is missing!”

Outside the lingerie store, Tenraku, Rias, and the Sitri Sona girls gathered together.

“What exactly happened, Rias?” Sitri Sona inquired with a serious expression on her face.

“After Akeno and I finished selecting lingerie for Ophis, we asked her to wait here for a moment. But when we looked back, she was already gone.”

“Sorry, it’s my fault this time. I’ll take responsibility.”

Rias explained what had happened, her face filled with self-blame.

“Don’t say that, Rias. If Ophis is missing, our priority is finding her. No need for you to take responsibility.”

Comforting Rias, Tenraku continued, “Ophis should still be in this mall somewhere. We’ll split up and search for her. Once anyone finds her, immediately contact the others.”


Without further delay, they made their decision. Tenraku and the girls scattered throughout the mall to search for Ophis. To increase their efficiency, the girls even summoned their familiars to assist.

Tenraku wondered if Ophis had gone off to eat something again and briefly returned to the food court they had visited earlier. However, he couldn’t find any trace of Ophis.

Sighing, he wondered where the Dragon God-sama had gone. Nevertheless, he wasn’t concerned about Ophis’s safety. Despite her innocent nature, she was still an invincible Dragon God-sama. Anyone who dared to harm her would surely regret their actions.

Just as Tenraku was thinking of checking other places, an announcement came over the mall’s public address system:

“Attention, attention, lost child alert…”

“A red-haired mom with a big chest, a black-haired dad with dragons on his body, another black-haired mom with a big chest. A normally sized, golden-haired elder sister; a seemingly foolish elder sister with great strength; a brown-haired twin-tailed elder sister who likes teddy bear panties; a low-taste silver-haired elder sister; two elder sisters who act like cats; an elder sister who acts like a bird; an elder sister who acts like a fox; and elder sisters who can use magic, wield swords, wear qipao, wear glasses, and have black wings!”

“Ahhh… So many elder sisters!”

“Are any of the individuals mentioned present here? Or do you have someone like that with you? The Child Lost and Found Center has a child waiting to be claimed.”

“Hey, Director! What? I’m sorry! But saying it like that, anyone can understand immediately, right? This child…”

“Ahhh, I’m terribly sorry! The previous announcement doesn’t count!”

There was no need to ask; it was clear that it was Ophis. Nevertheless, this was an extremely embarrassing announcement. Rias and her group flushed, Tenraku was exasperated, and the people in the entire mall burst into laughter.

“Oh my, a high school-aged couple, right? The one with red hair, isn’t that the group?”

“They do look pretty foolish, especially that elder sister who seems quite strong.”

“The brown-haired twin-tailed one, that must be the elder sister who likes teddy bear panties, right?”

All the way, they received attention from everyone. When Tenraku and the girls regrouped at the Child Lost and Found Center, the girls were all blushing with embarrassment.

“Wu, wu, wu… I’ll never be able to show my face in this department store again.”

“I look so foolish; I’m really sorry.”

“I want to die… I really want to die…”

Asia covered her face with her hands, Xenovia seemed quite unhappy, and Irina looked like she had given up on life entirely.

Indeed, Irina was probably the most affected by this whole ordeal. That wicked Ophis, why did she have to reveal Irina’s secret stash of teddy bear panties?!

“Too slow! I was getting impatient.”

Inside the office of the Child Lost and Found Center, Tenraku and the girls met Ophis. Although she complained of impatience, she approached them and even jumped into Tenraku’s arms.

After inquiring about the sequence of events, everyone finally understood what had happened. Ophis had seen a child eating cotton candy in the store and got her soul enchanted. She had then followed them out but lost her way.

Although it was a bit exasperating, everyone thanked the staff and bought Ophis several cotton candy sticks, just as she had wanted.

“Sona, are you done laughing yet?”

Leaving the department store, Rias noticed that Sona and her Peerage were still laughing uncontrollably. Rias ground her teeth in frustration.

Since they were the ones called out in the broadcast, Rias and her group were the center of attention, while Sona and her Peerage were barely mentioned. That’s probably why they were having such a good laugh now!


“I’m sorry, Rias. Today’s experience was just too entertaining. Can you let me laugh a bit more?”

Holding her stomach, President-sama even took out a handkerchief to wipe away tears from her eyes.

Rias’s lips twitched, and while Sona and her group found it amusing, it was indeed a super embarrassing day for her sisters. Especially Irina, who would probably carry the trauma of this day with her for the rest of her life!

Well, despite the unusual turn of events, this shopping trip turned out to be quite successful. They purchased various household items for Ophis, and everyone got what they wanted.

That night, at the Kamiya Family, Tenraku’s…

“You… You jerk! I just bought that outfit!”

Finally pushing Tenraku away, Rias was a picture of embarrassment and frustration.

She had just bought a new outfit, and now this guy had torn it to shreds so quickly!

“We’ll buy another one next time, Rias! I can’t help it!”

Unable to resist any longer, Tenraku growled and transformed into a wolf, pouncing on the girls amid their surprised cries…

To be continued…

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