EPHS-Chapter 329 Disappointing Valkyrie

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After contacting Rias and her group, it seemed they were still shopping for lingerie and such. Tenraku and Ophis, sipping on their sodas, prepared to join them. As they passed by a clothing store, Tenraku noticed a group of people gathering outside, their eyes sharp, and an aura of intensity emanating from them.

Indeed, it was something that could be called intense, a group of women, predominantly middle-aged, with the demeanor of fierce competitors.

“Limited-time sale! Limited-time sale!”

“Attention, everyone, it’s starting now!”


“Let go! I got this piece of clothing first!”

“No way, it was clearly me who was here first!”

Through the loudspeakers, the voices of store employees echoed, and the middle-aged women, moving like Olympic sprinters, rushed into the store. They shouted and bickered while struggling for the items inside, creating a scene as fierce as any battle Tenraku had ever witnessed.

These were certainly some spirited middle-aged ladies. Tenraku found it amusing and was about to leave with Ophis when he spotted a familiar figure among the crowd.

It was Rossweisse!

“I got this first, and I won’t give it up!”

“I’ve been living just for this day; I won’t give up!”

With a fellow shopper, clutching a sports jacket, Rossweisse stared with determined seriousness.

Tenraku almost thought he was seeing things. Even during their battles with the Khaos Brigade, Rossweisse’s expression had never been as urgent and resolute as it was now.

“Are young girls this intense these days?”

Intimidated by Rossweisse’s determination, one of the middle-aged ladies hesitated before finally giving up. She mumbled to herself and chose to withdraw.

With a victorious smile, Rossweisse held her spoils, but as she realized that most of the discounted items had been claimed, she let out a disappointed cry and quickly rejoined the fray.

In just a few short minutes, all the discounted items in the store had been snatched up. Rossweisse and the group of middle-aged ladies, each with their own prizes, walked out contentedly.

“Hey, Kamiya Tenraku, Ophis, what are you doing here?”

Finally noticing Tenraku and Ophis, Rossweisse walked over.

“We were planning to meet up with Rias and the others.”

Tenraku explained, but as he saw Rossweisse cradling her discounted goods like they were treasures, he couldn’t help but sigh.

“Rossweisse, you’re still so young. You should spend a little on yourself, whether it’s clothes or cosmetics. If you’re really short on money, I can support you a bit.”

Tenraku’s concern led him to speak out, but even as he did, he was amazed at Rossweisse’s unwavering determination. She was, without a doubt, a disappointing beauty.

Despite her stunning looks and great figure, she rarely spent money on cosmetics, and her usual attire consisted of sports clothing that looked like it came straight from a bargain bin. Most of her household items were from the dollar store, and the clothes she wore had just been snatched up from the clearance corner.

“How… how could I do that? How could I waste money on such things? I don’t know if you know this, but being frugal is the way to go. I’ll definitely regret it in the future if I don’t!”

“Furthermore, even if you say that, I’d still get angry. I can live perfectly well on my own, and I don’t need your charity or assistance!”

Although Tenraku meant well, Rossweisse was displeased and pouted as she glared at him.

“Ah, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Forgive me, Your Highness.”

Tenraku understood that Rossweisse was beyond help in this regard. He wouldn’t dare bring up the topic of supporting her again.

“Hmph, considering your apology, I’ll forgive you this time.”

“Kamiya Tenraku, not just you, but Rias and the others too, you all need to pay more attention to this. Although your Phenex and Gremory families are wealthy, extravagance and wastefulness are shameful behaviors. We should use money in more meaningful ways.”

“And also…”

Well, she was really giving him a lecture now.

As Tenraku listened to Rossweisse’s non-stop criticism, he couldn’t help but feel exasperated.

“Oh, it’s starting over there too!”

“This will be it for now, Kamiya Tenraku. I’m heading back!”

Upon seeing the limited-time sale on the other side, Rossweisse exclaimed and abruptly ended her lecture, swiftly rushing over to join the frenzy.

Finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, Tenraku felt like he had been rescued from the endless nagging.

“Poor Valkyrie,” Ophis remarked from her perch on Tenraku’s shoulder.

Well, that was quite the sharp critique, and it seemed even Dragon God-sama couldn’t help but be a bit judgmental.

“Well, well, Rossweisse was born in the harsh conditions of Northern Europe, so it’s understandable…”

Tenraku offered a small defense for Rossweisse. While her frugality might be a bit extreme, her role as a homemaker was nearly perfect. Though he could understand her, it was still quite a waste to see a young and beautiful Valkyrie like her dressed in shabby sportswear all the time.

Directly offering assistance would likely lead to accusations of lecturing, and it would also challenge her strong sense of pride.

Perhaps after this shopping trip, Tenraku could suggest to Rias to buy some cosmetics and clothes for Rossweisse as a work-related benefit. That way, she wouldn’t have a reason to refuse.

With this thought in mind, Tenraku led Ophis to the lingerie store to reunite with Rias and the other girls.

On the second floor of the mall, the lingerie store was exceptionally crowded. Rias, Akeno, Yubelluna, Sitri Sona, and many other women were there. Tenraku’s presence in this women’s zone immediately attracted attention.

Normally, he would expect to be met with various disapproving, suspicious, or even wary looks. However, this was a world where appearances mattered most, and most of the female customers, upon seeing Tenraku, initially paused in surprise before their faces were graced with a blush of inexplicable charm.

“Perfect timing that you’ve arrived. Let’s pick out some lingerie for Ophis too.”

Rias and Akeno approached, and Tenraku handed Ophis over to them.

“Ophis, what kind of lingerie would you like?”

“This mistress doesn’t understand.”

“In that case, let’s choose a color. What’s your favorite color?”


“Yes, that’s definitely the best color for you. How about this one? Although the size seems a bit large.”

“Do you want it to be a bit bigger? This mistress’s chest is empty.”

“Well, while you can change the size of your chest at will, I think this size suits your current height the best.”

“Then, never mind.”

Tenraku watched as Rias and Akeno picked out lingerie for Ophis for a while, finding it somewhat amusing. Then, he browsed the store to see what the others were selecting.

Asia mostly chose pure white lingerie and panties, fitting her image as a pure Saintess.

Xenovia, on the other hand, went for wild and daring styles, with minimal fabric. Thanks to certain influences, this once straightforward and pure Holy Sword wielder had completely gone off the rails.

Irina opted for some panties with cute bear patterns, staying true to her tsundere personality.

In addition, the other girls chose various lingerie and panties according to their personal tastes, creating a diverse selection.

However, what pleased Tenraku the most was Raynare’s dark and twisted Fallen Angel choices.

Nothing innocent or unsexy— Raynare wanted none of that. Everything had to be designed to excite her master.

As Tenraku observed the lingerie and panties Raynare had chosen, he couldn’t help but lick his lips, knowing he was in for an enjoyable evening.


He suddenly noticed that Yubelluna wasn’t with the others, and instead, she was conversing with a store clerk at a distance.

With a hint of curiosity, Tenraku made his way over to her…

[To be continued…]

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