EPHS-Chapter 285 The Miracle of Motherly Love

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The hospital where Sairaorg’s mother was admitted was located in the territory of the House of Sitri, not the House of Bael and they were going there without anyone’s guidance because Rias had been there before. After getting off the air train, they bought some flowers and fruits for the visit and then took a direct shuttle to the House of Sitri’s territory.

The House of Sitri’s territory was surrounded by natural scenery, and Tenraku had visited there before when he accompanied his President Sama on various sightseeing trips.

As the shuttle bus traveled through the forested roads, Tenraku sat by the window, observing the scenery outside, while Rias and Ravel were whispering to each other.

After what had happened before, it was unclear what they were discussing or agreeing upon, but it was evident that the relationship between the two sisters-in-law had grown even closer. Ravel, who used to show only respect and politeness towards Rias, now occasionally acted coquettishly in front of her.

Cough, perhaps they should now address each other as “elder sister.” These relationships were getting quite complicated…

The bus journey continued in silence, and soon, they arrived at their destination.

The lush green grass was surrounded by huge trees, and buildings stood connected by aerial corridors. It was a tranquil and natural place, perfect for patients to recuperate. According to Rias, it was a famous hospital in the entire Underworld.

As they got off the bus, a middle-aged Devil who looked like a butler came to greet them.

“We’ve been expecting you, Miss Rias, Kamiya Tenraku-Sama, and Princess Ravel of the Phenex family.”

“We’ve come to visit maternal aunt-in-law. Please lead the way,” Rias replied.

“Please follow me.”

The butler greeted them without any pretense and led them to a clean and spacious hospital room.

Inside the room, a woman was lying on the bed, elegant and beautiful, but her complexion was pale, indicating a long-standing illness.

“Maternal aunt-in-law, how are you?” Rias said with sadness as she approached the woman’s side.

“This is Misla Baelmadam, Sairaorg-sama’s mother,” The butler introduced Tenraku and Ravel as he accepted the flowers and fruits they brought.

“Is there anything I can do to help?” Tenraku asked.

“Madam Misla is a gentle and kind woman, but fate has been terribly unfair to her. Today, we invited Tenraku-Sama here because we hope to rely on your power to wake Madam Misla up.”

“As long as we can heal madam, we are willing to grant any reward Tenraku-sama desires.”

Wiping the corner of his eye with a handkerchief, the butler’s emotions were clearly stirred.

“You are too kind. I am not sure if my power can be of any help, but please tell me about Madam’s condition,” Tenraku said.

“Of course.”

With the butler’s explanation, Tenraku had a general idea of the situation.

It all started with Sairaorg’s birth. Madam Misla was from the prestigious House of Vapula, which means “Power over Lions,” and she had married the first heir of the 72 Pillars Devil, the family lord of the House of Bael, to give birth to Sairaorg.

Both Misla’s and Sairaorg’s parents were pure-blooded Devils from prestigious families. Sairaorg, inheriting their genes, was expected to be exceptionally talented. However, to everyone’s surprise, the eldest son of the House of Bael turned out to be a nearly powerless Devil who lacked magical power.

Being unable to inherit the House of Bael’s powerful “Ruin” Magic Power was already a big blow to the family’s pride. To make matters worse, Venelana, who married out of the House of Bael, gave birth to Sirzechs and Rias, both inheriting the formidable Magic Power. This was an unforgivable irony for the proud House of Bael.

In the Devil society, though they valued emotions in families, strength was the utmost priority. Sairaorg, branded as a waste, was abandoned by his father, and Misla was treated with disdain and unfairness for giving birth to such a son.

From then on, both Misla and Sairaorg were considered a disgrace to the House of Bael. Even the servants in the family were allowed to humiliate and mistreat them. House of Bael, refusing any help from the Gremory family and others, only allowed them to live within the House of Bael’s territory, letting them fend for themselves.

For Sairaorg’s growth, the strong-willed Misla, together with her retinue from her own family, left the main residence of the House of Bael and settled at the border of the House of Bael’s territory.

However, even in the rural area, a Devil with almost no magical power like Sairaorg would still face discrimination and unfair treatment. Even the children of ordinary Devil families possessed more magical power than him, resulting in constant bullying.

“The young Sairaorg was truly pitiful at that time…” The butler wiped away his tears, filled with sorrow.

Tenraku couldn’t help but sigh. While he had been considered a waste on par with Sairaorg before, his experiences were much luckier in comparison. Although he had gone through unpleasant things, at least his father and family hadn’t abandoned him.

Even though many might have secretly looked down on and ridiculed him, no one dared to bully him openly due to his identity. Even that arrogant guy Riser, who once thought of attacking Tenraku, was stopped by the sudden appearance of his father. After a good beating, Riser was left sniffling and tearful, warning Tenraku that one day he, the “Waste,” would pay for this.

“What happened afterward? What happened to him?” Tenraku asked, with Ravel listening attentively beside him.

“Although the young master was often bullied by other children, Madam Misla always sternly scolded him whenever he returned home crying.”

“‘Even without Magic Power, you still have a strong body! If you think it’s not enough, find a way to compensate for it! Strengthen your arms, your knowledge, and your speed— find ways to make up for what you lack! No matter what others say, you are a descendant of the House of Bael. Even without Magic Power or the power of Ruin Magic, you must not give up on yourself!’ These were the words madam often said to the young master.”

“‘As long as you don’t give up, you will eventually succeed.’ I heard Sairaorg say this. He said it was the most important advice his mother gave him.”

Rias added from the side with a complicated expression on her face, “In truth, Madam felt more guilty than anyone else. ‘I gave birth to you without the power of Ruin Magic,’ she would apologize to the sleeping young master countless times.”

“Perhaps the young master also noticed it because, suddenly, one day, he stopped Madam from crying and bravely faced everything without running away.”

“It was from that time that the young master started to grow stronger and continuously honed his skills.”

“However, just as the young master became strong enough to stand up against Middle-Class Devils, Madam suddenly fell ill.”

“Over the years, Madam had already become mentally and physically exhausted, but she kept pushing herself for the sake of the young master. When she saw the young master had grown up, she couldn’t hold on any longer, and her body succumbed to the disease.”

“It’s a very rare illness. Once affected, she falls into a deep slumber from which it’s difficult to awaken, and her body gradually weakens until death.”

“Poor Madam Misla. The young master has become so outstanding, but she can no longer see it…”

The butler kept wiping his tears, and influenced by the atmosphere, Lily and Ravel also shed tears of emotion.

Undoubtedly, Misla was a great mother.

Looking at Misla lying on the hospital bed, Tenraku felt deeply moved. His own mother was also like this, raising him alone in the Human World for his growth.

When the doctors declared that she had a terminal illness that would kill her soon, she defied them. She not only gave birth to him but also raised him until he could live independently. Even the doctors said it was an impossible miracle!

When his mother passed away, Tenraku was powerless to change the outcome. He could only smile through his tears and promise her not to worry. He pledged to eat well, sleep well, and live strongly and bravely every day, promising to marry many beautiful and capable wives in the future to take care of him in her place.

His mother’s passing was a perpetual sadness and regret for Tenraku, and if possible, he didn’t want Sairaorg to experience the same thing. Looking at Misla, whose breath was weak and face pale, Tenraku made a silent decision—

He must cure her!

To be continued…

PS: I was planning to skip this part of the plot, but after some thought, I decided to write it out. It’s a way to make up for Sairaorg’s regrets. That’s what fanfiction is about, right?

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