EPHS-Chapter 284 You’re Better Off Not Knowing

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Late at night, in the church…

A glimmer of light and several water flows appeared, forming the silhouette of a woman in the room.

“Who are you?!” Griselda, who was resting, opened her eyes wide and appeared in front of the woman in an instant. As one of the Church’s strongest exorcists and the Royal User – Brave Saint Queen under the Archangel Gabriel-Sama, Griselda’s power was formidable. She had sensed the intruder the moment the woman appeared.

Staring intently at the woman, Griselda felt a surge of anger. How dare someone break into the church and sneak into her room! Did they really think she was an easy target?!

But then…

“An Elf?”

Looking at the tall woman in a water-blue long dress, Griselda raised an eyebrow in surprise. The woman’s aura wasn’t that of a human, Devil, or any other Yōkai. It was purely that of an Elf. However, even for an Elf, her aura was a bit exaggerated. Could she be some sort of Elf royalty?

While Griselda was pondering, the woman remained silent, placing a thick tome on the table. Then, with a flash of light, she disappeared into water flows.

After carefully sensing her surroundings and confirming that the woman had indeed left, Griselda felt a slight sense of relief. Though she wasn’t afraid of the Elf intruder, engaging in a fight inside the church could be disastrous. Avoiding conflict was always the preferable option.

Yet, Griselda couldn’t help but wonder why the woman had infiltrated the church just to leave a mysterious tome.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Griselda walked over to examine the tome. When she saw the words “Holy Scripture” written prominently on the cover, she couldn’t help but sneer.

The teachings of the Lord were known as the “Holy Bible,” yet this tome dared to call itself the “Holy Scripture.” Quite an audacious claim!

Raising her hand, Griselda was ready to unleash her magic to destroy the tome. However, at the last moment, she hesitated.

Though it seemed suspicious, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look at its contents before destroying it.

With that thought in mind, Griselda dispersed her magic and picked up the tome.

The moment she held it, Griselda felt a tremor in her heart and soul. Whether it was an illusion or not, she suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of sacredness emanating from the tome called the “Holy Scripture.”

She hesitated, feeling a struggle within her, but ultimately, she couldn’t resist the temptation and opened the tome.

Unbeknownst to the nun, the moment she opened the “Holy Scripture,” she fell into a devil’s trap from which she couldn’t turn back…

At dawn, at the Kamiya Family Residence, under the watchful eyes of Akeno and the other girls, Tenraku, Rias, and Ravel stepped into the transmission formation.

After accepting the request from his mother-in-law last night, Tenraku was ready to go and see Sairaorg’s mother to see if he could help her recover. At least, it was worth checking out.

After a few teleportations and then boarding an Underworld air train, they were served exquisite snacks by the attendants before they left. Now, in the luxurious compartment, there were only Tenraku, Rias, and Ravel.

“Why are you coming along, Ravel?” Rias finally couldn’t hold back her curiosity, glancing at Ravel, who sat on the other side and held onto one of Tenraku’s arms.

“Sister-In-Law-Sama, I… I…” Flushing red all of a sudden, Ravel seemed at a loss for words.

Rias was taken aback, wondering if she had asked a strange or inappropriate question.

“After we see Sairaorg’s mother, Ravel and I plan to return to the Phenex family,” Tenraku explained, comforting Ravel to ease her nervousness.

“Return home?” Rias looked puzzled. Even if Ravel was returning home, her reaction seemed a bit odd, didn’t it?

“In fact…” After contemplating for a moment, Tenraku decided to explain his and Ravel’s situation to Rias.

This time, they had come back to be honest with Otou-Sama and Okaa-Sama about their relationship. Tenraku also planned to request permission from Otou-Sama and Okaa-Sama to take Ravel as his wife. These were things that Rias would find out sooner or later, so Tenraku decided to tell her now.

As expected, after listening to Tenraku’s explanation, Rias stared at him in shock, almost dumbfounded. This guy actually didn’t spare even her younger sister!

While Devil society didn’t strictly prohibit such relationships between siblings, especially when they were only half-blooded like Tenraku and Ravel, it still challenged Rias’ sensibilities. She was so angered that she couldn’t find the words to respond.

“Sorry, Rias. It’s all my fault. If you want to blame someone, blame me,” Tenraku said apologetically.

“It’s not true, Onii-chan. It’s all because of me…”

Tenraku looked apologetic, but Ravel seemed eager to explain something. However, Tenraku gently tapped her on the head, signaling her to stop.

“Ravel, this doesn’t concern you. These are responsibilities that I must bear. You just stay by my side,” he said to her.

“Onii-chan, I…”

Although Ravel’s recklessness had led to the current situation, Tenraku was willing to take all the blame for her. This made Ravel feel both guilty and moved.

Taking a deep breath, Rias finally calmed down, stood up, and looked at Tenraku and Ravel with an expressionless face.

“Ravel, come with me.”


Clutching Tenraku’s arm tightly, Ravel was hesitant to move.

Rias emitted a powerful aura, which made Ravel, who was already guilty and embarrassed, even more reluctant to follow her.

“Go, Ravel. Everything will be fine,” Tenraku comforted her, patting her forehead.

Encouraged by her Onii-chan, Ravel bit her lip and finally stood up, following Rias hesitantly into the adjacent compartment.

“Sister-In-Law-Sama, I… I…”

Feeling more nervous than ever, Ravel lowered her head.

Seeing her like this, Rias couldn’t maintain her cold and serious expression any longer. She sighed softly and gently caressed the girl’s forehead.

“Ravel, tell me everything about your relationship with Tenraku. I want to know all of it.”


Whatever conversation occurred between the two women, Tenraku had to wait a while before Rias and Ravel returned together. Though Ravel still blushed, her nervousness had visibly subsided. Tenraku could already guess the outcome.

“Why, aren’t you angry anymore, Rias?” Sitting back in their original positions, Tenraku looked at Rias with a smile.

“Hmph, if I got angry every time because of these things, he would’ve driven me crazy long ago!” Rias replied with a glare.

“Ravel is a good girl, and you must not let me down. Afterward, you should also explain everything to Uncle and Aunt Phenex, and…”

In a serious tone, Rias gave Ravel a long list of instructions, clearly showing that she had accepted Ravel. Before she could finish, though, Tenraku hugged her waist and pulled her into his arms.

“What are you doing? We’re outside!” Rias blushed and struggled.

“Rias, even when you pretend to be strong, you are still adorable.”

“Though it may not be fair to you, I must say…”

“To have a wife like you is truly the luck of my life…”

Whispering in Rias’ ear, Tenraku’s words caused her heart to tremble. She stopped struggling, but the determined look in her eyes was replaced with a hint of melancholy and tears welled up in her beautiful eyes.

“Hmph, it’s enough that you know…”

To be continued…

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