EPHS-Chapter 276 Remember Your Promise

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Kuoh Academy, Student Council. Tenraku was accompanied by Kunou to handle her enrollment, while Ravel, Mira, and Koneko-chan, who was holding a certain black cat, also came along and waited nearby.

“Sona, I’m counting on you again this time.”

Looking at Sitri Sona, whom he hadn’t seen for a few days, Tenraku smiled as he spoke.

“How many times is it already?”

Sitri Sona’s face darkened, and she replied with a hint of annoyance on her face. Every once in a while, this guy, Tenraku, would bring some girls to transfer to the school. This time, he even managed to bring Kyoto Yokai’s Princess Kunou with him!

“A lot has happened in Kyoto this time. You should have heard about it from Yura and the others, right?”

“I’ll explain the details later. In any case, Kunou will be staying with us from now on, so I brought her here to handle the enrollment procedures.”

“Alright, let her be in the same class as Ravel, Koneko-chan, and Mira.”

Although feeling exasperated with this guy, Sitri Sona didn’t refuse and simply sighed before calling out to her Queen.

“Tsubaki, please assist them.”

“Yes, Sona-sama.”

With practiced ease, Shinra Tsubaki quickly completed Kunou’s enrollment procedures and even provided her with a school uniform. When Kunou received her uniform, her entire face turned crimson.

“It’s almost time for class. Kunou, go with Ravel and the others to the classroom.”

Patting Kunou’s head, Tenraku then instructed Ravel and the other girls:

“Ravel, Koneko-chan, Mira, Kunou has just transferred here and has no experience in a school before. Take good care of her.”

Mira naturally followed Tenraku’s instructions, and Koneko-chan, holding the black cat, nodded. However, Ravel impatiently grabbed Kunou’s arm and said:

“Alright, alright, Onii-chan is so fussy.”

Tenraku twitched his lips and wondered if he misheard.

How dare she call him fussy? That brat Ravel!

“Let’s go, little fox. I’ll take you to our classroom.”

“Let her go, Chicken Princess. Kunou can follow us.”

“You annoying Nekomata! You called me ‘Chicken Princess’ again!”

“Ravel-chan, Koneko-chan, let’s get along and stop fighting.”

“Don’t worry, I get along well with this Chicken Princess.”

“You annoying, annoying, annoying! Little fox, listen to this. This Nekomata is the most annoying!”


Amidst the bickering, the girls left the office.

Tenraku couldn’t help but feel a little speechless. Ravel and Koneko-chan were really a pair of rivals. Despite considering each other as good friends, they refused to admit it and often argued. But with Kunou in the middle to mediate, he supposed there was no need to worry.

His gaze fell on Sitri Sona, and a slight smile curved Tenraku’s lips.

With Kunou’s enrollment taken care of, now it was their turn…

“Ahem, Tsubaki, I have something to discuss privately with Sona. Could you please leave for a moment?”

Coughing lightly, Tenraku spoke up.

“Yes, Tenraku-sama.”

A strange light flickered in Shinra Tsubaki’s cold eyes, but without asking further questions, she greeted Tenraku and Sitri Sona before exiting the office.

Once Shinra Tsubaki left, only Tenraku and Sitri Sona remained in the spacious room.

“Heh heh, can’t you come up with a better excuse?!”

Struggling for a moment, Sitri Sona gave up and then glared at Tenraku with a mix of embarrassment and annoyance.

Couldn’t this guy use a better excuse than “I want to discuss something privately with Sona” every time? Using this tired old excuse to send Tsubaki and the others away… even if they were foolish, after so many times, Tsubaki and the others would surely notice something!

“Heh, Sona, why do you continue to deceive yourself? Tsubaki and the others are your closest peers. Although it hasn’t been spoken aloud, I’m afraid they already know about us,” Tenraku said with a smile, enjoying the familiar fragrance emanating from the girls.

Sitri Sona’s expression stiffened, and a faint blush appeared on her usually cold face. She knew very well that what Tenraku said was true, but she had been avoiding acknowledging it all this time!

It was all because of this bastard’s meddling that her state of mind had been disturbed, leading to her current situation! A hint of annoyance rose within Sitri Sona as she instinctively pinched a soft spot around Tenraku’s waist.

“Ow, ow, ow… Sona, have you learned Rias’ tricks too?” Tenraku winced in pain, as he was caught off guard. Whether it was biting or pinching, why did all these women know these moves?!

“Oh… so Rias uses this move too? Then I’ll have to use it more in the future,” Sitri Sona said, her eyes sparkling with a hint of curiosity, and a beautiful yet sinister smile appeared on her face.

Tenraku had the urge to slap himself. Why did he have such a big mouth?!

“Tell me, is there any other information about the Kyoto incident that we don’t know? Why did the nine-tailed princess entrust her most important successor to you and bring her to Kuoh Town?” Sitri Sona’s expression turned cold as she increased the pressure in her grip.

“Ah, I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you!” Yielding immediately, Tenraku openly shared everything that had happened in Kyoto with the girl, including his own involvement with the Yasaka princess. He wouldn’t hide anything from Rias and the others, so he wouldn’t hide it from Sitri Sona either.

Sitri Sona was already aware of the Hero Faction’s attack on Kyoto, so she wasn’t surprised. However, when she heard about Tenraku’s relationship with the Yasaka princess, even the usually composed President-sama showed a hint of shock.

This guy, Tenraku, had actually become the husband of the Nine-Tailed Princess!!!

“Although it was unexpected due to certain circumstances, that’s how it happened. I became Yasaka’s husband, and Kunou became my adopted daughter in name,” Tenraku explained.

“Huh… unexpected? There have been quite a few ‘unexpected’ things happening to you!” Sitri Sona responded with a cold smirk, making Tenraku feel slightly embarrassed.

Indeed, there had been quite a few “unexpected” incidents involving him.


“Are you jealous, Sona?” Tenraku lifted the girl’s chin and teased her with a playful smile.

“Hmph, it’s none of my business. Why would I be jealous?” Sitri Sona averted her gaze, coldly snorting.

“You’re clearly jealous, but you won’t admit it, right?”

“Rias and the others already comforted me last night. Now it’s time for my President-sama to be comforted!” Lowering his head, Tenraku sealed Sona’s lips with his own.

“Mmmph…” Filled with a mix of embarrassment and indignation, Sitri Sona initially struggled, but under Tenraku’s relentless assault, she soon succumbed, her expression intoxicated as she allowed him to have his way.

Under the pretense of comforting her, Tenraku indulged in his mischievous acts until he was satisfied. Only then did he release the girl.

“Sona, no matter what the future holds, my feelings for you won’t change. I promise,” Tenraku whispered softly in her ear as he leaned over her.

“Kamiya Tenraku… remember your promise,” Sitri Sona said, her voice filled with a mix of awe and warning.

To be continued…

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