EPHS-Chapter 264 Cao Cao’s Forbidden Move

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Roaring, the golden giant fox and the scarlet yokai fox continued their fierce battle, causing tall buildings and city walls in the surrounding area to collapse and crumble.

Several members of the Hero Faction attempted to attack Scarlet’s yokai fox, but they were easily defeated, slapped into the ground without any clue as to what happened.

The nine-tailed fox was a powerful Yōkai on the level of a Comparable Dragon King. To restrain her, Tenraku had created a Nine-Tailed with Demon King-level strength, expending a significant amount of energy in the process.

With a resounding clash, the two yokai foxes separated, looking up. A massive fireball formed in the mouth of the golden giant fox. It was no ordinary flame; it was the yokai fire of the nine-tailed fox. Even from a distance, one could feel its astonishing heat.

On the other side, the other nine-tailed fox opened its large mouth, compressing and condensing a sphere of Scarlet’s energy, aligning with its own quirk. Let’s call it a Bijūdama for now.

With a shout, the two colossal beasts simultaneously unleashed their fireball and Bijūdama, which collided in mid-air.


A tremendous explosion occurred, and the sky seemed to radiate like a blazing sun, illuminating both the sky and the ground as if it were daytime…


Cries of agony echoed as several Hero Faction women in uniform attempted to attack Katerea but were easily defeated, each spitting blood as they were sent flying.

“Capture them. They are excellent tools, and the Master will be pleased.”

Stretching her seductive waist, Katerea, wielding a magic staff, spoke in a nonchalant tone.

“Yes, Lady Katerea.”

With a cold smiles on their faces, two female magicians standing by stepped forward and knocked out the injured women on the ground one by one, dragging them back.

Looking at those ferocious Demonic Beasts fiercely cooperating with her subordinates, Katerea’s eyes flickered with excitement.

Getting stronger and stronger, her wicked and magnificent Master was getting stronger too!

That’s how it should be, that’s how it should be. Devour and plunder all those Sacred Gears, becoming stronger and stronger.

As long as her Master could dominate the world, she would be able to fulfill her own ambitions!

Jiū jiū jiū…

In the sky, Tenraku continued to battle Cao Cao.

Surrounded by nearly a hundred small flying dragons, Cao Cao evaded and defended against their relentless attacks, but as time passed, he began to show signs of struggling.

“Not good!”

His body becoming sluggish, Cao Cao couldn’t help but inwardly realize his mistake.

Several energy waves shot toward him, and with a series of explosions, they engulfed Cao Cao. Although he had timely activated his Spirit Qi for protection, Cao Cao was still injured, and a trace of blood appeared at the corner of his mouth.

“Cao Cao, if you don’t show your true skills, you’re going to die.” Tenraku whistled as he taunted him.

“Hā… Hā… It seems that’s true.”

Wiping away the blood from his mouth, Cao Cao couldn’t help but smile bitterly, but his eyes sparkled even brighter.

“Although it’s not complete yet, there’s no choice but to give it a try.”

“Let me show you, Kamiya Tenraku, my Forbidden Move!”

Having seemingly made a decision, Cao Cao’s True Longinus emitted a dazzling light. Then, in the gaze of Tenraku, a sacred halo appeared behind Cao Cao.

Accompanying the halo were seven bowling ball-sized spheres, evenly distributed and rotating around the halo.

This Forbidden Move was indeed calm. It seemed to have few changes other than the addition of the halo and several spheres, but Tenraku beneath the armor showed a grave expression, not underestimating it in the slightest.

This Forbidden Move was incredibly dangerous!

“This is my Forbidden Move, ‘Heavenly Ring Holy King’s Spear Enveloped in Brightness Which Brings the Polar Night – Polar Night Longinus Chakravartin.’ It’s slightly different from the Forbidden Move of the previous wielder, ‘Holy Spear of the Pure White Night – True Longinus Götterdämmerung.’ However, the most interesting aspect of these Sacred Gears is that their evolution depends on the wielder. You should understand this better than anyone, considering your experience with various Sacred Gears,” Cao Cao spoke, his lips curling up.

Even though there was no aura emanating from him at this moment, he gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.

“That’s right.”

“In that case, what abilities does your Forbidden Move possess? It seems to be related to those dazzling spheres behind you,” Tenraku asked, pointing towards the cool-looking orbs.

“You’re right. I call them the ‘Seven Treasures,’ and each treasure represents a unique ability. As for the specifics, you’ll experience them firsthand in the upcoming battle,” Cao Cao replied.

“Now, let’s eliminate these bothersome little creatures!” Cao Cao wore a mysterious smile as he flicked his war spear. Instantly, a dense swarm of spear shadows pierced through the air and its speed was several times faster than before!

The small flying dragons released by Tenraku were each palm-sized, making them small targets. However, their speed was incredibly fast and agile, making it nearly impossible for an ordinary person to catch them. But Cao Cao, with his unparalleled speed, effortlessly pierced through nearly a hundred small flying dragons one by one.

Hōng Hōng Hōnghōng hōng!!!!

Like fireworks blooming, the sky was cleared of nearly a hundred small flying dragons in the blink of an eye.

“HāHāHā… Kamiya Tenraku, I have a special gift for you. Make sure you don’t die, ah!” Cao Cao laughed heartily as he dashed towards Tenraku. At the same time, one of the spheres behind him detached and merged into his Holy Spear.

“One of the Seven Treasures, the General Treasure (Parinayakaratana)!” Cao Cao exclaimed, raising his voice, and thrust his spear toward Tenraku.

Tenraku’s hair stood on end as he instinctively sensed boundless danger. It felt ten times stronger than the last time Cao Cao had tried to stop him from seizing Leonardo’s Sacred Gear.

“Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror!” Without a chance to evade due to the overwhelming speed, Tenraku decisively summoned the “Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror” and activated his innate barrier ability.

The ancient and fantastical mirror appeared in front of Tenraku, while the innate barrier enveloped his entire body. Coupled with the incredibly sturdy armor of the Two Heavenly Dragons, this defense was impenetrable, not even a nuclear explosion could harm Tenraku.


The unbeatable “Yata-no-Kagami – Eight Ta Mirror” shattered with a crisp sound, and the innate barrier crumbled like paper. When Cao Cao’s Holy Spear struck Tenraku, the red and white intertwined armor of the Two Heavenly Dragons exploded into pieces!


“!!!!” Tenraku spewed out blood and his body plummeted, crashing into the ground and creating a large crater dozens of meters wide.

This was the result of a single spear thrust, the power was unbelievably immense!

All the combatants couldn’t help but pause, their eyes wide open, as they looked in the direction of Tenraku and Cao Cao in astonishment.

That single spear strike undoubtedly possessed the power to kill Gods and Demon Kings!

So, what about Kamiya Tenraku, who was struck by that spear…


“Tenraku-san! Tenraku-san!”

Staring blankly in the direction of Tenraku’s fall, Asia, who had snapped back to reality, desperately tried to run toward him, but she was blocked by the barrier, causing her to injure herself. However, the girl paid no attention to her injuries and continued to desperately attempt to escape.

Tenraku was her first friend, and her first family. He saved her when she was in her most desperate moments, providing her warmth and belief, giving her hope to live again.

If Tenraku died, she would undoubtedly collapse!

Kunou, tears streaming down her face, tightly embraced Asia, while everyone else remained fixated on the direction where Tenraku had fallen.

Under such a lethal strike, would he survive or…

To be continued…


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