EPHS-Chapter 237: Another Peerage

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“Odin-Sama, Sirzechs-Sama.”

“Oh, Azaze, didn’t see you there!”

Tenraku greeted the three people in the room as he received their summons. The other two seemed fine, but Azazel twitched his mouth, feeling a sense of imbalance in the surroundings. This brat addressed Sirzechs and Odin with honorifics, so why is he using his name directly here?!!!

“Tenraku-kun, I apologize for calling you at such a time, but we do have some important matters we would like your help with.” Sirzechs gestured for Tenraku to sit down and began speaking.

“Please, go ahead, Sirzechs-Sama.”

Tenraku nodded, but he didn’t immediately agree. He still held a glimmer of hope that he could avoid all this.

“You are already aware of the attack on Odin Sama. However, when Loki was repelled, he proclaimed that he would appear at the upcoming meeting of the Gods. This meeting is crucial for establishing important exchanges between the Nordic God System and the Eastern gods. We cannot allow Loki to disrupt it.”

Sirzechs explained, and Tenraku recalled that Odin had indeed mentioned that Sirzechs and Michael were helping to arrange a meeting with the Gods of this country, and Tenraku had been invited to attend as well.

“I wonder, Sirzechs-Sama, what is it that you want me to do?” Though he already had some guesses in his mind, Tenraku still held onto a sliver of hope.

“Haha… Kid, what we want you to do is restrain Loki during the meeting and prevent him from causing any disturbances.” Azazel slapped Tenraku’s shoulder forcefully and laughed as he spoke.

Although Tenraku had anticipated this, he didn’t expect it to be this task and the expression on his face immediately turned bitter.

“I’ve heard that Loki is not easy to deal with but he is also not that powerful. Both the Devils and Fallen Angels have many experts. Why should I be the one to restrain Loki?”

“Tenraku-Kun, while it’s true that we have candidates among the Devils and Fallen Angels who can restrain Loki, we are currently completely occupied with the affairs of the Hero Faction. So, we can only rely on your help, Tenraku-kun.”

“Even if Sirzechs-Sama says so, I also have various difficulties on my side…”

Dealing with just Loki alone was already troublesome enough, and there was also the more dangerous demonic wolf Fenrir. Who knows if Loki had other helpers? Tenraku really didn’t want to get involved in this mess.

It wasn’t just about the danger; the key question was, what did he gain from it? Even if Loki wasn’t a good person, Tenraku had no conflicts or contradictions with him. Even if he took out Loki, Tenraku wouldn’t gain much.

Tenraku didn’t want to involve himself in such a thankless task!

Being leaders of major forces, Odin, Sirzechs, and Azazel were all astute individuals. They naturally could see why Tenraku was unwilling to take action. They couldn’t help but shake their heads with a smile.

“Tenraku-Kun, you…”

Shaking his head helplessly, Sirzechs put away the smile on his face.

“Tenraku-kun, after the incident with the Old Maou faction last time, all of Diodora’s Peerage members disappeared. It seems you have hidden them, haven’t you?”

“This… Well, they were my spoils of war, and I have the right to deal with them, don’t I?”

Why was this matter suddenly brought up? Tenraku felt a sudden pang in his stomach.

Although they didn’t necessarily have any evidence, lying in front of these big shots would be a foolish act. So, Tenraku could only admit it with a heavy heart.

“Indeed, with Tenraku-Kun’s achievements, there is no problem with allowing you to handle Diodora’s Peerage. However, according to the rules of the Underworld, the pieces inside them are valuable assets and need to be reclaimed.”

Sirzechs nodded, but a hint of mockery flashed in his eyes.

“Haha… I understand, Sirzechs-Sama. Just say what you want to say.”

Rubbing his head, Tenraku naturally knew that Sirzechs’ true intention was not Semiria and the others or the Devil pieces. So, he decided to confront him directly.

“Then, I’ll be straightforward. Tenraku-Kun, you must have noticed it too, right? Those girls can no longer use the pieces to enhance their abilities.”

“Indeed, because I took out their Kings, the functionality of the pieces stopped.”

After losing the properties of the pieces, the strength of Semiria and her group had greatly diminished and Tenraku also felt regretful about this.

“To activate the full functionality of each piece, the King’s information needs to be registered on the ‘Chess Stele’ in the Demon King’s territory. When the King dies, the functionality of the pieces also ceases. It is a measure to prevent someone from killing the King and seizing the Peerage.”

“As long as Tenraku helps restrain Loki this time and ensures the smooth progress of the gods’ meeting, as a reward, I will register that set of pieces under Tenraku’s name and let them become Tenraku’s Peerage as well.” Sirzechs’ proposed a reward that did stir some interest in Tenraku and his eyes lit up.

“Can a King have multiple Peerages?”

Thinking of something, Tenraku couldn’t help but ask. If a King could have multiple Peerages, he could find a way to obtain more sets of pieces in the future!

“Tenraku-Kun, don’t be too greedy. This is just a rare exception.”

“And even if I register that set of pieces under your name, those Peerages can only be your private strength, and if you want to participate in a Rating Game or any other formal competition, you can only use your original Peerage.”

Knowing exactly what Tenraku was thinking, Sirzechs shook his head as he spoke.

Although a bit disappointed, it was still good to have an extra Peerage. At least in Tenraku’s impression, it seemed that no one could currently have two Peerages at the same time!

“Since Sirzechs-Sama has said so, I can’t refuse to help this time, but…”

Looking towards Azazel, Tenraku smirked.

“Azazel, you have to give me some benefits too!”

“Why should I give you anything?!”

Azazel was first stunned, then he shouted dissatisfiedly.

“I don’t care. Since you’re here too, if you don’t give me some benefits, I won’t do it!”

Sneering repeatedly, Tenraku resorted to being shameless.

If he had to risk his life dealing with such a dangerous enemy, he would be a complete fool if he didn’t seize the opportunity to gain some benefits!

“Ahem, Azazel, why don’t you show your appreciation as well?”

“Cute little brat, this meeting is also of great significance to your Fallen Angels…”

Sirzechs cleared his throat, while the old man Odin patted Azazel’s shoulder with an expression that said, “It’s up to you.”

Azazel’s eye twitched. He was truly being driven crazy by these guys.

“It’s my misfortune to run into you, you little brat. Take it!”

With a grumpy scold, Azazel threw a staff-like object at Tenraku…

To be continued…


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