EPHS-Chapter 236 Ragnarøk

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In the evening, the Kamiya Family, Tenraku, Rias, and the group of girls were enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

Midway through the dinner, Tenraku brought up the topic of the upcoming School Trip, prompting surprised expressions on the faces of Rias’ girls.

“Are you taking the Kendo Club with you on the School Trip?”

“Well, I agreed because the cute club members requested it.”

Tenraku replied while eating.

Rias, her expression tinged with a hint of incredulity, couldn’t resist chiming in, “But your Kendo Club has over a hundred members, right? Not just second years, but also first and third years. Won’t Sona object to such a reckless decision?”

“Sona is quite easygoing. I made a request to her, and she agreed.”

“Cough cough cough…”

Tenraku replied somewhat guiltily, and Rias and Akeno, who heard the conversation, started coughing.

Sona is a person of principles. It’s not so easy for her to agree to something that goes against the rules just because you made a request, right?

With a glance at each other, the two girls knew there was something fishy without even asking!

Observing Tenraku, who was busy eating with his head down, the clever girls didn’t press further.

Akeno had an evil look in her eyes, while Rias had a gentle smile and a sparkling look in her eyes.

Speaking of which, Tenraku had been spending an unusual amount of time with Sona lately.

‘It’s about time to find an opportunity to talk to Sona.’ Rias silently made up her mind…

Although Tenraku promised to take his own club members on the School Trip, they still had to wait for the school to arrange a suitable time. In the meantime, Tenraku and the girls continued their normal school life.

Inside the classroom, the teacher stood on the podium, droning on about a subject from a textbook. Tenraku, seated near the window, rested his head on the desk, appearing drowsy.

Of course, although he closed his eyes, Tenraku wasn’t actually sleeping. He was familiarizing himself with the abilities of the Sacred Gears he had recently obtained. If someone sitting next to him paid close attention, they would notice that Tenraku’s shadow under the desk was constantly changing and distorting in an eerie manner.

However, Tenraku was surrounded by Rias, Akeno, and Raynare from all sides, and they wouldn’t allow anyone else to see this strange sight.

“Look, what is that? It looks like a horse-drawn carriage flying in the sky!”

“It’s falling, it’s falling in this direction!”

A cry of surprise came from outside, and everyone in the classroom was drawn to it. Tenraku also stood up and looked out the window and the expression on his face changed.

In the sky not far away, a gray horse with eight legs was pulling a dilapidated palace and flying towards them. Then, with a loud crash, it landed on the school playground!

Tenraku, Rias, and the girls recognized what it was. It was Odin’s Horse-drawn Divine Chariot!


Standing up, Tenraku jumped out of the window, and Rias and the girls followed suit with serious expressions on their faces, spreading their Devil or Fallen Angel wings and chasing after him. They left behind a stunned teacher and a group of boys and girls in the classroom.

“They… they flew away, Rias and the others flew away!”

The playground of Kuoh Academy had descended into chaos.

“Eight… eight legs! That horse actually has eight legs!”

“It’s a monster, it’s a monster!”

“This is the real world. I must be dreaming. I must be dreaming!”

The horse-drawn carriage that fell from the sky created a huge crater in the playground. The gray monstrous horse stood calmly in the middle, snorting, while the boys and girls who gathered to watch were dumbfounded and wore expressions of disbelief on their faces.


“Kamiya Tenraku, Rias!”

When Tenraku and Rias’ girls arrived at the playground, Sitri Sona also flew over with her Peerage.

As expected, the appearance of Tenraku and the girls caused another wave of chaos. Just the pitch-black Devil wings behind Rias and the girls were enough to stimulate the nerves of these ordinary boys and girls.

“Hey, hey, things have really gotten lively now.”

“Kamiya Tenraku, Rias, we’ll leave that side to you. We’ll focus on restoring order at the school.”

In order to divide the tasks, Tenraku and Rias’ group approached Odin’s divine chariot, while Sitri Sona quickly set up a barrier with Shinra Tsubaki and isolated the scene. Then, they activated a large-scale memory erasure magic, causing everyone at the school to forget what they had just witnessed.

“Tenraku, you kids really caused a lot of trouble this time,” Odin said with a wry smile as he stepped down from the divine chariot.

“Odin-Sama, what exactly happened?” Tenraku furrowed his brows and asked.

The magnificent divine chariot was now in tatters, clearly indicating that it had been attacked.

“We’ll discuss all that later. For now, you should focus on treating Baraqiel,” Odin shook his head and replied.

Tenraku and the girls then saw Rossweisse supporting Baraqiel as they walked down from the divine chariot. However, Baraqiel looked extremely miserable, covered in blood and heavily injured, with a huge wound on his chest.

Tenraku’s expression changed, and Akeno beside him couldn’t help but exclaim, “Father!”

Occult Research Club room:

“Don’t worry, Akeno Nee-Sama, Baraqiel is fine now,” Asia wiped away her sweat and smiled at the nervous Akeno.

“Thank you, Asia,” Akeno finally breathed a sigh of relief and held Asia’s hand gratefully. Then, she helped Baraqiel up.

“Father, how are you feeling?” Akeno asked.

“Thanks to the treatment from your companions, I’m alright now, Akeno,” Baraqiel smiled, although still a bit weak.

Seeing the caring expression on Akeno’s face, Baraqiel felt that all the injuries he had suffered were worth it…

Meanwhile, in another room:

“Now, Odin-Sama, can you finally tell us what exactly happened?” Tenraku asked as Odin and Rossweisse came out, having changed their clothes.

“Tenraku, as you can see, we were attacked,” Odin replied, sitting down.

“Was it the so-called Heroes from Khaos Brigade?” Tenraku raised an eyebrow.

“This time, it wasn’t the Heroes from the Khaos Brigade. It was an issue within our own ranks,” Odin sighed and continued, “The one who attacked us was Loki, the God of Mischief, Loki.”

Tenraku’s eyebrows furrowed, and Odin sighed again before saying, “I wanted to establish communication with Devils, Angels, Fallen Angels, and all the major god systems, and promote peaceful coexistence. But Loki, that stubborn guy, has a different agenda. He wants to trigger Ragnarok and eliminate all the Gods of other God systems.”

Odin’s shocking words left Rias’ group in disbelief. “He wants to trigger Ragnarok? Is he crazy?!”

“Ohhhhh… In a way, that guy is indeed a madman,” Odin replied. “Because of this, he also sees me as a traitor to the Nordic God System, so he took action against me to try to eliminate me.”

Tenraku finally understood. This was like a political struggle within the Nordic God System. Odin advocated for peace and openness, while Loki was a conservative who believed in war. Due to his dissatisfaction with Odin’s actions, Loki tried to eliminate him in secret.

Tenraku wasn’t interested in these matters that belonged to other people’s business. As for Loki, the enemy who wanted to trigger Ragnarok and destroy all other god systems, Tenraku didn’t pay much attention to him.

Everyone knows how to boast, but they should also know their own worth!

“By the way, who injured Father-In-Law? His strength is on par with Azazel. It’s impossible for that Loki alone to inflict such severe injuries on him,” Tenraku asked, realizing something.

“It was done by the demonic wolf Fenrir. Loki summoned that monster as well, and that Fallen Angel kid accidentally got bitten by its ‘God-slaying Fangs’ while trying to save some civilians,” Odin replied and Tenraku nodded, understanding the situation.

Looking at Baraqiel, who was talking with Akeno, Tenraku couldn’t help but smile. He hadn’t expected his father-in-law to be a strong and compassionate Fallen Angel.

The attack incident had come to an end. Tenraku had no interest in getting involved in these political struggles, which seemed like power struggles within the god systems.

The subsequent matters would naturally be handled by Sirzechs and the others. He had thought that there would be no more trouble for him, but ironically, he was still caught up in this troublesome event…

To be continued…


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