EPHS-Chapter 22 Smiling Face

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“HāHāHā … Little bastards, food for you again!”

The gate where the barrier was applied slowly opened, and then a few Vampires escorted a group of humans in, but when they saw Tenraku and Herbert standing in front when they were supposed to be all inside, they couldn’t help but stunned:

“What are you doing …”

The Vampire, who was at the forefront, wanted to ask something, but Tenraku did not give him a chance at all. A strange light flashed in his black pupils, and the Sacred Gear’s ability was instantly activated.

Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View!

An invisible realm had spread out, and whatever Tenraku saw, whether human or Vampire, was frozen in time!


Not wanting to lose this opportunity, Tenraku rushed forward and quickly punched several Vampires to the ground with his fist strengthened by Spirit Qi, and then released the ability of Evil Eye:

“You guys are still here, run away if you don’t want to die!”

Tenraku shouted at a group of humans who were still in a daze and had no idea what was happening.

“Run away!”

No one knew who was the first to react, and then all humans ran out in a crazy way.

They are clearly living their peaceful lives but then they were suddenly caught by this group of Vampires and their will to live soon collapsed. No matter where they are, and where they went, they just want to escape from here!

Not only those humans, Herbert and the small group of Vampires were also cheering and they became excited. Although they don’t know how Tenraku did it, now it doesn’t matter, and they can’t wait to turn into bats and fly out.

“Tenraku Sama, let’s run away!”

His face was flushed with excitement, and Gasper and Valerie ran beside Tenraku and said.

However, Tenraku sneered and shook his head:

“We are not in a hurry, wait a second.”

Picking up an iron sword from the ground, Tenraku didn’t rush to take Gasper and Valerie to escape, but pierced through the hearts of several Vampires on the ground and completely finished them.

The guys in front were nothing but the bait that Tenraku released and when they rushed out to make a mess and create chaos, then it would be the best time for the three of them to escape.

Although Valerie and Gasper didn’t understand what Tenraku is doing, they have absolute trust in Tenraku and they didn’t ask much. Anyway, they were determined to do whatever Lord Tenraku asked them to do.

After waiting for a few minutes, Tenraku’s forehead was slightly sweaty, and his eyes lit up until he heard a noise from outside:

“Let’s Go!”

With a loud shout, Tenraku rushed out first, and Gasper and Valerie quickly followed.

There are also many civilians in Vampire’s territory. As expected by Tenraku, the escaped humans and the small Vampires caused a chaos outside. There were people chasing and escaping on the streets, and no one noticed Tenraku.

With Gasper and Valerie, they tried their best to escape out of the city and chose those remote roads as far as possible. They encountered other vampires several times, but Tenraku killed them with the ability of the Evil Eye.

After escaping from the town, the three of them penetrated into a forest, breathing heavily with their mouths while leaning on the tree trunks. They were so excited that they finally lost their breath after running here.

As long as they ran out of this forest, they could completely escape Vampire’s territory.

“Oh, Tenraku Sama, why is it getting foggy?”

Gasper seemed to find something and spoke while gasping for breath.

Tenraku and Valerie couldn’t help but look around them. They saw that a thick layer of fog had appeared in the forest without them knowing and it was quickly spreading towards them.

“Not good!”

Tenraku couldn’t help but look shocked.

It is said that some powerful Vampires can not only become foreign-shaped bats, but they also have the ability to control the fog. Fog can keep them out of the sun, used as a barrier, and can even be used as an attack weapon!

Before Tenraku could say anything more, the clouds of mist gathered and condensed rapidly into a giant tiger, which then gave a roar and, with its long foggy tail, rushed at them!

“Look out!”

It was too late to escape, so Tenraku pushed Gasper and Valerie out as hard as he could. The tiger crashed to the ground, and the two people shouted that they were thrown out by the violent airflow.

Valerie rolled far away on the grass before stopping, and Tenraku flipped through the air for a few laps and finally fell back to the ground in shock. But Gasper was not as lucky as the two of them. When he was blown out by the turbulent airflow, he hit his head on a stone and fainted.


With a curse, Tenraku hurried over to pick up Gasper, and then slapped on his face a few times, but the kid did not wake up.

“Valerie, how are you?”

Tenraku had no choice but to carry Gasper on his shoulder and then went to check on Valerie.

“Tenraku Sama, I … I …”

There was a painful expression on Valerie’s face as she exposed one of her legs to Tenraku, which was covered with a long trail of blood.

One fainted away, one leg was wounded, and Tenraku’s heart sank instantly to the bottom of the valley.

The fog tiger dissipated after the attack. It seems that the enemy that remotely controls the fog cannot use it to attack continuously, but the situation at this moment is still not very optimistic, because Tenraku has seen several Vampires quickly rushing towards here:

“There are a few more over there!”

“Damn that bastard, damn human!”

“Catch them, don’t let them escape!”

Exhaling slightly, Tenraku calmed down at this critical moment, and seemed to make some kind of decision under his heart as he stroked Valerie’s forehead:

“Valerie, now I can only take one of you out. Although it is a bit cruel, Gasper has fainted, so I can only let you choose.”

Taking one of them with Tenraku’s current strength is a bit of a stretch. If he takes them both, he will end up getting captured.

But to Tenraku’s surprise, the girl’s face did not show panic as he had imagined. Instead, she smiled a little:

“Tenraku Sama, please take Gasper with you. Gasper was sent into the castle by his family at an early age and has been looking forward to the outside world.”

“The time I lived with Tenraku Sama and Gasper was the happiest time of my life, although I am very, very reluctant, but—”

“Please you must escape!”

Speaking till now, the young girl had already burst into tears.

With a sigh, Tenraku couldn’t help but turn his head to the side, he knew it would be like this.

However, Tenraku was not the kind of indecisive person and he wiped the girl’s tears and said:

“Valerie, stay alive and wait for us, wait for Gasper and me to come back to save you.”

“Yes, no matter how long, I will wait for Tenraku Sama and Gasper, I will wait for you to come back to save me.”

Nodding her head, the girl firmly believed in Tenraku’s promise.

Thinking of Valerie’s fate in the original book, Tenraku finally decided to tell her something—

“Valerie, you have a Sacred Gear called [Holy Grail of the Secluded World-Sephiroth Graal] in your body. If you wake up its power in the future, don’t tell anyone or use it easily, otherwise, It will bring a huge disaster to you, remember this, okay?”

Although she was very surprised that she has a Sacred Gear, Valerie didn’t have any doubts about Tenraku’s words and nodded her head to guarantee:

“Yes, I remember, Tenraku Sama.”

The Vampire soldiers were getting closer and closer, and Tenraku knew that he could no longer drag on, he gently rubbed the girl’s cheek, and then rushed into the forest with Gasper on his shoulder without looking back.

Looking at Tenraku and Gasper’s departure, the girl showed a tearful smile, and at the same time prayed sincerely:

“Tenraku Sama, Gasper, you must escape, you must…”

To be continued …