EPHS-Chapter 21 Use

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“Hey, Herbert, Tenraku Sama has asked you to come see him.”

The little fat Vampire Herbert was having fun, and Gasper’s voice suddenly sounded behind him.

Turning around, Herbert looked at Gasper and he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

Sure enough, this coward who cried all the time had dared to yell at him.

“That human is calling me, why?” The expressions on Herbert’s face were a little unsightly, that human couldn’t even come by himself and he even wanted to let him come to him?

That human is really getting more and more arrogant!

“Well, Tenraku Sama said that he had some important matters he needs to discuss with you, hurry up.”

Gasper would have never dared to talk to Herbert like this before, but recently, he felt he had to be as brave as Tenraku Sama to become a real man, so he could only steel himself and speak these words.

However, these words are already Gasper’s limit at present and he would not wait for Herbert to answer. After speaking, Gasper ran away.

Looking at the Gasper running away, Herbert looked somber and his chubby face couldn’t help shaking.

Although he didn’t want to take orders from the arrogant and damn human but he stayed in this broken castle all day long and had nothing to do. Eventually, he decided to go.

“Come with me to see what that damn human wants!”

With a fat hand, Herbert walked toward the place where Tenraku was with a group of his men…

Although Tenraku, Valerie and Gasper are only three people, they occupy the largest room in the castle. When he walked into the room with a group of his men, Herbert’s expression could not help becoming more gloomy.

It was a shame that this room once belonged to him but it was snatched away by that abominable human being!

“Yo, little fat man, you guys are here.”

Tenraku’s voice came from the high seat in the room and Herbert’s fat face shook, and his two fangs popped out instantly—

He pushed down the urge to bite this bastard!

In the sight of a group of small Vampires, Tenraku was sitting leisurely on the high seat, Valerie squeezed his shoulders gently behind him, and the coward Gasper was cutting fruit for him on the side.

Looking at the attentive look of Valerie and Gasper, Herbert could not help but swear in his heart, these scum, they are being dogs of the enemy!

“Human, what do you want with me?” Herbert spoke with little patience.

“Well, there are some things, actually me and Gasper and Valerie are getting out of here.”

“How about it Herbert, do you and the guys under you want to be with us?”

Too lazy to talk nonsense with this little fat vampire, Tenraku also replied.

“That’s Impossible!”

“Herbert shouted after hearing Tenraku’s words, and the other little vampires were in shock.

They never imagined that this human would even want to escape from here. He didn’t know how terrifying the guys outside were!

“Well, why is it impossible? I naturally have my way. You just have to decide whether you want to work with us or not.” Tenraku replied faintly.

It would have been impossible before, but now that he’s grown in power, and with the help of ‘Forbidden Balor View’, the impossible has become a possibility!

Seeing that Tenraku didn’t seem to be joking, the group of small Vampires couldn’t help but become excited and even Herbert’s eyes flickered, and after a long thought, he said:

“Humans, why are you telling us this?”

With his red eyes fixed on Tenraku, Herbert would not believe that Tenraku had told them such an important thing out of the goodness of his heart, this cunning human definitely has some other purposes!

“Because we want to get out of here and you also want to get out of here, and the more people there are, the more chaos there would be and the better chance we have of getting out. We would use each other, that’s all.”

Shrugging his shoulders, Tenraku spoke as he had no intention of hiding this.

After all, the risk of the three of them alone getting out is too high. Even if they break out, they will be chased and hunted down by the Vampires outside but if they had got Herbert and the little vampires on their side then they would make a mess of things and attracted the attention of the outsiders, and the three of them would have had a much better chance of getting out.

As if he had not thought that Tenraku should have such an idea, Herbert, who had heard it, looked sullen and angry, but he believed Tenraku’s reason, for he would have done the same if he had been himself!

But this human wants to use himself, why can he not use this human too, as long as he can really escape from here…

“That’s something we need to think about.”

Instead of immediately agreeing to Tenraku, Herbert said instead.

“You go back and think about it, but you’d better decide quickly. The next time those guys out there send someone in is when we act.”

As if anticipating such an answer, Tenraku said with a nonchalant wave of his hand.

“Humph, let’s go!”

With a snort, Herbert left with a group of small Vampires. As for how they decided to go back, it was not Tenraku’s concern.

“Tenraku Sama, will Herbert and others agree to your proposal?”

As she continued to gently massage Tenraku’s shoulder, Valerie worried about this plan. 

“Relax, they will agree.”

The corners of Tenraku’s mouth were slightly raised as he knew what this girl is worried about, but he is absolutely confident about his plan.

A group of wild dogs that have become mad while locked up, as long as you open any gap of hope for them, they will desperately squeeze out…

Sure enough, after three days, Herbert and a group of excited little Vampires were all ready to go and appeared in front of Tenraku!

“It seems that you are all ready.”

Tenraku smiled as he looked at Herbert and the small vampires behind him.

“Well, human, I hope you’re not just talking big.”

His nose was in the air, and although Herbert tried to act as if he was calm, the wobbling little fat face told that he was nervous too.

With a chuckle, Tenraku said no more but gives Gasper and Valerie, who are equally nervous, a quick look to get them ready.

As usual, today is the day when those guys out there send in new humans, and the gates that have been closed will be opened, and that will be their only chance.

After several hours of anxious waiting, the gates of the castle were slowly opened…

To be continued …

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