EPHS-Chapter 20 Terrifying Talent

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Each piece of Sacred Gear will increase Tenraku’s power by one point, and the higher the level of Sacred Gear, the more powerful he will be. After capturing [Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View] from Gasper, it directly causing the Spirit Qi in his body to skyrocket several times!

According to Tenraku’s estimate, the Spirit Qi he now has almost reached the peak of Low-Class Devil when converted into Magic Power, and as long as it is improved further, it can reach the level of Middle-Class Devil.

Don’t underestimate the peak of Low-Class Devil. If he trained step by step as he did before, it would have taken him at least a few years or even a dozen years to reach this level!

After all, Tenraku is not a genius. He is still more mature and hard-working than his peers and he worked hard to achieve his current achievements, but hard work is not enough in this world.

With Tenraku’s own qualifications, he can at most achieve the Middle-Class Devil level in his life. Even if some miracle happens and he reached the level of High-Class Devil, that would be his limit, and it would be impossible for him to improve further!


These are the specification outside of the [[Sacred Gear Plunder]], as long as a Sacred Gear is plundered, it will increase his power by one point, ignoring the so-called qualifications and efforts, and directly breaking Tenraku out of his current level in this unreasonable way. The future gave him unlimited possibilities and it was all made possible because of his [[Sacred Gear Plunder]]!

Feeling the soaring power in his body, a confident smile appeared on Tenraku’s face. As long as he persists, he will not lose to anyone!

In the next few days, Tenraku did not rush to find a way to escape from the castle but continued to train to familiarize himself with the ability of [Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View] and his explosive power.

Although his strength has improved a lot but Tenraku is so not arrogant to think that he can now kill anyone in the territory of Vampires, the powerful Vampire in the Tepes Clan can compete against High-Level Devil, the True Vampire Ancestor is even more powerful as he had power comparable to the Demon King. If he dares to do anything at his current strength, he would die without even knowing about it.

But in reality, he is not as desperate as you might imagine. The [Evil Eye that Stops the World-Forbidden Balor View] is a very special Sacred Gear. As long as he uses it carefully and carefully plans his escape, it is not impossible to escape from here. …

“It’s amazing … It’s amazing … Tenraku Sama is amazing!”

In the room, looking at the stones frozen in the air by Tenraku, Gasper and Valerie were excited.

As the power was removed, the stones fell from the air. The strange light in his eyes vanished, and Tenraku looked surprised.

In just a few days, he had perfectly controlled the Forbidden Balor View’s ability to arbitrarily freeze the time of everything in his sight, even Tenraku himself did not expect that he would be able to control this Sacred Gear with such ease. Did he have a terrifying talent in this regard?

No, maybe this is not Tenraku’s talent, but because of the [[Sacred Gear Plunder]], but why does it matter? Anyway, it belongs to him now!

“Gasper, how are you feeling these days?”

Although not a hero, Tenraku doesn’t think he is the kind of villain who crosses the river and demolishes bridges so someone else can’t. Tenraku asked, looking at Gasper on the side.

“Well, I feel very good, Tenraku Sama!”

It was the first time anyone other than Valerie cared about him this way and Gasper replied with a touch of emotion.

He has indeed felt very good these past few days. Although he was a little weak when the Sacred Gear was taken from his body and he was in an unconscious state all day but after waking up, he was full of energy and could jump around, except for losing his Sacred Gear’s ability, nothing else has changed.

After finally getting rid of his curse power, Gasper only felt that he had never been as relaxed and happy as he is now.

“Well, yes. Today is a day of celebration, and I will make you a feast myself.”

“Valerie Gasper, come and help me, too.”

“Ah … Yes, Tenraku Sama!”

After dinner, Gasper lay on his chair with his propped stomach, with a happy and contented look on his face.

It’s so delicious, the dishes made by Master Tenraku were so great!

Valerie on the side is almost the same. There are two shallow blushes on her face, which makes the beautiful and pretty girl look more and more fascinated.

Gasper only felt that he had never been as happy as he is now. Herbert dared not bully him and Valerie anymore, and he finally got rid of the power of the cursed Sacred Gear and lived with Tenraku Sama and Valerie like this, Gasper feel like he is in heaven…

“Valerie, Gasper, do you want to take a look at the outside world, the real free world outside.”

Tenraku’s voice suddenly sounded in the ears of the two.

“Outside world……”

The two looked at each other for a while, at first they were a little dazed, but after that initial reaction,  their eyes were filled with a surprising longing.

Not just them, everyone in the castle would be willing to do anything to go out.

To go and see the outside world!

“Tenraku Sama, we … we …”

Valerie and Gasper stared at Tenraku in a desperate manner, and their faces were filled with excitement.

Looking at the two of them, Tenraku’s mouth raised slightly as he said:

“If you want to, then be prepared, in a few days I will take you out of here to see the outside world, the truly free world …”

“Grab him, grab him, don’t let him run away!”

“Over here, hurry up!”

“Fool, you are squeezing me!”

In the courtyard in the castle, the little fat vampire Herbert and other small Vampires are playing the game of catching the bat.

The so-called “Catching the Bat” is to make one of them turn into a bat and fly around in the castle, and then the other people would keep chasing behind him. If the bat is caught, everyone will beat him up.

This is a game devised by this little Vampire who has nothing to do with it. Of course, Herbert, who is the head of these guys, will always be the bat.

Incidentally, there are no other people in the entire castle except Tenraku, Gasper, Valerie, and the little Vampires. The humans who were thrown in with Tenraku have all gone to heaven.

Some of them died of mental breakdown and hopelessness, some died of unbearable circumstances and committed suicide, but a few were killed by the little vampires. Those dead guys were carried by the Little Vampires to the high walls of the castle and thrown out. Someone outside will naturally clean their bodies.

Only the freak Tenraku is alive, not only is he still alive and well, but also has a very nourishing life, he had formed a team with Gasper and Valerie and had stopped the Little Vampires from fighting these two and he had become domineering…

To be continued …

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