EPHS-Chapter 218 Powerful Sirzechs

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“Hong Hong Hong!!!”

A massive pillar of light shot up into the sky, causing hundreds of Devils and Fallen Angels to vomit blood and be thrown away, with Shalba Beezlebub at the center of all this chaos.

“Too weak, all of you are too weak!” Shalba, unharmed and filled with immense power, had a disappointed expression on his face as he looked at his surroundings.

“Step back, none of you are his match!” Sirzechs spoke as he calmly floated into the air, stopping the Devils and Fallen Angels who wanted to continue their attack.

“Shalba Beezlebub, you shouldn’t have brought disaster and war to the Underworld.” Sighing, Sirzechs spoke.

“Sirzechs, it was you hypocritical kings who took away the throne that rightfully belongs to us!”

“Don’t worry, once I kill you, I will bring peace to the Underworld, true peace under absolute control and obedience!”

Shalba Beezlebub replied with a low, cold laughter filled with hatred.

“Our Underworld doesn’t need the rule of a tyrant.”

“Shalba Beezlebub, as the current Great Satan of the Underworld, I will never allow you to destroy this hard-earned peace!”

Sirzechs’ gaze turned cold as well, and he emitted an overwhelming aura.

“Hmph, let’s see if you can stop me, you insignificant hypocritical king!”

Shalba unleashed a magic spell and charged toward Sirzechs.

Once he killed Sirzechs and the other three hypocritical kings, such as Serafall, the control of the Underworld would return to their hands.

Then they would restore the glory of their ancestors and gain supreme power!

Hong Long!!!

With a loud bang, Sirzechs unleashed the raging power of destruction, causing Shalba, who was flying towards him, to be thrown away.

Sirzechs’ expression was cold, and it was far from his usual gentle and kind demeanor.

He appeared as a monster, a creature capable of tearing the heavens and the earth apart at any moment!

With his five fingers, Sirzechs condensed a Scarlet Power of Destruction energy sphere in his hand, then waved his hand to throw it.

Against the wind, the Scarlet Power of Destruction energy sphere instantly enveloped Shalba Beezlebub, who had just stabilized his position.

“What is this?!”

Completely caught off guard by Sirzechs’ immense power, Shalba Beezlebub was both shocked and furious. He continuously unleashed magic to try to break free from the sphere that surrounded him.

But it was futile!

“I am someone who possesses the true bloodline of Beelzebub. Why can’t I break free from this thing?!”

Roaring in frustration, Shalba couldn’t accept it. However, his devil’s intuition warned him of extreme danger at this moment, leaving no room for him to waste words.

“Then let me show you the power of Ophis!”

Clamping his teeth together, the image of a devouring serpent appeared on Shalba’s palm. His magic power surged madly, and then he unleashed a magic array, instantly releasing a violent energy flow.


The violent energy flow bombarded the energy sphere, causing it to tremble, but it still couldn’t be shattered.

“This is impossible!!!” Shalba was shocked and his eyes nearly popped out of their sockets. Even the power of Ophis was ineffective against Sirzechs power!

The stronger he became, the stronger the power of Ophis he could handle. Shalba’s own magic power combined with the power of Ophis made him comparable to, or even surpassing the true Great Satans Beelzebub. Yet, he still couldn’t break the energy sphere released by Sirzechs.

How could a mere hypocritical king be so terrifyingly powerful?!

“Disappear, Shalba Beezlebub!” Sirzechs’ cold voice resounded in the area, and then the entire energy sphere burst open. The Power of Destruction’s raging magic power twisted and struck Shalba, destroying every single cell in his body!

“Aaahhhh!!!” A fierce and agonizing scream followed, and then the Scarlet energy sphere suddenly contracted. Shalba Beezlebub vanished just like that, consumed by the Power of Destruction.

These descendants of the old Demon Kings were really pitiful, they were determined to restore the glory of their ancestors and reclaim the throne and rights that should have been theirs.

However, Katerea Leviathan became someone’s tool and plaything, completely conquered in body and mind. Creuserey Asmodeus fell into the hands of a woman, deceived by love, and died in great frustration.

Shalba Beelzebub had a slightly more valiant end, but he was mercilessly killed by Sirzechs, and not even a single cell of him was left behind!

With the loss of these important leaders, it can be said that the old faction of the Great Satans within the Khaos Brigade is now nonexistent!

“Ah, it’s all been taken care of.”

“Sirzechs, your power is truly terrifying.”

Azazel appeared, flashing before them, and chuckled as he spoke.

“Azazel, how is the plan progressing?” Sirzechs asked as he worded to restrain his Magic Power.

“The plan is going smoothly, it’s our victory. With the leaders gone, the remaining riffraff won’t be able to make any waves.” Azazel replied, and Sirzechs nodded in agreement.

However, suddenly, both of them changed their expressions–

“Hey hey, this is no time for jokes. You actually appeared in person!” Seeing the figure that appeared in the sky without any warning, Azazel exclaimed with a surprised expression on his face.

The person who appeared was a cute, innocent-looking girl dressed in Western attire, floating in the void while hugging her knees. Although she didn’t emit any aura of a powerful being, Azazel and Sirzechs were extremely cautious and vigilant…

This little girl is the Infinite Dragon God – Ophis!

As they remained wary of Ophis, she also looked toward them–

“Azazel, long time no see.”

In the sky, a Magic array unfolded, and Tenraku, Yubelluna, and the other women teleported out of the alternate space.

Whizz, whizz, whizz…

A series of sounds breaking through the air rang out, followed by a barrage of Magic Power Light Arrows flying toward Tenraku and the women.

Tenraku quickly activated the ability of his Sacred Gear, creating a barrier to protect everyone. With a crisp sound resembling raindrops on a glass, all the Light Arrows were completely blocked by the shield put on by Tenraku.

With a glint of coldness in his eyes, Tenraku prepared to take action against the audacious attacker.

However, when he saw the opponent clearly, both sides paused simultaneously–

“It’s you!”

What left Tenraku speechless was that the one attacking him and the others turned out to be none other than Roseweise, the Valkyrie from Northern Europe.

“Roseweise, although I saw you in a sorry state after you got drunk last time, there’s no need for you to kill me to keep that secret, right?” Suppressing his killing intent, Tenraku looked at Roseweise on the other side and smiled as he spoke.

“N-No, it’s not like that. I thought another enemy had teleported in.”

“Apologies, I almost injured you all…”

Being reminded of her embarrassing incident by Tenraku, Roseweise’s face flushed, but she still admitted her mistake sincerely.

Being reminded of her embarrassing incident by Tenraku, Roseweise’s face flushed, but she still admitted her mistake sincerely.

“Oh well, it wasn’t intentional so don’t worry.”

“But by the way, Roseweise, your Valkyrie battle outfit looks quite good.”

Tenraku replied casually as this was really not Roseweise’s fault and then he looked at her Valkyrie battle outfit and couldn’t help but praise her.

Naturally blessed with beauty, her magnificent battle outfit only accentuated Roseweise’s noble and beautiful appearance. Even Tenraku couldn’t help but admit that he was attracted to her.

“Of course, this is the pride of all Valkyries!” With a proud expression on her face, Roseweise suddenly realized that Tenraku’s words seemed somewhat ambiguous, and she couldn’t help but feel embarrassed.

“N-No, that’s not what I meant. I… I…”

“Ugh… I’m going to battle!”

Feeling flustered and unsure of what to say, Roseweise let out a whimper and fled in a disheveled manner.


She’s truly a pure and interesting Valkyrie. Tenraku silently thought in his heart as he burst into laughter, feeling lighthearted.

The battle outside had reached its conclusion, and Tenraku asked the Yubelluna and others to lend a hand, while he went to meet up with Rias and the others…

To be continued…

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