EPHS-Chapter 166 Decision Part 2

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She knows the secret that she shouldn’t know, the other party will never let her go, and even her right to die has been taken away. If she doesn’t trade with this man then I’m afraid she would be locked in this darkness forever and would become a plaything for him to vent his frustrations.

Katerea shuddered at the thought of her own future!

On the contrary, if she chooses to trade and surrender first, then although she will also become a plaything in the opponent’s hands, she would have a certain degree of freedom and she would also have the opportunity to regain the Leviathan’s throne.

And to regain the Leviathan’s throne is exactly her long-cherished wish!

How to choose, she seems to be doomed from the beginning…

“As long as you help me regain the Throne of Leviathan then I will surrender to you. My body, my soul, everything about me is yours!” After closing her eyes and staying silent for a long time, Katerea made the only choice she had.

It was a humiliating choice, but she had to make it…

And as Katerea’s voice fell, there were two snaps, and the golden ropes that had originally restrained her also shattered and dissipated.

“Congratulations, Katerea, for making the right choice.”

“Then, show me your determination right now.”

Tenraku laughed and spoke after stroking Yubelluna’s cheek and beckoning his Queen to move away.

Because of the long-term restraint, her hands and feet were numb and Katerea slumped to the ground and was about to stand up, but Raynare stepped on her back.

“Crowl over!” Raynare ordered in a cold tone.

Katerea felt endless humiliation, but thinking of her situation at this time, she managed to endure it and then crawled towards Tenraku step by step with her hands and feet.

“Master, Master.” Abandoning all of her self-esteem, Katerea yelled out in humiliation.

Although she told herself over and over again that she was doing this to regain the Leviathan’s Throne, Katerea knew that she was already over when she yelled these two words…

“What a beautiful face…” Tenraku is feeling an endless amount of joy at this time as he caressed the girl’s charming face.

He knows how humiliating this was for this woman and he knew how unwilling she must be feeling at this time but these will only bring him more pleasure of conquering!

He stared at her, this is the ending of the loser and the place of the winner.

In the end, the loser’s head was pushed down by the winner…

After a long time–

“Cough cough cough…”

Leaning to the side, Katerea kept retching and coughing, and the Tenraku was cleaned up under the service of Yubelluna, and then he stood up with Tosca and Mihae and said.

“Raynare, I will leave her to you.” With a pleasant look on his face, Tenraku said, but Katerea was shocked when she heard the sound——

“Why? I have already surrendered to you!” Katerea couldn’t understand, she had already chosen to surrender so why did Tenraku treat her like this?!

Tenraku looked at Katerea as he stopped her and said: “Silly woman, surrendering to me is not enough.”

“Accept your destiny, I will look forward to your transformation and rebirth, HāHāHāHā…” Tenraku laughed as he took Yubelluna and the other girls out of the room, while Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarner waved their whips and surrounded Katerea with a sneer on their faces.

“Sa, the training will now begin…” Looking at the three evil and cold Fallen Angels, Katerea was left with only a piece of cold despair…

Early in the morning, the sunlight hit Tenraku’s eyes as he opened them. 

Irina was tightly hugging Tenraku’s waist while Rias curled up on Tenraku’s arms. In addition, Yubelluna, Mihae, Raynare, Mittelt, and Kalawarner were squeezed on both sides of him.

What a degenerate and beautiful picture…


With a sudden whine, Rias arched into Tenraku’s arms, and then went back to sleep.

Seeing the girl’s cute appearance, Tenraku’s mouth raised slightly, and he couldn’t help kissing the girl’s forehead.

Although the two of them have completed the last step and thoroughly blended with each other, Rias actually resisted being with everyone at first, feeling that such things were too shameful and evil.

However, after being taken care of by Tenraku alone several times, Rias discovered a fact that made her helpless——

Tenraku is too powerful, and she can’t stand him alone!

Every time she was with Tenraku, She lost herself in pleasure and even fainted before being let go by Tenraku. Rias felt too embarrassed and although it was shameful, she finally decided to join Irina and Yubelluna to fight Tenraku.

But unfortunately, even if the girls united together, they are still defeated…

Thinking of the way Rias kept begging for mercy under him last night, Tenraku had a happy smile on his face. Although it is time for the morning exercises, the girls were exhausted last night so he would let them go this time.

Without disturbing Rias and the others, Tenraku put on his clothes and walked out of the room, and he was ready to do the long-lost morning exercise.

“Oh Hāyo(Good Morning), Asia.”

Walking to the lobby, Tenraku saw Asia helping Maliu and Burent in making breakfast for everyone and he said hello.

“Oh, Oh Hāyo(Good Morning), Tenraku-san.”

Asia replied in a flustered manner as a blush crept its way on the girl’s cheeks.

For a moment, Tenraku couldn’t help but looked at the girl a little bit, why did he have a feeling that Asia was acting a little strange.

And it doesn’t matter if you don’t look at it but upon closer inspection, Tenraku suddenly showed a look of astonishment on his face——

In order to make breakfast for everyone, Asia is wearing a pink apron, but she is only wearing an apron!

In other words…

“Asia, you…”

“Woo… Don’t watch!”

Tenraku was about to say something, but the girl was already flushed with shame and she turned around and wanted to escape.

However, when Asia turned around, all the beautiful scenery behind the apron was revealed in front of Tenraku!

Although Tenraku is already familiar with every inch of skin on the girl’s body, the scene made him feel a sudden surge of restfulness, and a word came to his mind——

Naked Apron!

To be continued…

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