EPHS-Chapter 166 Decision Part 1

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With a sneer, Raynare let go of Katerea, and Tenraku, who had watched a short good show, also spoke again:

“Katerea, It is true that I really couldn’t even awaken my Bloodline, and I was called Trash by everyone. But what? Currently, I am the host of the Two Heavenly Dragons and I am now known as the Miracle Child of the Phenex Family.”

“But you, maybe you have a noble Bloodline, but you are obsessed with your ancestors and past honors, and you want to kill Serafall at the Summit Meeting of the three powers to regain the Leviathan’s throne, but in the end, you become a captive. The only thing you can do now is insulting me and that won’t end well for you.”

“After all, you are nothing but a sad loser…”

Tenraku’s words were merciless, and Katerea’s face was bloodless when she heard the words, and she almost lost her reason:

“Shut up!!!”


Gasping for breath, Katerea certainly knew what a stupid decision she had made, but she really wanted to regain the Leviathan’s throne, so she didn’t want to let go of the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and wanted to get rid of Serafall and Sirzechs.

She had already possessed the power of the [Snake], and even if the plan failed, she could retreat, but she had still overestimated herself as she did not expect that Tenraku, who also captured the power of the two Heavenly Dragon, would become so powerful.

With one move, she was defeated with just one move!

For Tenraku, Katerea feel both fear and hatred, but more–

She is angry!

Obviously, he was just a waste that couldn’t even awaken his Bloodline so why can he have such power!

How hard had she tried to take back the Leviathan’s throne, so why did she have such a bleak ending!

Can’t accept this, she can’t accept this!!!

“Actually, if you really want to regain the Leviathan’s throne then maybe I can help you with that.” The corners of his mouth raised slightly as Tenraku spoke while Katerea, who was cursing him to high heavens in her heart stopped and raised her head with an incredulous expression on her face——

“What did you say?”

“I said, I can help you regain the Leviathan’s throne.”

Katerea was finally convinced that she wasn’t having an auditory hallucination, but there was still a skeptical look on her face:

“Aren’t you with Sirzechs and the others, why are you helping me?” Katerea was very vigilant and she didn’t believe that there would be such a good thing in the world.

“Katerea, you have your ambitions, and I have mine.”

“Your ambition is to regain the Leviathan’s throne and to reproduce the glory of your ancestors, and my ambition—”

“It’s the whole world!”

Tenraku’s voice seemed to reverberate in the room, and Katerea, who heard the sound was shocked and she looked at Tenraku as if she was looking at a monster.

What did this guy just say, his ambition is the whole world?

What a joke, this is something that even the legendary God of the Holy Bible has never done!

However, watching Tenraku’s cold expression, Katerea couldn’t help but feel shocked——

He is not joking around!!!

“Although you have the power of Two Heavenly Dragons and you also have the ability to seize other’s Sacred Gears, but even so, your dream is impossible…nor…” Katerea said while constantly shaking her head.

Although she admits that Tenraku is really good but this kind of ambition is too unrealistic.

“If you can’t do it that doesn’t mean I can’t either.”

“My Sacred Gear can not only seize other Sacred Gears but it also gives me the ability to perfectly control any Sacred Gears, so that I can easily reach the Forbidden Move with the captured Sacred Gear. Every time I seize a Sacred Gear, my ability will increase. Last time, my strength increased by one point, and there will never be a limit!”

“Katerea, how do you think I grew up from being a waste that could not even awaken my Bloodline and did not have any magical talents to this current me?”

The corners of his mouth were raised in an arc as Tenraku spoke while his words shocked Katerea to her very core——

His Sacred Gear has so many terrifying abilities!!!

No wonder it was only a dangerous victory when he fought with Vali, but after capturing the opponent’s White Dragon Sovereign, his strength soared and he captured her with a single move…

I understand, I understand it all!

Although people from all major powers have been paying attention to Tenraku, they have not been very jealous of him. Although it is terrifying to be able to capture other people’s Sacred Gears, having more Sacred Gears is0 not necessarily a better thing. 

On the contrary, the development of various Sacred Gear’s abilities will disperse Tenraku’s energy, and the final achievement would be limited. Not to mention, once he captures Sacred Gears with conflicting attributes, it might cause a huge hazard for him.

But no one thought that his Sacred Gear had such terrifying power!

It only took Tenraku two pieces of Longinus and some other Sacred Gears to have his current strength. Katerea can’t imagine how this man will grow as he continues to capture more Sacred Gears.!

Monster, this is a real monster!!!

While she was endlessly shocked in her heart, Katerea couldn’t help but raise a thought–

Maybe he might really take the world!

“You, how can you help me?” The corners of Katerea mouth were dry as she got back to the original question.

“When I become the Master of this world, it will be a matter of a word to let you regain the Leviathan’s throne,” Tenraku replied and looked at her as if he was looking at an idiot.

Katerea’s face flushed and her heartbeats started to accelerate.

Indeed, if Tenraku really becomes the lord of the world, then helping her seize the throne of Leviathan would be a matter of one sentence!


“What price do I have to pay?” Katerea gradually calmed down and asked.

She doesn’t believe that Tenraku will help her for nothing!

“Have you finally become smarter? The price you have to pay is your body, your soul, and everything about you.” Tenraku replied with a smile on his face.

Despite her preparations, Katerea was still frightened by the price as she had to pay her body, her soul, everything about her–

What a greedy fellow!

Although she was angry, after thinking carefully, Katerea realized that she had no choice in the matter at all.

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