DBSKS Chapter 196 Piccolo’s return and Slug’s regret

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Facing Ginyu’s attack, Lin Chen furrowed his brows.

Although it was a similar move to Frieza’s Planet Destroying Ball and Cooler’s Supernova, he felt a power in this fireball that was far stronger than any technique used by Frieza or Cooler.

It looks like Ginyu has completely mastered Cold’s body.

At this thought, Lin Chen’s eyes widened and a golden aura burst forth from his body, rising into the sky.

Super Saiyan form!

With his ten fingers spread open, Lin Chen effortlessly caught Ginyu’s move, and then he clenched both his hands.

The fireball could destroy a planet and just the energy waves emitted from it could kill the life around it, but it was easily crushed with a single squeeze by Lin Chen.

Seeing this, Ginyu sneered and his blood-red eyes glowed with a chilling light.

“As expected of the Super Saiyan who killed Frieza, you are really incomparable!”

On the other side, when they sensed the devastating energy suddenly disappear, Goku and others breathed a sigh of relief.

“As expected, Lin Chen is so powerful!” Goku exclaimed excitedly, clenching his fists as if he had found a new goal to strive for.

Gohan and Krillin were surprised. They had no idea that Lin Chen was so powerful.

“This power is probably not inferior to Broly’s, right?” Krillin muttered to himself.

Suddenly, Gohan said with a frightened look on his face, “Dad! There seems to be someone approaching us from over there!”


Upon hearing this, Goku immediately sensed his surroundings and indeed detected several powerful auras rapidly approaching them from not far away.

“Oh no! It seems to be Cold’s subordinates!” Hearing that, Slug didn’t hesitate and immediately made his second wish to Porunga: “Porunga, bring Piccolo, who was just resurrected, to Planet Namek!”

“Thy wish is simple.”

Porunga’s eyes turned red and the wish was granted.

However, to Goku and other’s surprise, Piccolo did not appear next to them.

“Uh? Where’s Uncle Piccolo?” Gohan asked in surprise.

“Oh no!” Slug exclaimed, “I forgot to have Porunga send Piccolo to our side. He could be anywhere on Planet Namek right now!”


Meanwhile, in a corner of Planet Namek, Piccolo looked around at the strange yet familiar surroundings in confusion.

“Am I… on Planet Namek?”

As he spread his senses, Piccolo soon felt the powerful and terrifying auras on this planet, including two that were comparable to Cooler, who killed him last time.

“Who are those two? They’re so strong. Huh? Is that Goku and Gohan? Strange, why did I end up here?”

Just as Piccolo was feeling puzzled, he suddenly heard Lin Chen’s voice transmitted to him through Kami’s magic.

“Piccolo! It’s Lin Chen! I resurrected you and brought you to Planet Namek.”

“Mr. Lin Chen? Why did you do this?”

“I’ll explain later, but for now, I need you to come to me immediately!”

“Me?” Piccolo was surprised, “Mr. Lin Chen, with my strength, I’m afraid I can’t help you…”

Lin Chen immediately interrupted him: “I don’t need your help. I brought you here for a different purpose.”

“I understand…” Although he couldn’t guess what Lin Chen was up to, Piccolo decided to obey.

Just like Goku and the others, Piccolo had the heart of a strong warrior. Even if he couldn’t be of help, he wouldn’t miss the opportunity to witness the battles of those who were tens of times stronger than him.

So, the next moment, Piccolo quickly flew towards Lin Chen’s location.

Sensing Piccolo’s aura moving towards Lin Chen and realizing that his position was not far from theirs, a resolute expression appeared in Slug’s eyes.

He closed his eyes and used Telepathy to contact the last Namekian elder on this planet, besides himself. “The elder who is still alive, are you Moori?”

“Great Elder?”

In the wilderness of Planet Namek, a middle-aged Namekian who was leading his people to evacuate the village lifted his head.

“Moori, later I will make a wish on Porunga for all Namekians to take refuge on a planet called Earth. There are also Dragon Balls on that planet that can revive all of our deceased people.”

“Also, Moori, from today on, you will be the new Great Elder of the Namekians.”

“What? Great Elder, what are you talking about?” Slug’s words just now surprised Moori more than the news of going to Earth.

“Moori, when I took over the position of Great Elder from my predecessor while purging the evil thoughts with his help, I had intended to rebuild the glory of the Namekians through hard work and dedication. Alas, I realize now that my thoughts were far too simple.”

“My arrogance caused many Namekians to die, it was my fault and I must make up for it,” Slug said quietly.

“Make up for it? Great Elder, you cannot be blamed for this incident! No one could have imagined that our enemy would be so powerful! Why do you have to…” Moori tried to persuade Slug to change his mind, but Slug interrupted him, “No, Moori, my mind is made up. You do not know what I have experienced during the time I was held captive by these enemies. I can feel the evil seed growing in my heart again. If this continues, the evil Slug will be resurrected again someday!”

“I have made a mistake once and cannot make the same mistake again. So this time, I will use my last strength to avenge those dead Namekians. As for the future of the Namekians, I’ll entrust it to you. Moori, remember, do not make the same mistakes I have made!” Slug said softly.

“Yes!” the new Great Elder, Moori, sighed and replied respectfully.

Then, Slug opened his eyes and made his final wish to Porunga.

“Porunga, please send all the remaining Namekians and the bodies of the deceased Namekians to a planet called Earth, except for me and Piccolo!”

After Slug finished speaking, Porunga began to use his divine power. Seven colorful beams of light suddenly appeared in every corner of Planet Namek, landing on the remaining Namekians and the bodies of the deceased Namekians.

In the blink of an eye, all the Namekians and the bodies of their people were transferred to Earth, leaving only Slug and Piccolo behind.

Since Moori became the new Great Elder, after Porunga transformed into the Dragon Balls, the Dragon Balls also turned into flashes of light and followed Moori to Earth.

“Now, it’s time for me to atone,” Slug lowered his head and turned to the direction where Piccolo was, making his decision.