DBSKS Chapter 195 Porunga appears and the enraged Ginyu

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“Where is he?”

Seeing Lin Chen suddenly disappear, Ginyu turned on his Scouter and looked for him everywhere.

However, on Planet Namek, there was no Power Level that could compare to Lin Chen’s just now. Lin Chen had already concealed his aura.

“Damn it! My dragon balls! My dragon balls!”

Ginyu’s face turned gloomy, and he shouted through gritted teeth.

Seeing the furious look on his face that they had never seen before, the subordinates around him took a few steps back in fear.

These people knew very well that since exposing his true strength, their King “Cold” was no longer as restrained as before. He would easily direct his anger towards others and punish them, and wouldn’t hesitate to kill his own people.

While Ginyu was raging in a fit of anger, on the other side…

Seeing Lin Chen easily return with the six dragon balls, even Slug was surprised.

No one expected Lin Chen to take away the six dragon balls so easily from that King Cold!

“Lin Chen! Where’s Cold?” Slug hurriedly asked.

“Probably still there. I just took the dragon balls.” Lin Chen explained.

Slug’s face turned dark. Although Lin Chen said it lightly, he knew that no one on this planet, except for Lin Chen, could take anything away from that monster so easily.

Sure enough…

If he had still maintained contact with the Saiyans like the former Great Elder did, then so many Namekians wouldn’t have died a tragic death.

Their deaths were all because of his pride and arrogance…

Taking a deep breath, Slug arrived in front of the Dragon Balls.

“Mr. Lin Chen, should I summon Porunga now?”


Lin Chen nodded and waited for Porunga to be summoned. Suddenly, he had a peculiar feeling in his heart.

He didn’t expect that after going around in circles, the storyline would return to Planet Namek again.

What was this? The inertia of history?

He thought that after Frieza’s death, Planet Namek would not experience the same tragic events as in the original work. But to his surprise, after all the twists and turns, even though Frieza was dead, King Cold, who was possessed by Ginyu, would arrive on Planet Namek.

If that’s the case, will Trunks come to Earth in the future after this matter is settled?

It isn’t possible, right?…

After all, Dr. Gero now works under him…

Shaking his head to dismiss these temporarily unimportant things, Lin Chen said, “Elder Slug, let’s begin.”

“Everyone, step back a little, I’m going to summon Porunga.”

Having Goku and the others retreat some distance, Slug began to use Namekian language to summon.

As the low chant rang out, Planet Namek, which was surrounded by three suns and would never experience night, was now plunged into darkness.

After lightning flashed and thunder rolled, Divine Dragon Porunga appeared before everyone’s eyes.

“People who have gathered the dragon balls, state thy wish.” The deafening voice of Porunga rang out.

Completely different from Earth’s Shenron, the muscular figure of Porunga surprised Goku and the others who were seeing it for the first time.

Bulma exclaimed, “This is Planet Namek’s divine dragon? It doesn’t look anything like Earth’s divine dragon.”

“Dad, this divine dragon looks really fierce…” whispered Gohan.

Goku chuckled and said, “It does seem a little.”

Without paying attention to these people’s surprise, Slug calmly looked at Lin Chen.

Seeing the latter nod, he turned around and said to Porunga, “Porunga, please revive the Namekian Piccolo on Earth!”

After a while, Porunga said, “Thy wish is easy.”

After saying that, Porunga’s eyes flashed with a blood-red light, and Piccolo, whose corpse was stored in a coffin on Earth, was awakened.

At the same time, on Lookout, Mr. Popo and Broly were also delighted to see the old Kami reappear before them.

On the other side of Planet Namek, Ginyu, who was venting his emotions on a subordinate who spoke carelessly by tearing apart his body, suddenly noticed that the sky above his head had turned dark.

He was stunned, threw the broken corpse in his hand, and turned to look around.

“What’s going on? Why is it getting dark on Planet Namek?”

Ginyu’s subordinates were all hiding far away, so no one answered him.

But soon, Ginyu himself thought of a possibility.

“Could it be the Dragon Balls? Damn it! It must be so. Legend has it that summoning the divine dragon shrouds the sky in darkness! So it was all true!”

“Damn it!”

Ginyu clenched his fists in rage, his eyes bloodshot with anger.

“Dragon Balls belong to me! They are meant to grant me an immortal body! Damn that Links! Damn those Namekians!”

“Since I can’t have the Dragon Balls, then nobody can!”

Saying that, Ginyu suddenly raised a finger and a small red dot the size of a peanut began to flicker on his fingertip.

In the blink of an eye, the small red dot suddenly grew larger, and a huge fireball several hundred meters in diameter, almost like a small sun, appeared on Ginyu’s fingertip, emitting immense light and heat.

Seeing Ginyu using this technique, the expressions of Ginyu’s subordinates changed, realizing what he was about to do.

“Your….Your Majesty, what are you doing?”

“Your Majesty, please don’t! We’re all still on the planet!”

“Your Majesty!”

“Shut up! It’s all because of you useless fools that my Dragon Balls were stolen! You and those Saiyans can go to hell and repent together!”

Meanwhile, far away, Lin Chen and other’s expressions suddenly changed.

“Goku! What’s that over there?”

“What an astonishing amount of energy! Is it Cold? What is he up to?”

“Oh no!” Lin Chen cried out in alarm.

While Goku and the others couldn’t guess what Cold was up to, Lin Chen, who had already fought with Frost Demon several times and knew this move, recognized it clearly. The power fluctuations were clearly the prelude to Frost Demon’s use of a technique similar to the Planet Destroying Ball.

Is Ginyu really going to destroy the whole planet just because he couldn’t get the Dragon Balls?

“Slug! Don’t forget our wishes! I’ll go stop that guy!”

After saying that, Lin Chen used Instant Transmission and suddenly appeared in front of Ginyu.

Seeing Lin Chen appear, Ginyu was slightly stunned, but a sinister smile appeared on his face, and without hesitation, he swung the Supernova in his hand towards Lin Chen, who had just appeared.

“Die, Saiyan!”

The enormous fireball plummeted towards Lin Chen, and under the wild energy, it generated an astonishing shockwave even before it approached.

In an instant, the shockwave swept through the entire area, and every alien standing beside Ginyu was blown away without exception. Then, they were all incinerated by the intense heat generated by the fireball.

The sound of piercing screams, the cracking of the ground, and the monstrous waves churning in the sea all mixed together, creating a cacophony of noise that sounded like doomsday music.