PC Chapter 98 Surrounded

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What to do…

Terrance was inwardly feeling anxious, but he was helpless. He was currently too weak, and he had no ability to successfully retrieve the Poké Balls from the blockade of dozens of people.

If he could retrieve the Poké Balls, with the seven of them, they might just barely manage to escape, but even the first step was extremely difficult for the present Terrance.

The few minutes felt unbearably long for Terrance and his group.

He had two choices. One was to have Misdreavus create a deep illusion to make the poacher faint and fall into a deep sleep. However, given Misdreavus’s current abilities, he couldn’t guarantee fully hypnotizing the Pokémon. This method carried the risk of having to battle Ariados.

The second choice was to create a lower-level illusion, a kind of deception, to deepen the opponent’s perception through the five senses and the environment. This had a higher success rate.

His mind was racing at lightning speed, and Terrance felt like his brain was about to explode. There was no way… in the current situation, he couldn’t think of a good solution.

At North Lake, the excavation of the Water Source Stone had reached its final stage, and the anxiousness in Terrance’s heart grew.

Even if he tried to remain calm, his body’s instincts made it difficult.

As the calculations continued to churn in his mind, Terrance seemed to hear the explosive clash of thoughts… No, Terrance’ eyes suddenly widened, and chaotic, noisy sounds reached his ears. They were real voices. This…something seemed to have happened.

Various commands, mechanical operations, the sound of footsteps, and many people shouting, “We’ve just received information, the police are here—”

Upon hearing this voice, not only Terrance but also the others were overjoyed. However, the poacher who was guarding them had a tense expression, which made Terrance realize it was the right moment. “It’s now… Misdreavus!”

Terrance didn’t hesitate and immediately signaled Misdreavus to cast an illusion. After honing its skills in the Haunted House, Misdreavus’ illusions had improved significantly. Amidst the poacher’s panic, the “Confuse Ray” was cast without warning on both the poacher and Ariados.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Continuous explosions, scattered flames, and every area was filled with attacks and devastation. The poacher was taken aback. Has the situation escalated to this extent??

Terrance had chosen the second choice. Under this illusion, the poacher saw North Lake engulfed in flames, with the poacher and the police fighting. Everything was chaotic and disarrayed.

He looked back at the “listless” and “obedient” students lying on the ground. He clenched his teeth and said to Ariados, which was also affected by the illusion, “We’re leaving; we can’t stay here.”

Whether he wanted to join the battle or escape, in the current chaotic situation outside, no one would pay attention to a lone poacher guarding seven students.

“While I have the chance…”

The other six students stared blankly at the rapidly changing expressions on the poacher’s face, as if he had seen something terrifying. The poacher ran away, making them feel a surge of excitement.

“Somebody’s coming to rescue us…” Yuko exclaimed with joy, almost on the verge of tears from the excitement.

At this moment, Misdreavus had untied Terrance’s rope, and he quickly stood up. Ignoring the astonished gazes of the others, Terrance hastily moved his body to adapt quickly for action.

“Terrance, you…” Jinbe exclaimed in astonishment as he watched Terrance escape from the ropes, and then Misdreavus, whose figure kept flashing around.

Not only him, but the remaining people also looked at Terrance, hesitating to speak. At this moment, Terrance made a shushing motion, intending to first them from the ropes.

“Listen to me… next, I’m planning…”

Terrance whispered and approached Jinbe, swiftly untying the rope that bound him. Then, with the help of Misdreavus and Jinbe, he worked to free the others.

“I’m going to rescue Sceptile and others,” Misanji said as soon as he was freed.

“Count me in.”

“Me too.”

“Understood, let’s go,” Terrance sighed inwardly and called Misdreavus, and the group of them started to move stealthily.

Three minutes later.

They arrived at a narrow path out of the poachers’ line of sight. From their facial expressions, it looked as though they had lost their souls.

Terrance’s expression was complex, and his heart grew increasingly restless. This was the only way.

Seven people acting together, even with a 90% success rate, would definitely be reduced to 9% or even lower.

Terrance’s only reliance now was Misdreavus, and Misdreavus could not possibly have the energy to take care of seven people simultaneously. So, the remaining six people were a burden to Terrance at the moment.

“He can understand your desire to save Pokemon…”

“But because of that, we must not act recklessly.”

Terrance glanced back at Misdreavus and clenched his teeth. The only thing he could do now was to trust Misdreavus.

Misdreavus had already surveyed the nearby terrain. In the illusion created by Misdreavus, the six of them would mistakenly believe they were going to rescue Pokemon, then walk far away through an uninhabited safe path, and eventually fall into a deep sleep.

After that, it would be up to Terrance.

“Misdreavus, let’s go.”

“Maintain order!”

Grey Feather looked at his panicking subordinates and shouted in disappointment.

Poachers would always be poachers, and their tendency to panic when they saw the police couldn’t be changed no matter what. The speed of executing the usual drills was much slower than usual.

“What’s the matter with that guy—” a captain shouted, looking at a team member who had lost their wits and was staggering aimlessly.


“Use String Shot! Quickly, stop them…”

On the other side.

“How’s it going?” The man in black jacket approached Grey Feather and asked.

“Thanks for the reminder, but we’ve finished the extraction. There’s no need to engage them directly. Let’s retreat!” Grey Feather looked at him.

“By the way… I might not have made it clear to you, but it seems like there are a lot of police personnel this time. It’s not just the Snowpoint City’s deployment. My Krookodile told me there are at least 100 people, and they all have proper riot gear.”

“Impossible,” Grey Feather said.

The man in black jacket nodded, saying, “Honestly, I didn’t want to be involved with you from the beginning. Your recent actions have become more and more extravagant. While I can gain some benefits this time, deep down, I didn’t want to be part of this operation with you. I’m here mainly because of our past friendship. I have a bad feeling that these police deployments aren’t all there is. You seem to have bitten off more than you can chew this time.”

As he spoke, the man in black jacket threw a Poké Ball, releasing a chubby, orange-colored Pokemon— Dragonite.

“I have a bad feeling, old friend. I’ve given you the warning. I’m leaving now. Good luck to you.”

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