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8 hours… Terrance reserved 8 hours in Sunlight House, costing 40 credits, to allow Beautifly to complete the final step of learning “Solar Beam.”

Beautifly had already mastered all the techniques related to sun, but due to its species, it didn’t possess the same affinity for sunlight as Grass-type Pokémon…

The techniques had been trained almost to perfection, and Terrance no longer intended to reserve more time for Beautifly. There were many other training projects to focus on, and Solar Beam had become secondary.

In Sunlight House, Grass-type Pokémon with the Synthesis ability can recover well even after extreme training, as Sunlight House always maintains the Sunny Day state.

Although Beautifly is not a Grass Type Pokémon, its move “Morning Sun” has also reached perfection. In the Sunny Day state, it quickly harnesses the intense sunlight to learn Solar Beam… Following that, it restores its energy with “Morning Sun” and practices this move endlessly, striving to maximize its training benefits during the 8-hour period in the Sunlight House.

On the other side, after sending Beautifly into the Sunlight House, Terrance began heading back to his dorm.

He took out his laptop, where he had recorded the important plans for the next phase.

1: Teach Swablu Mirror Move and engage in physical training.

2: Study.

3: Evolve Nosepass into Probopass.

4: Evolve Ralts into Kirlia.

“The first and second mission can be done simultaneously…Swablu hasn’t learned Mirror Move mainly because its brain’s memory capacity hasn’t matured yet. Buying a month’s supply of Razz Berries and Nutpea Berries as post-meal treats won’t be enough…”

“For regular meals, it’s essential to aim for at least one brain-boosting meal per day… Miltank’s milk, Pokémon food made from beans, and, ideally, some fish every day.”

Terrance wasn’t very confident about the Intermediate Breeder exam, so studying had to continue. The Crown Academy’s database contains limitless knowledge waiting for Terrance to learn.

Studying would have to be interspersed with the free time dedicated for training Pokémon.

As for the task of raising Nosepass into Probopass, which was entrusted to him by the student Ajay, there was still more than three months left. Terrance felt that it wouldn’t be long before this mission could be perfectly completed.

If Terrance wasn’t stingy with Nosepass’s food, as he had been providing them with cheap magnets that can be found all over Mt. Coronet… their evolution might even happen earlier.

However, the credits for this mission only allowed Terrance to provide this level of food. After all, five months is ample time, and there was no need to rush.

Ralts… This unexpected little one who intruded into Terrance’s training mission has a unique charm. Ralts’ attitude of refusing to be underestimated and diligently practicing alone struck a chord with Terrance, bringing back memories of his own childhood.

Due to being an orphan, it was inevitable that he would be teased by the “brats” around him. To disguise himself, he could only throw himself into certain things, trying to prove himself through hard work.

Terrance sees a reflection of himself in Ralts.


Because it was the weekend, Terrance had brought this mischievous little one back.

Inside the Haunted House, Misdreavus seemed to be living quite comfortably, leading Terrance to notice that it was rather picky about the snacks he had prepared, seemingly favoring only “emotions of fear.”

“Eat it all.” Terrance helplessly placed the carefully prepared food in front of it, pretending to sound stern.

Clearly, it was Pokémon food that Ghost-type Pokémon also loved… but in his own Misdreavus’ case, it seemed not to like it very much.


Little Misdreavus looked at the snacks prepared by Terrance with disgust, its eyes shifting around.


If only it was half as well-behaved as Beautifly and Swablu! Terrance sighed.

“If you don’t like the snacks, then show me what you’ve learned this week.”

It seemed like Misdreavus had been waiting for Terrance to say this. Upon hearing it, Misdreavus became excited and quickly formed a purple Energy Ball in front of its red beaded chain.

“Just one?” Terrance emphasized.

“Misdreavuss~?” Misdreavus looked puzzled.

“Hey… I’m talking to you. Didn’t you learn how to use Shadow Ball like half a month ago? The training tasks I left for you, have you really been completing them seriously?”

Terrance sighed and rubbed his head in frustration. While fooling around with the Ghost-type Pokémon in the haunted house, Misdreavus’s innate talent isn’t too bad, and it managed to learn Shadow Ball while fooling around along the way.

Afterward, he assigned Misdreavus a training task focused on energy control, aiming to reduce the energy of Shadow Ball and split it into multiple parts, allowing for quickly unleashing multiple Shadow Balls.

Compared to Swablu and Beautifly’s training, Terrance had been quite lenient with the recently obtained Misdreavus. Training energy control techniques… it’s not really a difficult task, as long as one is willing to spend time exploring. Basically, any Pokémon can master it on their own.

But it seemed that Terrance had underestimated Misdreavus’ mischievous and lazy nature.

“So you’re telling me that this past week, apart from slightly speeding up the formation of Shadow Ball, you haven’t done anything else?”

Terrance locked eyes with Misdreavus’ innocent red eyes. After a moment, Misdreavus whimpered and ran away, leaving Terrance frustrated. He quickly followed, resulting in a comical chase.

During the chase, Terrance spotted Teacher Teresa watering the plants and offered her a smile to hide his embarrassment. Then he continued with Swablu to look for Misdreavus.

“Ralts, lend me a hand.”

This wasn’t the first time such a situation had occurred. Terrance had already found Misdreavus’ nemesis. By allowing Ralts to sense the emotions around it, Misdreavus’ unique fluctuations were like a light bulb in the darkness, impossible to escape Ralts’ perception.

Terrance approached quietly like a cat, and with a wave from Swablu, the cotton feathers swarmed around Misdreavus. At that moment, Terrance swiftly took out the Ultra Ball and collected Misdreavus.

Inside the room.

Terrance once again locked eyes with Misdreavus’ innocent red eyes. Terrance let out a long sigh. “On this weekend, both you and Swablu will learn sound techniques, and strive to use sound to simulate the flow of energy in your body.”


Little Misdreavus obediently nodded, but Terrance wasn’t sure if it had actually understood him.

Not only Misdreavus, but even Beautifly needed to learn sound techniques from Swablu. This would help them understand other Sound-based moves.

In addition, Swablu had another task, which was to learn Mirror Move. It involves watching Trainer’s battle videos with Terrance. Whether it was the Lily of the Valley Conference or any other competition, Terrance needed Swablu to have ideas and impressions of various types of moves.

While watching these videos, Terrance once again marveled at the intense battles between orthodox Trainers, which gave him a fiery feeling that was hard to describe. This was different from the tightly interwoven battles of Coordinators… the head-on collisions of moves, the surging commands of Trainers. When Swablu and Terrance saw the exciting moments, their emotions couldn’t help but get stirred up.

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