PC Chapter 78 Looker

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A fake….

Terrance let out a long sigh; he had been outsmarted.

“You must be a rookie Trainer, right?” Mr. Looker didn’t dwell on the matter for long and quickly changed the topic. “This area is very dangerous, you know.”

“This direction…..if you’re heading to Veilstone City, I suggest you take the normal route. Anyway, this area is very dangerous. Give me your Pokédex, and I’ll request assistance from Officer Jenny for you. There might still be Pokémon Poachers lurking around here. It’s not safe to stay here for long,” Looker said solemnly.

If a rookie Trainer doesn’t have any valuable Pokémon with them, it’s fine. But if they do, they often become prime targets for Pokémon poachers.

“Is that so… Thank you, I understand,” Terrance was taken aback. A poacher, huh? This kind of illegal profession, it seems, is unavoidable in any world.

“In that case, I’ll get back to the safe path. I’ll leave the task of apprehending the poachers to you, Mr. Detective~~” Terrance waved and turned to leave.

“Hey, wait a moment. I’ll still request Officer Jenny for help. Besides, Veilstone City is still quite far from here,” Looker said, surprised when Terrance turned to leave.

“No need, really… I don’t have a Pokédex at the moment,” Terrance replied with a smile.

“That…” Mr. Looker and Croagunk exchanged puzzled glances, not expecting such an answer from Terrance.

“No….I insist you wait.” Hesitating for a moment, Mr. Looker caught up with Terrance. “It’s because of me that those poachers came here. For your safety, I’ll make sure to escort you to Veilstone City.”

“Escort me?” Terrance looked completely bewildered.

“Yes, if you encounter those poachers, you’d certainly be in danger if you are on your own. But with me around, I can also apprehend them… As for not encountering any, that would be lucky,” Mr. Looker explained.

Terrance strangely looked at the International Police officer, “Isn’t it your mission to apprehend Pokémon poachers? Can you really afford to be delayed because of strangers? Besides, if my presence causes you to miss a chance to catch the poachers, the consequences could be even more severe.”

“Mission… I wouldn’t call it that. I’m currently on vacation, and stumbling upon those poachers was purely accidental,” Mr. Looker said. “Even if the consequences might be severe, that’s just speculation. I can’t allow someone who may be in danger to face it alone.”

“Um…” Terrance was rendered speechless.

This uncle with a somewhat mocking name…to be honest, Terrance was somewhat moved.

“I am capable of protecting myself…” Terrance considered for a moment and said.

“That’s where you’re mistaken, young man. Maybe your Pokémon are strong, but this isn’t a regulated battle. Poachers don’t follow any rules. Judging by your lack of awareness earlier, you’d be considered a careless Trainer.”

A careless Trainer…

Terrance carefully pondered these words. Since he started his journey alone, apart from that incident at Mt. Chimney, it had been smooth sailing, with him encountering no real danger.

But the word “careless,” is he really that bad?

“Your awareness of danger is lacking. A kid like you wouldn’t have made it through the early stages of our detective training,” Mr. Looker said seriously.

“I… I understand,”

“Misdreavus~~” The small Misdreavus couldn’t help but laugh when she saw Terrance being scolded.

“You…!” Black lines appeared on Terrance’s head.

“Come with me. I’ll bring you to Veilstone City,” Terrance examined Mr. Looker more closely and realized that this International Police officer seemed quite reliable.

Were all International Police officers this kind-hearted?

Terrance didn’t know. Organizations like the International Police were too distant for him. For a youngster like him, the League Conference and Pokémon Contests were his current highest aspirations.

“You… haven’t registered as a Trainer in the Pokémon League, have you?” Terrance, following behind Mr. Looker, suddenly heard him ask.

“Yes, my family isn’t well-off,” Terrance didn’t elaborate.

The atmosphere remained silent for a few minutes, and the other person slowly spoke again, “Hang in there. I’ve heard some rumors that the League is preparing to again ease the requirements for becoming a Trainer…”

“Keep persevering for a few more years, and maybe everything will get better.”

Without a Trainer license, one cannot enjoy the discounts offered by various organizations under the League. For Trainers who travel extensively, it’s as troublesome as losing an arm.

“I hope so,” Terrance nodded.

In the four years since his journey began, he had seen changes in various places around him. Whether it’s food, clothing, shelter, or transportation, everything was progressing with the development of technology.

Sooner or later, the Trainer profession will also have its turn.

“Always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings. This is essential for a Trainer when traveling,” Mr. Looker advised.

“Is it appropriate to have your Misdreavus follow you like this? If it were me, I would have it hide and constantly observe the surroundings from a distance away from you.”

“…” Terrance’s mouth twitched slightly. “Do you have to be so cautious?”

Faced with this question, Mr. Looker almost stumbled, “You new-generation Trainers…”

He rubbed his head vigorously, seeming to have a headache..

“So, Mr. Looker, were you a Trainer in the past?”

“Yeah…back then, Trainers who weren’t careful were always in danger. But nowadays, most Trainers have grown up in a safe environment and tend to panic when faced with danger,” Looker sighed.

Maybe it was because he had heard that Terrance didn’t have a Trainer license, but Mr. Looker seemed to take special care of him, reminding him of many things to be mindful of while in the wilderness.

Compared to the knowledge gained from books, the experience shared by an International Police officer was more rewarding for Terrance.

A few days later.

Looker safely escorted Terrance to the outskirts of Veilstone City. He bid farewell to Terrance, preparing to investigate the poachers’ situation once again.

“Even during my vacation, I can’t help but want to chase after them… sigh…” Looker adjusted his hat and said to Terrance, “Remember the experiences I shared with you. You might need them one day.”

“Thank you, Mr. Looker,” Terrance sincerely said. After spending those few days with Looker, he had truly experienced the charisma of the man.

“You’re a good detective. I wish you all the best in your poacher-catching mission.”

With a smile, Looker turned away from Terrance’s gaze and ventured back into the wilderness. Terrance watched his disappearing figure and suddenly felt a bit down. “That uncle isn’t so bad, is he?”

He tapped his Poké Balls, and his three companions emerged, expressing their opinions while circling around him.

To the north of Veilstone City, facing the sea, there are ships that sail directly to Snowpoint City. Additionally, the surrounding stone walls give the entire city a cold atmosphere..

Once Looker’s silhouette gradually vanished, Terrance took a step forward, heading towards this big city renowned for its stones. “We’ll meet again someday.”

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