PC Chapter 73 From the Lost Tower!

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“Frightened? How could the Mareep have been frightened?” The Rancher was dumbfounded.

“Are there any wild Pokemon colonies near Solaceon Town?” Terrance asked.

“This… I don’t know. There probably shouldn’t be any. Solaceon Town has been covered by vast ranches, and wild Pokémon rarely come here,” the Rancher said.

“Hehe… it’s also possible that it’s a ghost!” The old man Kamigata suddenly turned around, lowered his voice and spoke with an eerie tone.

“…” The Rancher.

“…” Terrance.

“Hehe…” Terrance laughed dryly. “Are you saying it might be a Ghost-type Pokemon?”

The old man Kamigata nodded. “Exactly. There’s a Lost Tower near Solaceon Town, and people often bury deceased Pokemon there.”

“In that environment, many Ghost-type Pokemon are bound to appear.”

“That place…” The Rancher was shocked. “Isn’t it said that there’s a ‘Spell Tag’ at the top of the tower to attract Ghosts? And there are ‘Cleanse Tags’ placed outside by experts; Ghosts shouldn’t be able to easily leave.”

“Pokemon, these magical creatures, always have exceptions,” Terrance said. “You can’t always analyze them with conventional wisdom. If it really is a Ghost from the Lost Tower, then it’s understandable why the Mareep were suddenly frightened.”

If there’s one type of Pokemon that’s challenging to deal with among the Pokemons, besides Psychic, it’s the Ghost-type. They’re difficult for Trainers to fathom.

Silently toying around with this group of Mareep seemed like no trouble at all for a Ghost-type Pokemon.

“Could it be Gastly?”

“Or perhaps Duskull or Misdreavus…”

These Ghost-type Pokemon, whether it’s Gastly, Duskull, or Misdreavus, all enjoy playing tricks on people and pranking them.

Gastly loves to scare humans and Pokemon just for fun.

Duskull also finds pleasure in making kids cry.

As for Misdreavus, they are even worse. Not only does it enjoy playing tricks on others, but it also often takes pleasure in scaring passersby and Pokémon. Even Misdreavus with owners will frequently play pranks on their owners.

Compared to the other two Pokemon, Misdreavus exhibits a stronger sense of motivation.

“If I recall correctly, Misdreavus uses the fear in the hearts of humans and other Pokémon as its source of energy. The bead around its neck can also absorb the fear of the frightened individuals,” Terrance pondered and said.

“Yes, Duskull isn’t keen on pranking other Pokemon. Gastly and Misdreavus are the prime suspects,” The old man Kamigata said.

“If it’s Gastly, it’s manageable, but if it’s Misdreavus, it’ll surely show up again,” Terrance speculated. Misdreavus takes pleasure in scaring others, and uses the red bead around its neck to absorb the fear of its victims and nourish itself.

If the Pokemon from the Lost Tower is Misdreavus, there’s a good chance it’ll return for another “meal.”

However, even with these speculations, the three of them had no real solution. Ghost-type Pokemon could appear and disappear without a trace. With the Pokemon Terrance had on hand and those at the ranch, they had no effective way to deal with Ghost-type Pokemon unless one happened to reappear before them.

“Misdreavus might be hiding, waiting for its next ‘meal,’ or it might have left this place to seek out its next feeding ground,” Terrance said. “Tonight, I’ll stay here. If Misdreavus shows up, I’ll try to see if I can drive it away.”

“Really, young man? Thank you so much. Why don’t you stay at my house tonight? You’ve already helped us a lot with the Mareep situation!” the Rancher kindly offered.

“That works for me. I remember your name is…. Terrance, right? You can stay here for the night. I need to return to the Day Care,” Kamigata sighed. “If I had known from the beginning that it was a Ghost-type Pokemon causing trouble, I would have brought the Girafarig from the Day Care here.”

“Is there a Girafarig at the Day Care?” Terrance was pleasantly surprised. Dealing with Ghost-type Pokemon would be much easier with Girafarig.

“Yes, that’s right. I’ll head back for now, and you can wait here.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Kamigata. By the way, our Miltank has produced a lot of fresh milk again. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you some,” the Rancher said with a smile. “And of course, young man, you’re welcome to have some. Our family’s milk tastes fantastic!”

Late into the night, the nearby ranch was calm and quiet.

The Rancher invited Terrance to his home and offered him some top-quality “cow milk” as a treat, and Terrance was quite satisfied with the taste of the “milk.”

Miltank’s milk was rich in nutrients and considered the best drink for the elderly and the sick. Children also loved it, and for those who couldn’t handle drinking it, it could be turned into yogurt.

“After drinking a big can of the milk, you can grow up tall and strong. You should drink more, and then you’ll grow into a healthy adult!” the Rancher chattered on.

Terrance: “…”

“Uncle, hasn’t anyone told you that Miltank’s milk, although nutritious, is also high in calories? If you drink too much, you might end up with a physique like a Miltank~~”

Glancing at Rancher’s physique, fortunately, although somewhat overweight, he still looked fine.

But who knew, just as Terrance’s words fell, the Rancher’s eyes widened, looking incredulous.

“Uh…” Rancher froze.

He gave Terrance a quick glance and stammered, “Is… is this true?”

“It should be correct……..” Terrance replied, also having read it in a book.

“Boo hoooo….I’m done for. If my daughter finds out about this, she’ll hate me forever. Waaah~”

“You don’t think my daughter would know, right? She decided to go on this journey to lose weight because she’s too fat. If she finds out the reason she’s overweight is because I gave her too much milk when she was a child, she’ll hate me forever. Waaah~”

“…” Terrance was at a loss for words. Girls, he figured, would probably care a lot about their weight……

“Uncle, cheer up. Your daughter will surely forgive you. After all, you did it for her well-being… probably,” Terrance consoled him.

Daughter… for some reason, Terrance subconsciously pictured a girl with a Miltank-like physique, dressed in cowboy dress.

“It seems that Munchlax chose the right owner…” Terrance fell silent.



In the silent night, when even Terrance had fallen asleep, sudden distressed bleatings echoed from the ranch, waking everyone up.

“It’s here!” Terrance’s heart skipped a beat. Sure enough,it ha s appeared again.

Gastly? Or Misdreavus?

Simultaneously, different bleatings filled the air.




Among them was Girafarig’s growl.

The other one belonged to an unknown Ghost-type Pokemon which had come from the Lost Tower.

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