PC Chapter 71 Leaving and Solaceon Town

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“Terrance, congratulations on your victory,” Abby said, “I just didn’t expect… that I’d lose so easily.”

After speaking, she gave a bitter smile.

“Then, I’ll be returning to the Hoenn region. I plan to work hard for the Grand Festival there. Terrance, don’t you dare slack off while in the Sinnoh region.”

“Are you not going to continue your challenges in the Sinnoh region?” Terrance asked.

“No, coming to the Sinnoh region was just a coincidence,” she shook her head.

“I see… Well, I’m glad to have battled against you. You’ve done a great job raising your Skitty. With some more battle experience, I believe you can become a Top Coordinator… Speaking of returning to Hoenn, I can recommend a place that’s very suitable for Coordinators,” Terrance said.

“A place?”

“Yes, the official Gym of Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region. If you have the time, you can go challenge it. I believe you’d gain a lot from it. Besides, there’s no rule that Coordinators can’t challenge Gym matches, right?”

“Sootopolis Gym… is that Mr. Juan’s Gym?” Abby asked.

“You know  Mr. Juan? That makes things easier. As a top coordinator from the older generation, his battling style is worth learning from. I’ve also been greatly inspired by him,” Terrance said.

“Alright, I’ll definitely visit Sootopolis City. How about we have a competition to see who becomes the Top Coordinator first?” Abby suggested.

“Sure.” Terrance agreed.

However, Terrance wasn’t certain when he would challenge another Pokémon Contest.

With his current Beautifly and Swablu, he wasn’t confident enough to dominate the Grand Festival.

Challenging Pokémon Contests, Terrance’s appearance this time was destined to be a brief moment in the spotlight. Winning the Pokémon Contest at this age and with such skill would undoubtedly draw the attention of some observant individuals, perhaps even gaining him a few fans.

These people would surely keep an eye on other Pokémon Contests, looking for Terrance’s presence. However, their efforts were bound to be in vain. Terrance intended to go through Veilstone City and then directly return to Crown Academy.

After staying for one more day, Terrance bid farewell to Abby. The regret was that he didn’t encounter James again…

Exiting Hearthome City, about a day’s journey away, was a place called Solaceon Town.

When Terrance arrived, he was attracted by the town’s peaceful environment.

Most residents of Solaceon Town were settled nomads. There were many large ranches in the town, and most of the residents lived on the western side, near the main road. The town’s eastern side was all trees and steep roads.

Due to the ranches, there was a Day Care established by an elderly couple. They often helped care for the newly born Pokémon on the ranches.

As Terrance rarely came across a Day Care, he couldn’t help but pay a visit when he arrived.

“Are you a traveler?” Terrance was received by an elderly man. His hair and beard were already white, but he appeared lively and had a cheerful demeanor.

“Hello, I’m a Breeder currently traveling and learning. I apologize for the sudden disturbance.”

“Oh… at such a young age, you’re a Breeder? It’s quite rare. No worries, I am usually quite free here. If you don’t mind, you can come in and take a look.” The old man said.

“Thank you so much!” Terrance said.

Solaceon Town’s Day Care wasn’t small in scale. During Terrance’s tour, he found many young Mareep, Stantler, and Combee.

“Combee and Vespiquen are Pokémon we raise ourselves…the honey gathered by Combee is quite delicious. How about it, would you like to try some?”

“Combee’s honey?” Terrance had tried it once in Hearthome City, but it was used in cooking. If it was pure honey, he hadn’t yet tasted it.

This delicious and highly nutritious honey was a precious ingredient used in various Pokémon foods.

“May I… trouble you for some?” Terrance asked.

“It’s no problem, no problem at all. If it’s just a bit of honey, we can definitely afford it,” the old man said with a cheerful smile.


Just as the old man was showing Terrance around, a deep blue Pokémon ran over and clung to the old man’s leg, calling incessantly.

“Munchlax,” Terrance exclaimed in surprise. “It looks like it’s hungry.”

“Seems like that’s the case,” the old man said with a helpless expression.

Munchlax eats an amount of food equivalent to its own weight in one day. It’s truly a big eater Pokémon, and Trainers who have such Pokémon often find it quite a headache.

“Such a glutton,” the old man sighed.

It’s easy to imagine that preparing food for Munchlax every day would require a lot of time.

“You woke up early today, Munchlax. But the food isn’t ready yet, so you’ll have to wait,” the old man said to Munchlax.

“Munch….Munch…” Munchlax wore a resigned expression.

“… If you don’t mind, let me help. I’ve gained some insights into Pokémon food recently,” Terrance said.

“That would be a big help,” the old man said.

During the conversation with the old man, Terrance learned that Munchlax was a child of a nearby ranch owner who had been left in the care of the Day Care while the owner traveled as a Trainer. Due to Munchlax’s unique eating habits, it was inconvenient to take care of him at home, so they had entrusted him to the Day Care.

“Tangrowth, huh!” Terrance exclaimed. It seemed the old man had some breeding experience as well, perhaps even being a veteran Breeder, living out his retirement in Solaceon Town.

When it comes to what’s most suitable to feed Pokémon like Snorlax, you’d definitely think of thorny plants and vines.

Not only are they abundant, they also match Snorlax’s taste perfectly, making them the top choice for making food.

As for Pokémon like Tangrowth, even if its arms were eaten, it wouldn’t mind. Thanks to its strong regenerative abilities, its vines can quickly grow back in the blink of an eye as long as there’s enough nourishment.

“Once again, I’m relying on you, Tangrowth,” the old man said.

“…,” Tangrowth was actually quite unwilling.

However, upon seeing the hopeful, tearful eyes of Munchlax, Tangrowth gave in. It rapidly grew a large amount of vines.

Seeing the vines, Munchlax immediately wanted to start eating, but the old man stopped it. “If you eat these, your nutrition won’t keep up with your growth.”

Terrance smiled. When it came to the vines, he thought of a good recipe.

Next, it was time to prepare the meal.

Inspired by the Pokémon Cooking House, Terrance also wanted to collaborate with Pokémon to create an exquisite dish. Thus, Beautifly became his helper.

After a while, with the efforts of Terrance and Beautifly, a large pot of food named “Thunder Vine” was successfully made by them.

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