PC Chapter 55 The most talented Trainer

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“Excuse me, student, is there something you need?” Forrest, standing on the podium, frowned and asked.

In Crown Academy, it was impossible for any teacher to remember all the hundreds of students.

Terrance took a look at them. The teacher still looked angry, while the students below were all well-behaved, and everything looked harmonious.

“My name is Terrance, and I am the new student of this class, uh… I should say I’m a ‘transfer student’ who just arrived today.”

“A transfer student? I haven’t received any news,” Forrest looked puzzled, observing the boy who seemed to be around ten years old.

All five new students for this year have already been assigned their classes, and it has been a month since the start of the school year, so Terrance’s sudden appearance was too abrupt.

“I see… Well, that could be troublesome.” Terrance himself was surprised.

The teacher named Forrest seemed to still be angry. After saying “Class dismissed” to the students below, he quickly left after a brief exchange with Terrance.

“I’ll go and find out the situation. Terrance, right? Please wait here for a moment.”

“Crown Academy… what exactly happened here?” Terrance’ eyes widened. This place was nothing like what Master Victor had described.

The moment Teacher Forrest left, the eight students of the Breeder Class started talking animatedly.

“Hey, are you really a transfer student? I’m Chiba, and my dream is to create universal Pokemon food,” shouted a boy with porcupine-like hair.

“Newcomer, you didn’t choose this class just because there are no exams for promotion to the next class, did you?” said another older boy with red hair.

“Well…” Terrance looked around the classroom; there were a few empty seats due to the low number of students.

“I’m neither a transfer student nor a new student. Didn’t you all listen properly? My name is Terrance, and I’ve come from Fallarbor Town in the Hoenn region.”

Minding his own business, Terrance walked to the nearest empty seat and sat down.

“Was that person our class teacher just now?”

“Can you tell me what’s going on? I’ve felt that the atmosphere in the academy has not been quite right ever since I arrived. What exactly happened here?” Terrance looked interestedly at the group of boys and girls with a curious expression in his eyes.

Everyone, whether Trainers, Breeders, teachers, or students, seemed troubled by the same thing.

“So arrogant…” In the corner, a girl with short orange hair supported her cheek using her hand, looking bored as she glanced over at Terrance.

In the classroom, excluding Terrance, among the eight students, there were four boys and four girls, making the ratio fairly balanced. However, this was thanks to the nature of the Breeder Class; if it was another class, the distribution might not be so even.

“Hello, Classmate Terrance. I’m Leaf. Can I just call you Terrance?” A girl with brown hair tied in a single ponytail sat beside Terrance. She looked friendly, but her voice was slightly nervous when she spoke to him.

“Sure,” Terrance smiled.

“Then, Leaf, can you tell me what happened?”

“Hahaha, let me tell you. I think we, the Breeder Class, are quite innocent,” said Chiba, the porcupine-haired boy, who left his seat and arrived in front of Terrance.

Speaking of innocence, a boy with black short hair and somewhat pale skin chuckled helplessly. He looked weak and, while the others were focused on Terrance, he took out a sketchbook and began doodling.



“Regarding the battles, it’s clearly the Trainers’ responsibility… We, the Breeder Class, aren’t good at battles. Why should we be punished too?” Chiba pulled his hair in frustration, his face showing a mix of distress.

Even Leaf next to him nodded in agreement.

“…So, what exactly happened?” Terrance likes children with quieter personalities.

“A girl, a girl with long, golden hair. She challenged the Trainers of the academy,” Reaching this point, Chiba became quite excited, “Honestly, I’ve never seen such a beautiful girl. And most importantly… her Pokemon are incredibly powerful. She defeated eleven Trainers of the Graduation Class in a row without taking much of a break.”

“Not only that, she even defeated a teacher who challenged her!”

“Eleven from the Graduation Class, plus one teacher?” Terrance almost choked, “Is Crown Academy really that bad… and even the teacher… uhhh, wait, how old is that girl?”

“Fourteen years old,” the redhead from afar spoke, “Not only that, she’s also an Intermediate Breeder.”

Terrance calmed down, remembering the group of Trainers he encountered initially, feeling dejected. If a fourteen-year-old girl could overturn the entire academy, defeating even the teachers, it was undoubtedly a blow to a prestigious institution with a long hundred years of history.

“The Trainers she challenged were students of the Graduation and Advanced Class, and not a single one was her match. Even the teacher who stepped up to challenge her in the end was defeated,” Leaf said.

“She’s the most composed, decisive and daring Trainer I’ve ever seen,” a dark-skinned boy added, “During the battles, her victories were almost overwhelming.”

“A fourteen-year-old Intermediate Breeder… challenging Crown Academy. Are there really such terrifying individuals…” Terrance was taken aback. According to Master Victor, the outstanding Trainers who graduate from the academy could easily achieve top three rankings in the League Conference.

Even individuals of such caliber were defeated in succession by a girl of the same age, or even younger, and she even defeated eleven people in a row including a teacher from a top-tier comprehensive institution.

“This strength…she is even stronger than Wallace,” Terrance frowned.

“Who’s Wallace?” Chiba heard Terrance’s muttering and asked in confusion.

“It’s nothing,” Terrance said, “Do you know any other information about that girl?”

“Of course, she’s now a celebrity in Crown Academy. Almost every teacher and student knows her,” Chiba said, “They say she’s from Celestic Town and is the granddaughter of the Celestic Town Historical Research Center’s curator, Professor Carolina. Rumor has it that she came to challenge Crown Academy after the academy received a formal challenge from Professor Carolina herself.”

“Her name… let me think, it’s… Cynthia!”


“It’s her—” Terrance exclaimed.

“Ah? Wait, do you know her, Terrance?” Chiba was surprised to see Terrance’s reaction and quickly asked.

“Kind of… but not very well.”

Terrance mumbled to himself. If it really was that Cynthia, then almost no one in Sinnoh could match her talent.

Cynthia, the future Sinnoh Champion, was one of the two Champions from the original work that Terrance remembered.

The other was Lance, the Johto region Champion and Kanto Region’ Elite Four, also known as Ash’s so-called “undefeated Dragon Master”!

The latter had left a deep impression on Terrance back then, being the only female Champion he had seen in action—Cynthia!

Whether it was her outstanding looks, calm demeanor, or focused attitude during battles, it left a lasting impression on Terrance.

“Cynthia… I seem to have missed quite the spectacle,” Terrance lamented, regretting that he couldn’t witness the prowess of this fighting goddess.

Taking a deep breath, Terrance calmed down and looked at the eight classmates again. He subconsciously spoke, “If it’s the Cynthia I know, then Crown Academy’s defeat is not unjust. Maybe in a few years, her name will resound throughout Sinnoh.”

The eight aspiring Breeders stared at Terrance in a daze. They had expected to hear some “unyielding” words from him, but never did they think that this transfer student would actually start to hype up someone else’s reputation…

“Chuckle…” The girl with short orange hair, who rarely spoke burst into laughter, “Your words are quite similar to that defeated teacher’s. Moreover, he referred to that girl as… right…”

“The most talented Trainer—”

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