PC Chapter 45 Totem Pokemon

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Near Verdanturf Town, a mountain range separate two populous areas, which was the path between Verdanturf and Rustboro

The verdant-hued mountain range resembled the spine of a colossal beast, concealed within the blue and translucent dawn.

Above the mountains, accompanied by a roaring sound, a gigantic Pidgeot was circling around.

Terrance was clinging tightly to Pidgeot, enduring the discomfort caused by the air currents, his gaze overlooking the entire mountain range.

This is so exhilarating!

It’s his first time flying at such a high altitude, and the pleasure was beyond imagination.

No time to savor the moment, Terrance didn’t dare to forget his mission. When Pidgeot slowed down a bit, he spoke, “There should be four people. Search carefully.”

Pidgeot possesses excellent eyesight, and it’s clearly more capable of finding people than Terrance.

“Be careful and maintain this altitude.”

When Trainers ride Flying Pokémon in the wild, they avoid flying at low altitudes. If they accidentally enter another Pokémon’s territory, they’ll be attacked directly, which is extremely dangerous.

Although Terrance is a young rookie, his essential survival knowledge surpasses that of an ordinary rookie Trainer by far!

As time passed, Pidgeot and Terrance thoroughly explored the mountain range. Suddenly, a group of purple figures flashed before their eyes, making them halt immediately.

“That is—”

Whismur and Loudred!

Terrance’s gaze flickered, as if he had encountered the main characters.

“They’ve come so deep in the mountains…”

“Ignore them, let’s find those four first.” In the next moment, Terrance instructed Pidgeot to bypass the group.

His main objective is the safety of Tyson and the others. As for the truth behind the Rusturf Tunnel incident, it’s best left to professionals to investigate.



“Damn it!”

Terrance doesn’t want to invite trouble, but reality didn’t go according to his wishes.

A loud roar echoed out, and if Pidgeot hadn’t slowed down and stabilized its body in time, they would have probably fallen!

Terrance, high in the sky, looked downward. Amidst the group of Whismur, an enormous figure appeared, and the moment the Pokémon appeared, his pupils shrink.

“So, that’s the leader of the group of Whismur, Exploud, as Master Victor mentioned.”

“That size… it’s probably at least 2 meters…”

Exploud resembles a massive source of sound, continuously emitting roaring sounds from the ground. Even though Terrance had covered his ears, he could still feel the intense tremors.

“It’s really a Noise Pokémon whose roars can even be heard from 10 kilometers away. Pidgeot, let’s retreat for now.”

Terrance brows furrowed, unsure why Exploud is so aggressive. It’s not good; relying solely on its roar, it can affect Pidgeot’s flight, and coupled with its size, it’s probably not something an ordinary Trainer can handle.

If Tyson and the others encounter it unluckily, along with the numerous Loudred and Whismur, things will become troublesome.

Terrance got a special feeling from Exploud, just like when he encountered Altaria, Swablu’s mother and the overlord of Mt. Chimney.

It’s incredibly strong, surpassing ordinary Pokémon.

These types of Pokémon are undoubtedly the ones that emerge victorious from intense competition within a group or a particular region in the harsh natural environment. They excel in strength and various other aspects.

Since the establishment of the Pokémon League, these Pokémon have been the most troublesome. Ordinary Trainers are no match for them. Whenever the League wants to urbanize or populate certain areas, if they face obstruction from these Pokémon, things become complicated. It often requires gathering numerous elite Trainers or using technological means to achieve their goals.

However now, human settlements, towns, and cities have become saturated, and there’s less emphasis on wilderness development. Many Totem Pokémon have been defeated or captured by League Trainers or have left their habitats. Powerful Pokémon remaining in the wild have become scarce.

With the modernization of various regions, the strength of Pokémon in the wilderness may decline further.

Pidgeot and Terrance hastily departed. The sounds emanating from Exploud will definitely travel far, and Master Victor’s side probably heard it too. Next, it’s their work.


“Did you feel that?” Near a certain cave, Tyson sensed the vibrations around him and hurriedly said.

Josa, Little Qi, and A’Yue’s expressions became serious as they nodded.

“Looks like we’ve got some leads.” Tyson smiled faintly, feeling excited. They couldn’t handle the previous vibrations that well, but this time they wouldn’t let them slip away.

“Let’s hurry.”

The group set out once again.

As long as they can discover the cause of the incident or resolve the Rusturf Tunnel incident, they will gain fame and become well-known among the nearby Trainers. This is an incredibly tempting prospect for any trainer who has recently embarked on their journey.

And if they become well-known, they might even receive some titles of their own…

Trainers who possess titles can obtain unimaginable benefits, whether in the public or official sphere.

Therefore, the group was extremely focused, serious, and careful.

After about five minutes…



From one side of the mountain road came a piercing and shrill sound, like that of a jet engine. Countless voices overlapped, creating a cacophony that hinted at a group of creatures gathered and calling out in unison.

“It’s the sound of Whismur!!” Captain Tyson said with a serious tone. At this moment, he sounded somewhat nervous.

After all, they’re just a few curious Trainers exploring the unknown, and no one can be certain what will appear or happen.

“Come out, Grovyle, prepare for battle!”

“Persian, you come out too!”



In the narrow space, each of the four individuals summoned a Pokémon, their eyes fixed firmly on the Whismur that had emerged on the opposite side.

“Fortunately, it’s just a few Whismur. I’ll take care of them.” Josa said.

A trace of disdain flashed in Josa’s eyes. It’s just a weak Whismur; it definitely won’t be a match for his Persian.

The others also carried a hint of contempt… Pokémon like Whismur looked completely non-threatening. They just need to be careful of their sharp Growls and avoid getting disturbed.

“Good, let’s end the battle quickly.” Tyson nodded and spoke to the others.

At that moment, however, the group instinctively looked up because a sudden darkness instantly enveloping them. A dark shadow flashed through the sky, accompanied by a strong gust of wind.

Following that, a young voice rang out—

“What a hassle… Beautifly, use Sleep Powder.”

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