PC Chapter 41 Breeder’s origin

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Generation, a legendary character, was born before the establishment of the Pokémon League, in a farming family.

And the beginning of all the stories stems from a pet in Mr. Generation’s home— Eevee.

It was this Eevee that propelled Generation to become the first legitimate Breeder in history, the originator of Breeders, and the most influential driving force behind the establishment of the Breeder Association!

As a young child, Mr. Generation lived in the late Warring States period, where he rejected war and was one of the few who saw Pokémon as companions.

He had a strong bond with Eevee and they lived together for a long time, building a deep emotional connection.

One day, in an unexpected incident, Mr. Generation obtained a magical stone, and when this stone came into contact with Eevee, something amazing happened. Eevee’s entire body emitted a white light, gradually transforming it into a completely new species!

Eevee, which was only considered a pet Pokémon at the time, evolved into a new creature with a blue body!

In astonishment and shock, Generation discovered that after Eevee’s evolution, its body composition became very similar to that of water. It could dissolve in water and also had the ability to predict rainfall. Furthermore, it mastered powerful moves that were previously difficult to comprehend and its strength was far beyond that of the previous pet Eevee.

The unexpected transformation of Eevee sparked a strong curiosity in Mr. Generation, who was only in his early teens at the time!

He suddenly wanted to understand the principles behind Eevee’s transformation. How could a fragile pet become an entirely new species because of a stone? Moreover, it gained extraordinary abilities!

These were things that the once ordinary Mr. Generation could never have imagined! But in this unexpected turn of events, Generation seemed to undergo a sudden change. One incident awakened his soul that wanted to explore the unknown.

Ignoring the opposition from his family, Generation began his own journey, embarking alone on a quest for knowledge. During this time, Generation acquired two more Eevee from other places. Additionally, after two years, he discovered two other magical stones in different locations. One was fiery orange like fire, and the other sparkled like thunder. They were completely different from the crystal-like stone he had found before!

Under the catalysis of these two stones, his other two Eevee evolved as expected, transforming into species entirely distinct from the first one!

Amidst the shock, Generation named them “Vaporeon,” “Jolteon,” and “Flareon” for the time being.

After two years of travel, the changes in these three Eevee confirmed many things for Mr. Generation. At least he believed that, under certain external influences, Pokémon could undergo their own “mutations.” These “mutations” seemed to be analogous to evolution!

Next, Generation developed further doubts. Since these magical stones could assist Eevee in “mutating” into more powerful species, could other things fundamentally enhance a Pokémon’s strength?

Pokémon themselves were magical creatures, nature’s darlings. So, were there various unknown rare treasures in the world that could benefit Pokémon?

Just like how a human warrior wielding a famous sword becomes stronger in battle!

What awaited Generation was a long-lasting research and exploration. This time, Generation spent seven years living with wild Pokémon, collecting various magical items, and even studying wild vegetation, luring Pokémon to cooperate with his research.

These seven years made Generation feel like he had glimpsed a new world.

Don’t know from where, but he had scraped together a pile of Silver Powder, which attracted the attention of many Bug-type Pokémon. The Beedrill that obtained the Silver Powder became even more fierce and powerful.

He found a highly condensed water droplet in a mysterious lake, and when his Vaporeon wore that droplet, its control over water improved significantly, rising by more than one level!

In addition, Generation discovered many wonderful uses of Berries. It turned out that these Berries were not merely for satisfying hunger!

Through numerous failures, he learned from his experiences, and for the sake of research, Mr. Generation almost lost his life in the wild several times during these years. Fortunately, his three Eevee always stood by his side, accompanying him.

Twenty more years passed. At that time, Generation was already in his forties. In this chaotic Warring States period, he seems isolated from the outside world, alone, roaming the wilderness, pursuing his so-called “knowledge and truth”!

And at this moment, the Warring States period came to an end, and the aristocratic system suddenly collapsed. With the joint efforts of a group of like-minded people, together with their “demon beasts,” that is, Pokémon, they spend several years tirelessly pacifying the war-torn continent. They promoted the idea that “Pokémon” are companions of humans, advocating the concept of “equality for all.” They emerged in everyone’s sight with great momentum and established the colossal entity known as the “Pokémon League.”

Even to this day, some people still say that they are the highest beings in the Pokémon world or the chosen ones by the creator of this world, sent to rescue those who are currently trapped in dire circumstances. Some say they are the first awakened thinkers, great revolutionaries.

However, it cannot be denied that this group of people, with the support of numerous Pokémon, brought an end to the Warring States era. Pokémon League quickly seized power and emerged before everyone with a prosperous, egalitarian, and harmonious stance. With such leaders, no one harbored any grievances, regardless of who they were. As for the small minority of nobles who couldn’t accept it and continued to resist, they were dealt with one by one!

When concepts like “equality” and “law” emerged, it marked another step forward in the civilization of this world. There were no more wars and new terms like Pokémon and Trainers appeared in the eyes of many people…

Upon learning of all this, Mr. Generation was ecstatic. The establishment of human rights and the elevated status of Pokémon seemed to ignite a flame of hope within him. He eagerly reported his research findings to the League, and luckily, Generation received great attention.

The knowledge about Pokémon provided by these reports opened up vast avenues for many people, allowing them to see new directions. It was at this time that the ancestors of the Joy family, seizing the opportunity, monopolized knowledge about healing Pokémon. With their exceptional intellect, they swiftly established a massive commercial network. Over the course of hundreds of years, the Joy family has become one of the most influential forces, spreading across the entire world.

By now, there is hardly a Trainer who hasn’t received assistance from the Joys. Behind the Joy family is a vast group of Trainers, and their position has become so entrenched that attempting to challenge it can be considered nothing more than a fool’s errand.

As for Mr. Generation, after gaining high reputation and status, he never gave up his research. He joined forces with many like-minded individuals and established an organization to study these magical creatures called Pokémon.

Unlike Trainers, they do not deliberately train Pokémon’s strength. If Trainers pursue the “external,” continuously improving and honing Pokémon’s strength through battles, then they are like the “internal,” delving into everything about these creatures, Pokémon—formation, evolution, growth, reproduction!

As this system continued to improve, they gav3 themselves a special name: “Pokémon Breeders.”

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