PC Chapter 27 2nd Inherited Move

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Mt. Chimney

In the blink of an eye, three days passed since Swablu began targeted training.

It was already Terrance’s sixth day and night at Mt. Chimney.

During these few days, Terrance truly experienced the feeling of being a “barbarian.” The atmosphere of being isolated from the world for a long time made him feel a bit uncomfortable, despite having Swablu by his side.

After two days of focusing on training Swablu, it had become proficient in using Peck Move. The training for flying had also been effective, and now it no longer flew unstably like when it was newly born.

“The power is sufficient, but it lacks agility,” Terrance thought to himself as he watched Swablu pecking at the wooden stump.

From the beginning, when Swablu could only leave a faint white mark on the stump, it had progressed to be able to create a small hole. This was undoubtedly a great improvement for Swablu, and Terrance was very satisfied with its progress.

Furthermore, Swablu’s control over energy has also improved significantly. With a single Peck move, it can now disperse the energy two to three times for use. Although the power may be relatively weaker, Terrance can see the embryonic form of the “Fury Attack” move from it.

He believed that with some more training, Swablu would grasp it even better.

Apart from that, these were not the most significant achievements in these two days. What surprised Terrance the most was that Swablu spontaneously comprehended, or one could say, awakened its second inherited move — Agility.

Without a doubt, this move should also have been inherited from Master Victor’s Pidgeot.

One day ago, Swablu accompanied Terrance to gather food. However, they encountered an ambush from a Seedot lying in wait to scare them. Terrance was fine, but Swablu, being a young creature with an immature mindset, was greatly startled by the Seedot. It panicked and started flying erratically. While the initial fright was not a big issue, what surprised Terrance was that during this moment, Swablu actually learned Agility. Its speed dramatically increased. However, due to the inability to control the newfound speed, Swablu lost balance. Fortunately, Terrance caught it in time, and Swablu didn’t suffer significant harm.

Swablu had just mastered regular flying, so attempting to control Agility was still very difficult. So Terrance didn’t force it and simply added Agility to one of their daily training tasks for now.

Another noteworthy development was that, thanks to the food prepared in advance by Terrance, which consisted of Sparkling Radish Berries, the proud singing ability of the Swablu race has started to develop to some extent. [* TN: Don’t know which berry is it, if you have any idea, mention it in the comment section.]

Normally, it would take about a week for a newly born Swablu’s throat to mature, but with the knowledge of a Breeder, Terrance significantly shortened this time.

A matured throat meant that Swablu could utilize its own voice to some extent and showcase its species’ characteristics.

Building upon Growl, with Terrance’s guidance, Swablu had already learned to intensify its voice and perform a weakened version of the “Astonish” move. However, Terrance estimated that Swablu’s Astonish Move might only have the same power as Seedot’s Astonish.

As for scaring a more matured Pokémon, even if the other was timid, the chances were not high.

In addition to the Astonish move, Terrance was also teaching Swablu “Sing” Move.

Sing: Sing a gentle song that puts the opponent to sleep.

Essentially, the Sing move was not fixed and couldn’t be directly comprehended. It required some “talent” from the Pokémon itself or some external “guidance.” Currently, the most adept Pokémon known to Terrance in using the Sing move was Jigglypuff.

Jigglypuff’s uniqueness lies in its vocal cords, which have the ability to freely change the wavelength of sound. It can sing at the exact wavelength that induces drowsiness in its opponents. Obviously, this is a capability that Swablu does not possess.

Once Swablu evolves into Altaria, its voice will gradually manifest its own distinct traits, such as being “high-pitched,” “resilient,” and “captivating.”

Therefore, if Swablu wants to master the Sing move proficiently, it will undoubtedly require some hard work. However, if the practice time is controlled properly and reaches an appropriate level, it will have a certain effect on refining Swablu’s vocal abilities.

Unfortunately, Terrance currently lacks Jigglypuff’s wavelength spectrum, so he cannot provide much guidance on Swablu’s Sing Move. He can only give Swablu advice based on some knowledge and misconceptions he has seen. Terrance plans to figure out this training after leaving Mt. Chimney.

These are basically all the achievements Swablu has made in the past two days. Although it is still weak, it has already made significant progress compared to two days ago.

After two days of basic training, Terrance hesitated on whether he should look for some Pokémon for Swablu to engage in a real battle.

But upon careful consideration, Swablu’s repertoire of attack moves is quite pitiful. It has the slightly stronger “Peck” attack, the “Fury Attack” Move, that can be used continuously but with reduced power, and the barely effective “Astonish” Move, along with the highly damaging  “Take Down” Move when used in Agility state, which comes with the drawback of self-inflicted damage due to its high speed impact. This makes Terrance doubt the possibility of engaging in actual battles.

One could even say that current Swablu’s real combat capability is equivalent to the beginner Pokémon given to new Trainers in each region.

After all, every beginner Pokémon has gone through the standardized breeding and training process of the Pokémon League. From birth, they undergo a one-month adaptation period specifically designed to ensure that new Trainers’ beginner Pokémon can be quickly controlled and are ready for battle.

This is something newly born Pokémon do not possess.




Trekking through the grass, Terrance led Swablu into the forest.

Currently, Swablu does not have a move that can have an absolute impact in real battles. This was Swablu’s weak point at the moment—its moves are too limited and basic.

But this is normal since the little creature has only been born a few days ago. Everything requires an adaptation process.

Moreover, Swablu has not entered the rapid growth and development phase yet. Some things cannot be forced. It will be easier for Swablu to comprehend certain things once it transitions out of the infancy stage.

Terrance could only figure out a solution for this on his own.

After pondering for a long time, Terrance actually came up with an idea. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have the necessary preparations at hand, so he has to take Swablu back to the forest once again.

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