PC Chapter 20 Going back to Mt. Chimney

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Crown Academy’s matter was of great concern to Terrance. The old man’s test naturally had great benefits for Terrance’s development, and Terrance could see that Master Victor had high hopes for him.

Unlike the geniuses like Wallace who already have a master, or geniuses like June with a privileged background, people like Terrance often earn Master Victor’s favor.

After the Breeder Examination concluded and everything settled down, Wallace bid farewell to Terrance and others, and embarked on a new training journey on his own. As for June, she was taken away by her family after successfully becoming a Junior Breeder.

Originally, they also invited Master Victor to join them, but he declined the celebration dinner for Terrance.

“Are you ready?” Looking at Terrance’ calm expression, Master Victor asked with anticipation.

The test he prepared was purely a personal matter. Initially, he intended for Little June to complete it, but unexpectedly, he encountered Terrance, who is surprisingly more suitable for this test compared to Little June.

This made him change his mind.

“The place we’re going to is Mt. Chimney.”

Mt. Chimney, Terrance was familiar with this place. It was located beneath Fallarbor Town, where he had lived for four years. However, he didn’t expect to return there so soon.

But this time, his return wasn’t homecoming after traveling outside. He had no intention of going back to the Old Green House to share good news. The purpose of this journey was Master Victor’s test.

“The contents of the test… could be quite challenging,” Master Victor said, even feeling a bit hesitant about the matter.

Terrance and Master Victor set off on a private plane.

Mt. Chimney was a volcano, but it wasn’t dull. Surrounding it was an environment resembling a forest with thick vegetation.

Upon arriving here, Terrance knew that this was the center of Mt. Chimney, unlike the peripheral area where he trained with Beautifly before.

A large number of Pokémon inhabited this place, beyond the reach of humans.

“Where are we going?” Terrance asked.

Up until now, Master Victor hadn’t told him the exact details of the test.

“We’re going to meet a Pokémon.”

Despite his aged body, Master Victor strolled through this environment with remarkable ease.


A Seviper lunged forward, but before Terrance could react, it was swiftly sent flying.

In front of him was a Pidgeot, its magnificent wings having just finished flapping. Its sharp gaze resembled that of a king as they fixed on the Seviper.

With only a slight resistance, as the Seviper was sent flying, the surrounding trees bent, causing a significant disturbance.

This Pokémon should belong to Master Victor. Terrance had already noticed the Poké Ball in his hand.

“Be careful; the Pokémon around here aren’t very friendly,” Master Victor said with a cheerful smile.

Following that, Master Victor continued instructing Pidgeot, saying, “Call it out.”


Who was it?

Unfurling its magnificent wings, Pidgeot took to the sky with astonishing speed, gracefully soaring and circling overhead.


A tremendous storm was summoned, and the howling wind could be heard crystal clear by Terrance.

It’s been raised so well.

Even with Terrance’s limited experience, he could tell from the shining wings of Pidgeot and the beautiful feathers on its head that it was an outstanding Pidgeot.

It’s truly a top-level Master’s Pokémon!

“What is it calling out?” Terrance looked up, filled with curiosity.

What is the connection between Master Victor’s words “going to meet a Pokémon” and his test. After arriving at Mt. Chimney, Terrance couldn’t help but anticipate what his test would be like.

Under the clear sky with drifting clouds, the enormous storm conjured by Pidgeot adorned the beautiful scenery.

Soon, without making them wait long, in response to Pidgeot’s call, a tiny black dot gradually appeared amidst the continuous clouds.

Immediately, the black dot grew larger and larger, and with its arrival came a beautiful melody that reached their ears.

“That’s Altaria.” Terrance finally saw the full appearance of the Pokémon.

Its elegant silhouette resembled that of a swan, and its sky-blue body showcased its nobility. Its fluffy wings were as soft as cotton, and its enchanting singing was intoxicating.

Altaria, a valuable Dragon-type Pokémon.

“It seems it has arrived.” Watching Altaria’s arrival, Master Victor smiled and said to Terrance, “This test offers you two opportunities: one is a spot at Crown Academy, and the other is its acknowledgment.”

“What kind of acknowledgment?” Terrance was somewhat confused.

“Look, they’re fighting.” Master Victor watched the sky helplessly as Altaria, which had just arrived, launched an attack directly against Pidgeot.

Terrance remained silent, waiting for Master Victor’s explanation.

“You know my research direction, inherited moves.”

“Yes,” Terrance nodded.

“This Altaria is a Pokémon I’ve been observing for a long time. If I’m not mistaken, it possesses a magical power, or rather, one of its parents or ancestors was a purebred Dragon-type Pokémon from the Kanto Region — Dragonite.”

“So, I set a trap, bonding it with my Pidgeot.” Master Victor looked at Terrance’s strange expression and chuckled.

“I have prepared for this research for a long time. If my direction is correct, it is likely that an exceptionally talented Swablu will be born, capable of rivaling Dragonite and Tyranitar in terms of racial advantages.”

“For Altaria, whose race is naturally at a disadvantage among Dragon-types, this will be a great opportunity to rise.”

“Then, according to you, which area will this Swablu specialize in?” Terrance asked.

“It’s specialization, huh?”

“Perhaps, it will be able to comprehend multiple moves shortly after hatching. Don’t underestimate it. A different starting point will undoubtedly lead to different achievements. If everything goes as planned, it is highly possible for it to learn a powerful move like Dragon Rush at an early stage.”

“Swablu? Dragon Rush?” Terrance found it hard to believe.

“Nothing is impossible.” Master Victor waved his hand. “My Pidgeot also has a trace of Dragon bloodline, although it’s faint. But with the medicines I have prepared, it is enough to activate Swablu’s higher Dragon-type talent.”

“But what’s the current situation?” Terrance raised his head, looking at the two Pokémon engaged in a fierce battle, not understanding the connection between Master Victor’s words and the ongoing fight.

At this point, Victor smiled, and seeing Master Victor’s smile, Terrance suddenly had a bad feeling.

“However, it seems Altaria is somewhat dissatisfied with my methods and doesn’t approve of me. But how could I easily give up? So, after defeating it in battle, I made a bet with it.”

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