PC Chapter 2 Determined

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In a place where various Pokemon live, the Hoenn Continent, within Fallarbor Town.

The aroma of food filled the entire Old Green House.

With satisfaction, he gazed at his masterpiece—the bountiful yet light and nutritious lunch. Terrance left behind this final gift for everyone.

He didn’t know what he could achieve after leaving this place, but instead of settling for an ordinary life, Terrance preferred to take risks and give his all. This world wasn’t as beautiful as portrayed in the anime, and even to become an ordinary Trainer, there were many conditions and limitations.

Although Old Green House was referred to as an orphanage, there were actually only seven children, and the sole caretaker was Grandma Arlan. In her younger days, Grandma Arlan was a Coordinator, but now she was all alone. Grandma Arlan had no descendants, so with her remaining savings, she established this orphanage called Old Green House.

Due to Grandma Arlan, the children grew up listening to her stories from her youth, which naturally sparked a great interest in becoming a Coordinator.

Almost every child in Old Green House dreams of becoming an outstanding Coordinator, and Terrance was no exception.

However, despite their usual liveliness, today the children appeared somewhat subdued. Clearly, they were already aware of Terrance’s decision to leave.

Gathered around the table, a young boy finally couldn’t hold back and spoke, “Brother Terrance, are you really going to leave?”

Terrance nodded. He had been here for four years, and ultimately, he has always relied on Old Green House. Although he has helped with many things during that time, it was not enough to repay the kindness he received from Grandma Arlan and Old Green House. Without them, Terrance couldn’t imagine what kind of trouble he might have gotten into with his initial confusion and uncertainty upon arriving. Moreover, he hadn’t inherited any property, so even facing a simple livelihood would have been a big problem.

In his previous life, he had been alone, but Old Green House had given him so many things he had never possessed before.

So, now that things had come to this point, Terrance couldn’t just stay here any longer. The children had grown up and no longer needed his care. After years of accumulation, Terrance felt it was time for him to embark on his own journey.

Perhaps only by going out could he truly do something meaningful for everyone in Old Green House.

“But…” the voices of everyone were choked with emotion. Although they already know about Terrance’s choice, the thought of separation made them deeply reluctant. Their big brother, who had always taken care of them, was about to leave. Even if they could still meet in the future, the long time separation was something these children under ten years old couldn’t bear.

“Sigh, children, respect Terrance’s decision,” At that moment, Grandma Arlan, with her hair now gray, entered the room.  Upon seeing her, the children immediately made space for Grandma Arlan.

“Grandma Arlan, you’re here,” the children said in unison.

“Let’s eat lunch, Grandma,” Terrance said.

Faced with the children’s attempts to persuade him to stay, Terrance couldn’t help but waver in his heart. Although he didn’t consider himself as a child of their age, initially taking care of the children was a way to repay the kindness he had received. Despite often being troubled by these mischievous kids, after going through so much together and living with them for such a long time, it is only natural that one’s heart softens. After all, humans are not devoid of emotions like plants and trees.

Having lived here for four years, Terrance didn’t want to see Old Green House become desolate and dilapidated many years later.

“Let’s eat,” Terrance said, looking at the children who were in low spirits.

And so, urged by Grandma Arlan and Terrance, the children hastily ate their lunch. The exquisite meal was spent in such a gloomy atmosphere.

The cheerful atmosphere of the past could no longer be found. Although Grandma Arlan tried to lighten the mood, anyone could tell that both the children and Terrance were absent-minded.

The long lunchtime finally came to an end.

“I’ll go pack my things.”

After quietly uttering these words, Terrance left the place.


Lying lazily in bed, Terrance’s gaze was fixed upon the ceiling.

Despite the children’s heartfelt pleas to stay, none of it would sway his determination.

Terrance’s steps, his inner voice, wouldn’t allow him to stay in this place.

Perhaps he might fail, but who can predict the future?

Terrance didn’t make all those efforts for nothing over the course of four years. And when it comes to self-confidence, he naturally had an abundance of it!


The beautiful Beautifly fluttered above Terrance’s head, the only one to come and comfort him.

It possessed some remarkable skills, which it expertly employed to meticulously assist Terrance in cleaning the yard.

Beautifly is Terrance’s first partner, the little companion he trained as a beginner.

Growing up listening to Grandma Arlan’s stories, Terrance also became very interested in becoming a Coordinator. Even Wurmple itself yearned for that glamorous stage.

But reality made Terrance realize that he had no advantages. After careful consideration, Terrance finally decided to become a Breeder.

Becoming a Breeder had significant advantages in Terrance’s current situation.

Pokemon Breeders, like a Coordinator, are a type of Trainer.

They nurture a large variety of Pokemon. While their strength might be slightly weaker compared to professional Trainers, their Pokemon usually forms a complete team. Moreover, they excel in areas such as growth, health, and breeding conditions, surpassing ordinary Trainers in many ways.

Most Breeders earn their living through specialized work of Day Care, and being a Breeder is well-suited for survival in this world.

A remarkable Breeder is indispensable in any place.

If Terrance could pass the Junior Breeder examination, his starting point would greatly improve, even allowing him to make a huge leap forward.

After all, he was still so young.

With age comes mature thinking, which was Terrance’s greatest advantage. Having such a good start, although the starting point may be somewhat low, there are many things that Terrance wants to accomplish after arriving here.

Knock, knock, knock!

As Terrance stared at the ceiling, he heard the sound of knocking on the door.

“Come in.”

Without much thinking, he knew that the person who had arrived at this time was likely Grandma Arlan.

“The children are feeling down,” Grandma Arlan sighed as she entered.

“I know,” Terrance said.

“Child….you have always been so stubborn. It’s just a trip, but you make it sound like a life and death separation.”

Shaking her head, Grandma Arlan looked at Terrance with some confusion and helplessness.

“It’s not just a trip.”

“Grandma Arlan, do you really think that if we keep staying at Old Green House, with your savings, you could support us for long?”

“Do you truly believe that these children can find the lives they yearn for?”

Grandma Arlan fell silent.

“So, for myself, for Old Green House, I can only choose to leave.”

Lying in bed, Terrance disregarded Grandma Arlan’s shocked expression and spoke to himself.

Terrance understood that staying at Old Green House, although it might provide stability and comfort for a while, it would also cause him to miss out on his greatest advantage. In the end, it would result in a complete and utter failure!

Thus, Terrance naturally voiced these thoughts.

Perhaps, besides experiencing the beauty of this world, Terrance was also worried about the Old Green House. Terrance didn’t want to see the Old Green House fall into ruin, so he could only change it through his own efforts!

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